Happy Halloween!
It's Halloween today! Have fun splatting layers of make-up on your faces to scare people around you :D

Anyway, there was a Halloween Night event held in my college a few days back, jointly organised by the Pre-U and AUP clubs. It was fun ! Most of my classmates were involved in organising this event and quite a few of us were there to help out too. There were a few performances and among all, I love the performance by the drama club the most! I recorded the video of that drama but it's gonna take quite a while for me to convert all the video clips and combine them. Gimme some time and the link shall be up in a while (probably few days or so..) :)

I had my third 'hand' with me throughout the night but I think not many people were disgusted by my pretty hand. hahaha meet my third hand in the picture below :DD

Quite bloody, isn't it? I think it complements my pinkish-red fingernails and my red handphone ! hahaha

Pictures taken with my inti classmates in JUS1 and JUA1 :D

More pictures !! Click to enlarge the picture to see it more clearly ;)

A few photos of the more abnormal faces ! haha Jason (the one in the middle) won the Best Dressed Male! He looked scary in every angle on that night! loll

That's all about the Halloween event. For more pictures, please visit this link.

Moving on to the 10 pictures for P365 :D

Here's a new batch of pictures taken during Sonya's birthday celebration at Pyramid :D

Spot our new rings!! They didn't come in a pair but our eyes landed on the same design so we bought them together :D
updates !
It has been quite a while since my last update. I haven't been very busy, nor very free either. Life's okay, with some ups and downs in between. haha I think the way I type made me sound like I haven't been updating for months or so.

I'm still having the same routine everyday, spending my time doing the same thing again and again. Homework, quizzes, tests - the 3 main things i've been engaged with for the past weeks. But life is still fun! :P

Anyway, we went to Sonya's house last night to give her a mini surprise for her birthday! We did exactly the same thing last year, where the all of us hid in her house's kitchen and waited for her to go to the kitchen (of course with her parents' help =p ) . The only difference is that we did it at night this time round :)

us with the birthday girl! :)

oh and I haven't been posting pics for P365 coz I couldnt find for pics to post! I haven't met Nikki for ages!!! :(

But anyway, I spent some time checking the folders in my laptop thoroughly just now and I found quite a few pics of us taken last time. So these pics will make do for now ;)

I still remember this was taken at Taipan's Hypermedia when we went to study there last time :D

The one on the left was taken during one of the Photography Club's general meeting while the one on the right was during the blood donation campaign I organised at Subang Parade last year :)

When we stayed back for Photography Club meeting :D

Golden Awards !
I know this is a long-overdue post but it's a must-post thing! I shall type a proper introduction for this blog post. hahaha

I went for the Golden Awards ceremony on 25th of September and it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). The main reason I attended that event was to meet Jesseca. I was looking forward to this event since...months back when I got to know about it! Looked forward to it even more when I got to know that Jess was nominated under the Best Actress category. And I was telling myself that I must be able to get the tickets after Jess confirmed her attendance for this award ceremony. Lots of thanks to Tasha for helping me to get the tickets :D

And so, I got to meet Jesseca again! It was my second time meeting her, after the first which was during her drama's roadshow at KL last year :)

Before I continue typing anything else, here's the first and only picture I took with her thus far :D

I met up with a few others who came all the way from Singapore, JB and one from KL. We went for the red carpet ceremony to cheer for Jess and we were kinda late, but thankfully she appeared after we reached :). Proceeded to the Plenary Hall after that and looked for the best seats we can choose according to the tickets we have. We sat not too far from the stage, but it took us quite some time to spot Jesseca from our seats!

We were the first to start chanting Jesseca's name and also a few other slogans during the advertisement breaks, and everyone else from other fan clubs followed suit after that. I think she got so immuned to it that there wasn't much reactions from her after that. And then one of us thought of shouting "Jesseca, do you love us?" in Chinese, and so we did! hahaha the picture below was her expression when we shouted that :P

oh and one day after the award ceremony, she replied us on facebook and said that she loves us too. It's really nice that she remembered what we shouted and took the initiative to reply us :)

Although she didn't win any official awards on that night but she's always the winner in our hearts :). We went down to her seat to meet her after the event ended (which was after the hosts announced the "thank you for watching" etc. thing coz there was live broadcast on NTV7) and we managed to talk to her for a while, took photos with her and got her to sign on the magazines we brought.

Her reaction upon receiving the card we gave to her :D

I couldn't remember if I was the one talking to her that time or someone else. hahhaa

Signing Lincole's board :)

Jess posing with the magazine I bought for her and also the card we gave her. I like this picture but the lighting was really bad!

A group picture of us who went to support her! Practically all of them came here from SG and JB, except Jack (the guy on my right) and I. It was great to meet all of them for the first time (except Lincole) ! :)

My Jasmine magazine with Jess' new autograph :)

We managed to talk to Jess for a while and she gotta leave not long after that because her assistant told her that she gotta get to the backstage for the post-party celebration or something. I left right after that and the rest stayed back. haha and they managed to catch up with Jess again before she left PICC :) It was then that I received a phone call from Lincole that made me happier than anything! All I can say is that I have the most thoughtful and sweetest idol! She really made my day and that was one of my best birthday gifts ever :)

That's about it, I reached home at about 1am, bathed, and slept with a smile lit on my face :)

Ending the post with a picture for P365 :D

P365s :D
Stole a few of these pictures from Nikki's blog coz I ran out of pictures! hahaha :D

Taken during Prefects' Annual Dinner 2008! :D
my 18th birthday celebration with family :)
Like i've mentioned previously, I'd never failed to celebrate my birthday in my hometown before and so I celebrated my birthday there with my family and relatives on last Sunday. We had the celebration during lunch instead of the usual Saturday dinner :D

Chocolate Mud Cake from Secret Recipe. It's so rich in chocolateee :D

Okay and this is by far the best ice kacang i've ever had in my 18 years of life before! No other ice kacang (at least to me) could defeat this :D. You guys must try this if you happen to be at Seremban for anything ;)

With aunt and sis :)

And my fav jellies :DD

With Dee and Fraveen :)

More pictures here : click


back to P365 :DD

The one on the left was taken during last year's Prefects' Annual Dinner while the one on the right was taken during my Graduation Day :)

my blessed 18th :)
The day came, and had passed. I'm officially 18 years old now :)

Had a few birthday celebrations with my dear friends and classmates. And the first ever birthday celebration this year was with my usual bunch of lovely friends ! I don't think there's a need to mention who they are, coz they're the familiar faces on my blog :D

Okay so I had my first birthday celebration on the 26th of September, which was a Sunday. We were supposed to meet up at Court 8's bbq pit for a potluck gathering cum lantern festival celebration, but it turned out to be a birthday surprise for me at the end of the day.

They were smart enough to think of a prank which I could totally fall into, without doubting. Okay we can put it this way, it was a prank in a way, and could also be considered as a surprise in another way. Anyhow, I trusted their 'drama' too much that I actually cried upon learning the truth. What did they do? They actually made me witness Nikki and Eric quarrel (for a very very long time!!) and they expected me to scold Eric on Nikki's behalf. But that didn't happen coz of some reasons. hahaha. But I literally trusted the quarreling part. They actually had scripts and rehearsed for the prank. They succeeded and I cried. It was a mixture of tears of joy and shock and the same time.

I didn't even get to take a picture of the birthday cake they bought for me coz I was crying so badly, that I couldn't stop my tears from rolling off my cheeks. And I'll never forget what they did! Eric Lee and Nikki Yeo, you both better not quarrel in real life okay. Or even if you both are really quarreling, I don't think I'd believe it anymore! hahahha

The birthday card/board they did for me! I heard that it took them an hour or so to form the words using candle wax. Thank you so much :)

Their messages for me :)

The whole bunch of us! But Shaun wasn't there with us though.

That was about the surprise birthday party, and next, it's the birthday celebration with them. We went to Station One (Taipan) on the 28th for dinner. It was quite a short one, coz a few of them needed to go home early as they were having tests, trials etc. And we weren't supposed to go to Station One. But just that those few restaurants we thought of going to were closed on that day :(

So yeah, we ended up at Station One. I celebrated my birthday there with them last year too :D

with the girls :D

and the guys :). Vicky wasn't there yet when we took the pics!!

all of us (except vicky) :D

Next, it's a birthday surprise from my dear classmates on my birthday. It was very nice and thoughtful of them to do such a thing for someone they knew about...3 months ago? And they actually walked under the heavy rain just to get a cake for me. Oh and I don't think I've told any of them before that I love strawberries, but they coincidentally bought a strawberry cake for me! Thank you! :)

The cake they bought :)

A group picture. Some were missing in this picture, but I wont forget them :D

I met up with Lincole in the evening on the same day and we had a great chat! hahaha thanks for the drink and the ride! :D

That's about the birthday celebrations I had so far! Will be celebrating my birthday once more this weekend at Seremban. hahaha i've never failed to celebrate any of my birthdays there before. LOL. More updates after that :)

Other than those mentioned above, thank you so much to everyone who wished me (thru SMS, fb, calls, etc), to my classmates from JUA1 for the birthday song, and people who stayed up to wish me for my birthday exactly at 12am. Thanks for keeping me accompanied throughout my day and I really appreciate every single thing you guys have done :). I'm so glad that i'm blessed with great people around me.


Here're a few pics of P365 I was supposed to post for the past few days! It's supposed to be until #288 as of today, but I haven't found enough pics and time to edit them yet. Will post them up soon :D

A candid shot! LOL

Oh and there'll be another post for Golden Awards soon too :D. That was one of the most memorable days I had thus far in my life.