the days.
I've been pretty busy for the past few days coz my time was occupied with different things to be done everyday.

Putting the rest of the days aside, I went for a (sort of) movie marathon on Saturday. haha. Went to the salon to trim my hair in the morning after breakfast and headed to Summit's cinema with sis after that. We watched The Karate Kid. That movie was quite nice, but I slept for a very short while (about 10 mins?) in the middle of the show coz I was really really sleepy. I had barely 6 hours of sleep the night before! And that makes me wonder how am I gonna stay awake for classes when college starts! hahaha I shall worry about that when the time comes =p

Later at night (around 9 plus) , Sis, Dee, Fraveen and I watched Toy Story 3 in 3D. I personally didn't like watching the movie in 3D coz it doesn't feel good, and doesn't look good either. But I gotta say that the movie was quite sad!!! Not as a whole, but merely the ending. As the owners of about..30 toys each, my sis and I were in tears while watching the ending of the movie. It kept me thinking how would it be if there's one day that I got to bid goodbye to my toys coz all of them have been sleeping by my side for years and I love them very very much!

Okay so to all friends of mine who're reading this, please do not buy me toys as any form of gifts in future. haha more toys = extra sadness (in future) . Okay whatever, the more I type, the more i'll start thinking. So i'll stop typing about Toy Story! haha.

By the way, I created a new email address today and it's currently my active email address for facebook and twitter. I've sent out requests to add friends on msn using that email add but I think most of you haven't received the notification yet? I've no idea why is this happening coz I sent the requests all at once to everyone in my previous msn list. So to those of you who didn't receive the request, then just add my new email address. It's stated on my previous msn's nick. thank you!! But for the time being, i'll continue using the old email address on msn until most of the people approve my request :)

Ending the post with P365s :D

Do you realise something in this picture? My sis' forefinger blocked nikki's left eye, my right eye, nose and lips. You can form a new face by combining the parts of our faces (which can be seen in this picture) together! Coincidence. haha

The perfect shot :D

I likeeee! ♥

Haven't been posting pictures for P365 for the past few days coz I was busy sorting the pics taken at Penang and spent my morning and evening outside yesterday. So here're the pictures! :D

yes, it's clear that this picture was cropped. haha

I've no idea if i'll ever dare to try wearing full-frame specs! Still don't have the courage to change my specs yet. hehe

As mentioned above, I spent my morning and evening outside yesterday. It was in fact quite a last minute decision to go out. Cynthia came over to fetch me in the morning and we headed to IOI Mall. I couldn't recall when was the last time I went there, maybe...about 6 years back? haha. We bought quite a few things there but it took us slightly more than an hour to finish walking around the whole mall.

Then Cynthia suddenly thought of asking other friends out for a drink. So we called Sonya and then texted Leanne and Ee Leen to ask them out too. Pei Wen was working so she didn't join us. We met up at Taipan's Pappa Rich and spent more than 2 hours there talking about almost anything. But oh well, girls are the best when it comes to gossiping. So no doubt, we did that too. haha!
A short trip to Penang
hello everyone! I reached home yesterday but took quite some time to sort and edit the photos I took in Penang during my trip there for the past few days.

[note : quite a long post ahead! :D. And please click on the pictures to enlarge them. ]

Just keep reading and i'll guide you through whatever we've done in Penang :)

A total of 5 of us went for this trip together and my uncle drove us there. Uncle and 2 aunties departed from Seremban and they came over to pick sis and I up, then we headed to Penang. In the picture above, we're already on the Penang Bridge as you can see.

Sis, aunt and I. It took us about 5 hours to reach Penang, but we stopped in between for toilet breaks and had our early lunch at Bidor (Perak).

We reached Penang at around 3pm and started locating the hotel. It took us a while to look for it. Once reached, we were greeted by the friendly hotel staffs and headed to the lobby. We stayed at E&O Hotel and it was our first time there. Once in the lobby, we got ourselves seated on the sofa and the hotel staff actually came to us to check in for us, rather than needing us to go to the counter to check-in. And while waiting for them to bring the receipt for my uncle to sign, we were given cold towels and cocktail drinks. Great service :D

The view of the hotel as seen from outside. It was taken at night coz it looks very much nicer at night :)

1. The entrance. 2. The view once we step into the hotel. 3. One of the lifts.

Our room! No.121 :D

The interior of our suite. We took the deluxe suite, which is one of the smallest suites among all the suites there.

Clockwise from left : The path once we step into the room, our beds, and living area at the end of the room.

Random shots of different things the room. So many antique stuffs that made the whole place look and feel very grand :). Pardon me for my poor editing coz I was too lazy to re-edit after stuffing too many pictures into one. But i'll be posting the individual pictures on facebook so keep a lookout for them from my facebook albums :)

Our room was facing the sea and it was pretty windy when the windows were opened!

The super spacious bathroom! [please ignore our toiletries. lol ]

Every picture represents one part of the bathroom, and yes, this means that there're 2 basins in the washroom - ‘His’ and ‘Her’ hand-basins. There is a small difference between the 2 basins if you're observant enough to spot it from the picture.

Oh and not to forget, a hotel staff was also assigned to lead us to our room and gave us a brief explanation about the things in the room. We headed out to Tanjung Bungah after the bellhop carried our luggages to our room. We went to one of the beaches there for a while and walked to the Lone Pine Hotel [also under the E&O Group] which my uncle and aunt stayed at during their last visit to Penang. Initially, we wanted to book that hotel too coz it was by the beach but unfortunately, it was under renovation so we had to stay at E&O Hotel, which is located at the town area.

Aunt reading the map to give directions to my uncle as we're all not familiar with the roads there.

Both aunts, sis, and I at the beach.

We dined in this restaurant called "End Of The World Seafood Restaurant" for early dinner as we had our lunch very early. haha what a weird name it has! But the food was just fine, not very good =/

Then we went back to the hotel again to bathe and get changed. Later on, we walked to a restaurant, not too far away from the hotel, for early supper at around 9 something if I didn't remember wrongly. haha we had early lunch, dinner and supper on the same day. lol.

okay, it's called Red Garden Food Paradise & Night Market.

That's about the first day! And now, proceeding to Day 2...

Sarkies Corner, a colonial coffee shop in the hotel. We sat outside and we had our breakfast facing the sea. I just love the ambience there :)

They offer a wide variety of food, ranging from western to asian food with high quality ingredients. There're different types of typical Malaysian breakfast like nasi lemak, curry, porridge, dim sum etc. at another corner too but I wasn't interested in that. hahaha.

So as you can see in the pictures, there're cereal counter, japanese counter, cheese platter, pastries and different types of fruits. I love it that there's an abundance of strawberries served! I couldn't remember how many I ate! hahaha. Anyway, what you see in the photos are just part of the food there as the chefs can actually cook [selected food like waffles, pancakes, roti canai, char kuey teow, omelette (my love!!!!!) , soup noodles, etc.] for you on the spot upon request.

Sis, aunt and I. We went nearer to the sea to take pictures after we had our breakfast :)

Valet parking was complimentary for the hotel's guests.

We left the hotel to walk around, and our main transportation for the day was our legs, despite having a car there. My uncle and aunt prefer walking around rather than driving and because we were fine with it too, so we walked around instead of driving.

Penang's MPPP. Looks so much nicer than the MPSJ over here! haha

At Ford Cornwallis - The place where Francis Light and some government people from Kedah signed their agreement or something like that? haha my knowledge on History had rusted =x.

History. haha there're many other boards (is it called boards? hahah i've no idea) as such over there but these are the 6 main ones. I was too lazy to read the story again as I read it before in History last time. So no more History please. hahaha

A friendly passer-by thought we were interested in antiques when we stopped by a shop coz my uncle was attracted to the design of the door and took a picture of it. That guy recommended us to head to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion for a visit, and we did.

A few of the many pictures taken there.

We stopped by at a restaurant nearby for its famous Penang Laksa (or more commonly known as Asam Laksa over here). It was quite good! I like the chendol there. haha

Walked back to the hotel to rest for a little while. I think we walked a total of about 7-10 km to and fro the places. We were literally tired but it was quite a good exercise!

Drove around to buy some Penang snacks.

We walked out from the hotel for dinner but we didn't find any nice restaurants nearby. So we walked back to the hotel and uncle drove us to Macalister Road and we settled down at a hawker centre with lots of food. But I don't think we took any pictures there coz it was too dark.

So here comes Day 3, and we headed to Sarkies Corner again for breakfast. We actually had free breakfast for all 5 of us for both mornings due to some reasons, together with a special accomodation rate. hahaha or else, it would've been quite costly for us to stay there.

Sis and I clowning around the room before leaving :D

We left the place close to 12pm and headed home. That's about it, a very fruitful trip with great experiences inside and outside the hotel :). I love the hotel and I think we'll be back there again the next time we visit Penang! hahaha it's just very distinctive compared to any other hotels out there.

p/s : more pictures will be posted on my facebook once i'm done sorting them out!
finally !
I love this picture too! wanted to make it my msn display picture but encountered some problems while doing that and so I didn't use this picture :)

Okay, and finally i'm going for holidays tomorrow! It's one of the very few holidays I had during my 7 months break, which the other 2 were the trip to Genting and another trip to Malacca, both in last December. Gonna depart to Penang tomorrow morning. Was supposed to go there last year end but didn't manage to make it although the hotel rooms were already booked by then. Last minute cancellation =/.

Oh but whatever, hahaha i'm going there tomorrow, and to the same hotel we booked last year! And so, there'll be no updates on my blog for the next 3 days till i come back but i'll be tweeting (provided the hotel's wifi is working! hahaha) ! So maybe you guys can follow me on twitter to see what have I been up with in Penang. Till then ! :D
another video!

my current msn display picture! :D

Here's another video featuring wilson! hahhaa this is funny (at least to Cynthia and I) ! Okay let me explain a little bit before you start watching the video.

It was recorded during one of those days after we had an English lesson with Pn. Bachan and she happen to revise about a short story, The Lotus Eater. I'm not sure if all of you know or still remember the story, but just in case if you don't, read the synopsis here.

So yeah, Wilson (in the story) tried to commit suicide but he didn't succeed. Cynthia and I couldn't really remember what happened that made me record this video but maybe Wilson(the real Wilson we know) remembers lol. According to Cynthia, it was because Wilson (the real one) turned behind [I sat behind him in the class last time] and teased me after the English lesson for I don't know why and I, in turn, said "nobody is gonna be sad for you if you kill yourself". Something like that. Okay that's all i'm gonna explain. Watch the video to see how 'sad' Wilson is! hahaha

[ note : I was the one asking him questions in the video, and the other voice towards the end of the video belongs to Cynthia. And pardon the disturbances from Farouq and Kar Chun hahaha ]

another weekend.
Another weekend is ending and i'm just 3 weeks away from the next stage of my life - college. Now that i'm 3 weeks away from that, I really do feel that time is pacing up. I had already been through slightly more 6 months of holidays. I know that sounds really long but it didn't feel that long actually. Somehow i'm glad I feel so, or else i'd be complaining that i'm bored everyday. haha.

But this weekend hasn't been great afterall. Experienced a very terrible gastric pain that made me sleep more than 12 hours for 2 nights consecutively. Will probably have a very long sleep again tonight :)

Okay putting that aside, here're the pics for P365.

at Zanmai :D

a day with two missions
Starting off with pictures for yesterday and today :)

Both the pictures were taken in the washroom before we headed to the cinema for Letters to Juliet :)

Nikki and I accomplished 2 missions today - baked the chinese cookies [it's called Hup Toh Soh in cantonese] and watched The Time Traveler's Wife.

I went over to Nikki's house in the morning and watched tv with her for a while before we headed to the kitchen. It was then that we realised neither of us had baking powder. So, we walked to the shops nearby to check if they sell baking powder. Unfortunately, none of the shops sell it so Nikki woke Eugene up to fetch us out to get it.

Nikki copied the recipe from a website onto a piece of paper so we wouldn't need to refer from the computer repeatedly (like what we did when we baked fruit tarts previously).

Here're the ingredients we used, except the ammonia (which was still in the fridge), cooking oil and eggs.

the few steps done to bake the cookies :

1. Sift the flour, castor sugar and other ingredients.
2. Pound the walnuts.
3. Mix the sifted ingredients with the pounded walnuts and cooking oil.
4. Knead the dough. (this didn't really work for us coz the dough wasn't very well-formed)
5. Shape the dough and put them into the oven.
6. The cookies! hahaha it's not very difficult to bake them, but not too simple at the same time. Anyway, the cookies tasted very much nicer than it looks! haha

us in action!

1. Nikki sifting the flour. I did that too okay. Just that there's no picture for evidence lol.
2. Me, pounding the walnuts. Don't ask me why was I sitting so awkwardly coz I didn't know that it looked like that until I saw the picture. But I felt comfortable sitting like that at that moment hahaa.
3. Nikki kneading the dough! I didn't help in that because my fingernails were quite long. And if I were to do it, I think the dough will be stuck in my nails hahaha. Sounds pretty disgusting huh?
4. Pre-heating the oven.

We watched this after lunch! We finally watched it after so long of wanting to do so. The movie was okay, not too sad to the extent that I'd tear. hahaha it's not that easy (but not that difficult as well) to make me tear! It's overall a nice movie and the story was interesting. haha it's something out of the box :D
Video featuring Nabila :D
Here's another video recorded during one of the days in school, when Nabila wanted to eat in the class and everyone (with camera) surrounded her! hahaha she's such a bubbly girl!

oh and i forgot to mention, Shikin was actually busy talking in front (about the class party) but we weren't listening coz we were too busy recording videos. so yeah, it was her voice in the background hahaha
A video featuring Pei Wen :D

Here's a video of Pei Wen, trying to pronounce different words (in cantonese) correctly.

[ note : the other voice besides Pei Wen's doesn't belong to me. i've no idea whose voice was it! hahaha ]

It started off like that. Before recording the video, I think she said the word 'waste paper' [fei ji] in cantonese while we were talking about something but she ended up saying the word 'chopstick' [fai ji] instead. So I corrected her but she still didn't get it very well. Then I happen to think of asking her to say 'useless person' [fei yan] so she could get the pronounciation of the word she wanted to say [fei ji].

But anyway, it was yesterday (when I rewatched this video) that I realised she said something wrong in the video as well but we didn't realise it last time! AND AND another thing is that, she wasn't saying that I am that 'fei yan' okay =p

I have another 2 videos with me. Will post them up soon! Recording videos and taking pictures were how we spent our time (when SPM was approaching) while waiting for our teachers to enter the class. :D

a day out!
My day was very well-spent yesterday. haha unlike any other weekdays, I went out and was away from my beloved laptop from the morning till evening. Went to Pyramid with Nikki. Mom dropped sis at Monash and sent the both of us to Pyramid after that.

AND..we finally watched a movie together after so long of wanting to do that. I think it has been years since we watched a movie together in the cinema. If i'm not mistaken, the last movie we watched together was Ghost Rider. I remember we shared a jacket (i think) and used it to cover our eyes whenever necessary hahaha. Okay anyway, we watched Letters to Juliet yesterday! Nikki told me about it since..she saw the trailer. So we thought of watching it yesterday despite wanting to watch a few other movies as well. Oh and we each got a cup of sweet corn with EXTRA BUTTER before getting into the cinema. hahaha but the one in Genting was still better. More buttery (and more fattening).

Overall, the movie was quite nice and the story got better after..a quarter of the movie shown? It was an interesting love story with humour.

Sis joined us after our movie and we had lunch together..we walked till around 5.30, and Nikki's parents fetched us back after work. It was so fun to laugh and gossip with nikki ykk (HAHA nikki, i just thought of it) again after so long! :D

us at Zanmai and we happen to get the table in front of the mirror :D

a closer view, taken when nikki's mouth was full HAHA

A waiter came to us and told us to fill in the feedback card or something like that and we left the job to Nikki hahaha. I can't remember what she wrote exactly but it was funny. just very funny!

Ate ice-cream at Kindori at 4pm! hahaha I was the one who set the time and that is why I can remember it so clearly! =p

the only perfect shot with 3 of us in it, after many many failed attempts coz we were sitting on different levels so it was difficult to fit everyone in it. haha and Nikki almost had a leg cramp after she stood up from the hand rest of my seat!

Sis ransacking my bag to check if I kept her headband in my bag!

a new batch of pictures for P365 :)

We're finally going out not with our usual attire - shirt and shorts!

i like this picture! :D