.birthday celebration 3
[note : sorry, the pics are not arranged chronologically]

hahaa this is my third blog post about my birthday celebration this year! lol i missed out one anyway. i went out with my parents and sis for dinner last friday to sort of celebrate my bday too. but i dont think we took any pics. so yeah, nothing to blog about it :)

and now, i would like to thank my bunch of lovely friends for the surprise just now! :) i feel really grateful to have you guys as my friends and i really appreciate everything you all have done for me! thanks nikki, leanne, eeleen, eric, shaun and wilson! and all those who helped to plan this surprise thingy! sorry i dont know who else were involved!

pictures belowww! :D

the super big birthday banner from them. lol it was made up of 3 manilla cardboards. :D thanks so much! :)

okay, and the pictures below are some of the presents i've received from my dear friends =) thanks! :D
this is from cynthia =)

the sheep is from peiwen while the top is from eeleen!

this is from my darling nikki! thanks fr EVERYTHING. =D

some pics taken just now...more pics from leanne and eeleen's cam! view their blogs for more pics =)
nikki and i :)

leanne and i!

limeeleen and i :D

me and the 3 guys who came


nikki yeo.

leanne's sexy butt! LOL

okay, the playful look of hers. =p

themmm =)

nikki, myself and leen. haha we took this after the rest of them left =)

okay, back to the pics of some other presents i've received! :)

a bag from parents and sis! i'm loving it! :D

hahaha! no this isn't a present! LOL i was refreshing Jesseca's blog a few days back and spotted her blog count. 290909 =)!

can u see what was she doingggg??

spot that A4 sized paper!






ta daaaaaa!
hahahaa she was writing this! :D
LOL thanks Lincole so so much for getting this for me =). yes, like what you've said, i was over the moon when i received this from you! lol.

thanks everyone for the wishes and gifts =). haha let's see if i'll be that free to type out the name of everyone who wished me :) more updates soon! :D

and lastly, I'M FINALLY 17!!!!
.birthday celebration 2
had dinner for my birthday with my bunch of lovely girls just now! we had our meal at Station 1 Cafe at Taipan. hahhaa we had our dinner filled with laughter, fun, joy, and happiness! =)

nikki, me, cynthia. look at my fat face when i take pictures like thatttt.

leen, myself and pei wen. again with my fat face. LOL. leanne wasn't in any of the pics above as she arrived late. lol

cynthia and i :D
eeleen and i! :)

hahaa this was cute!

pei wen and i!

nikki and i =)

my apple lemonade. lol the taste was fine to me. but eeleen said that it tasted like detergent! xD

nikki's HAPPINESS. hahaha the drink's name is Happiness. lol

my XO fried rice! it tastes quite good! :) ANDDD! do you feel that it has the mickey mouse shape?!?! hahahaha

our table. pardon me for the bad skills. haha i just stretched my hand outwards to take this shot. lol i was too lazy to stand up. =p

leanne's gluttonous look!

and this is eeleen's! LOL

3 hands from 3 diff people. and guess what were they doing! LOL..they were...




cutting the corns out from its stem(is it stem? hahahhaa)! LOL.

eeleen and leanneeeee

group pic! :D

another one =)

look at leanne! hahahaa she said it looked as if she pasted her head there.

okay my fat face again. hahaha can u see what were they trying to do?

we met wan sam (hahaha i prefer calling her ah foo! ) and my ah lui (tasha) there! went over to their table and took pic with them :)

leanne and i! hhahaa i knew her for so so so so so long alreadyyy. we've been studying in the same class since tadika..and that's like..12 years! a friend of mine for more than a decade! hahaha

us again :)

thanks girls for spending time with me tonight. really appreciate it. and thanks for the meal! =)

that's all for now! more posts to come soon as there're more things to look forward to! :)
.a very productive week
i've successfully shifed to my new room! hahahaa i'm the only one who actually finished keeping my stuffs back into my cupboards while my dad and sis are still having a great time keeping their things =p.

i've spent my tuesday, wednesday, and friday to do my part for my new room =)

day 1 : tuesday
task : packing of things

these are SOME of the many things packed from the store room..

and in the midst of packing my things, i found my 2 long lost rings! :D

my things from the store room =p.

and some of dad's tonnes of books! there're much more than what you see over here..

this was taken at 4.08 pm, after sis and i packed most of our things and threw those unwanted ones. 100% of those things in the garbage chamber is ours! hahhaa coz the alam flora (i think) people came and collected the rubbish just a while before that..

and this is taken at 6.57 pm. we DID NOT throw the rubbish in such a messy manner. sis and i saw some cleaners searching for 'valuable' stuffs the bags and clothings that we've thrown away.

day 2 : wednesday
task : painting of my new room (the ex-store room)

and i was the worker of the day!

i had only that 'BIG' space over there to move around and paint. it was more difficult than anything as the wooden stick was so long and there wasn't much space for me to move it around!
day 3 : thursday
task : NONE! hahaha it was the day to shift the air cond to my new room. but i was out with nikki that day. hahahha.

day 4 : friday
task : swapping of furnitures of the 2 rooms involved.

this is the condition of our living room, when almost all the cupboards have been shifted out from the store room. some of it were even shifted into the kitchen due inadequate of space in our living room.

and the passage to move in the living room was literally blocked.

we slept in my parents' room the night before as there's no air cond in our room. and these are my clothes that are emptied from my wardrobe, excluding the clothes that i wear at home. lol

this was the store room, that is unseen by most of our friends out there! hahahaa. it was just too messy to be shown to others..but now that it has been changed, so it's alright! =p. and from this,....
we manage to transform it into...
this!! :D

this is my sis' part of the room. she's still busy packing. LOL!

and this is mine! hahahhaa. i'm loving every single part of the room now! i'm very very satisfied with the outcome of the room after so many days of hard work and aches all over my body =)

and lastly, i'm proud enough to say that i've a really productive week! BUT THEN, i've got a big big problem now! i have not touched ANY of the school homeworks given by the teachers..and..i'm still having my last 2 exam papers on monday! so, it's time to rest for a little while more and back to my homework! =)