A picture taken last saturday at Pyramid's Fong Lye :) The food there is good! Give it a try if you don't mind paying slightly more just for simple delicacies. The dishes there are really simple but they're delicious! :D

Back to my blog title..hmmm recently, I just realised that i'll be experiencing a few first times in 2011. One of it is the first time taking 2 external (major) exams in a year. I've never sat for more than one public exam in a year because it's not implemented in the Malaysia Education System that way. So yes, about the Cambridge AS and A2 Level this year. AS is coming soon, very very soon and i'm no where near half prepared for it. I'll start getting myself prepared SOON. As soon as i'm done with things i've been busy doing.

It will also be my first time taking Economics papers for major exams, since it's my first time taking up the subject anyway. The other first time is to sit for a public exam not set by the Malaysian government (or rather, Malaysians) . After so many years of studying, that's really the first time. Can you imagine how impactful is college to my life right now? Practically my firsts in 2011 are all exam/education-related and obviously they have something got to do with college as well.

I think I sounded quite stressed up? Not very, but I would say i'm starting to worry quite a bit. People always come up to me and ask me "why you don't look stressed?". And i'll start thinking.."why will I want/need to look stressed up?"..
short update ;)
Semester 2 started last Monday and i've been having classes every single weekday since then. Still trying to get used to the long hours of classes again after a month of break. The break was good, but just too brief. Sem 2 hasn't been very good to us up till now. 2 tests coming up just on the second week of classes. How cool is that?

Anyway, Dee left to London last Monday, after coming back here for a couple of months. I went out with her on the Saturday before she left and I think the next time i'll be meeting her again will be about..2 years from now :(

Some of the many photos I took with her during our last outing :

the past.

Last year had overall been a great year. It's a year filled with ups and downs in my life. It was the year I was exposed to many different things in life and I learned how to handle certain things better.

I'll not be listing down every single thing that happened last year, but rather, the more memorable events which took place throughout the year :)

[ note : a long post ahead :) ]

The picture above is mini collection of pictures taken from different birthday celebrations i've attended last year (edit : sorry i think i missed out karchun's! ) . haha the term 'attended' sounds so formal but I couldn't figure out other words to replace it. I was only able to make it to nikki's, cynthia's, leanne's, eeleen's, karchun's, andrew's sonya's and vicky's birthday celebrations, and the making of eric's birthday card. Oh and not forgetting, my birthday celebration. All of us are fortunate to have each other as friends, to be able to spend time with each other doing things that could keep us bonded (as friends) , and planning surprises for each other's birthdays.

After leaving secondary school, we didn't get to meet each other as often because we've all gone seperate ways to different courses at different colleges. But the usual bunch of us still continued meeting up once in a while, and of course during each other's birthdays. It's actually quite fun when we planned for each other's birthdays and we needed to keep the plans away from the birthday girl/boy. The trickiest part was what kind of surprise should it be because it's not an easy feat to think of different ways to surprise our friends and we don't usually repeat the surprises.

The process of planning was fun, but irritating at times when things did not seem to go on well. Anyway, at the end of it, we somehow managed to iron out the problems and I think most (if not all) the surprises were done quite successfully throughout the year :) Even if they weren't, I believe the birthday boy/girl still felt our sincerity! I love all of you

I spent 352 days out of my 365 days in 2010 doing a project called P365 with Nikki! I believe the term P365 is not new to my fellow blog readers because there have been photos posted up for P365 for almost every single post I posted back in 2010 :)

It's something which took place for the longest duration throughout my 2010, even longer than the total number of days I went to college. hahaha. It was started back in 18 Dec 2009, and ended on 18 Dec 2010. This project partly kept us meeting up with each other after I left school in 2009 and I was thankful that we managed to complete it.

25 September 2010

It was one of the most memorable days of the year. I finally met Jesseca again after the first time meeting her during a roadshow at Sg. Wang Plaza back in July 2009 :) It's a day i've been waiting for since March 2010 (if I didn't remember wrongly) and I finally took a photo with her! This might be something very common for those who're living in Singapore, but definitely not for me :)

Met her during the first NTV7 Golden Awards and I get to talk to her for a little longer than the first meet. It was good, really really good. I didn't expect her to remember something she actually just mentioned (it was not even a promise) to me about half a year before the day I met her. I really appreciated that very very much because it was so thoughtful of her! And also partly thanks to a mysterious person who doesn't wished to be named for this to have taken place. Thank you so much! Probably it was just something very normal to you, but I appreciated your help a lot :)

Plus, I got to meet a few friends I haven't met before who came all the way from Singapore just for the event. It was great to meet them for the first time after knowing them for quite some time :D

hmmm this was taken on the day we got our SPM results. It was a rather..thrilling day I would say. It was the last time I stepped into a government school to get my exam results. It was finally over...

...and college started soon after. I actually registered back in March, but officially enrolled in July. It's a new environment to study and I get to know new people, lots of them in fact. My classmates from JUS1 are awesome people. hahaha there're so many different types of people in the class - the blur, the funny, the serious, the hardworking, the responsible, the outspoken, and no doubt, the smart ones. And because I take Economics as well, I got know the people from the arts class too because those in my class who're taking Economics had to join their class during econs lessons. They're another bunch of great people :D

The classmates I have in college now painted more colours in my life, making it more colourful as time passes by. It's great getting to know them and i'll be studying with them for another year until the whole A-levels course ends :)

2010 kicked off with a great start and awesome happenings lined up right after. It didn't end very well, and my new year's eve was bad. Anyhow, I still believe that 2011 will be a better year and I hope whatever happened on new year's eve will only become better and better as time passes by :D

Everything above practically summed up my 2010. For whatever that took place but was not mentioned over here, be it something happy or something sad, it's all over. Time probably took over the happiness/sadness because I couldn't recall enough to type it out here. Whatever it is, I hope and I believe that 2011 would be a better year. I know that we can't foresee the future, but I feel that we could do our part to make our lives as happy and as colourful as we want it to be ;)
Lost and Found ♥
It's finally 2011 and we've moved on to a new decade! Not sure if anyone realised, those of us who were born from 1992-1999 actually get to experience life in two different centuries and three decades before reaching 20 years old. Nah, it's nothing special but just a random thought I had in mind. Anyway, i'm still in the midst of typing another blog entry on a recap of my 2010. Wait till I gather my thoughts completely to present it properly before posting it up :D

Okay back to the title of my blog entry. I'm actually here to...promote/recommend a film titled Lost and Found 《小孩·狗》 (no, it's not an advertorial or whatsoever ahaha). This is a (chinese) film starring my dearest idol, Jesseca and 2 Taiwanese actors - Xiao Xiao Bin and James Wen Sheng Hao.

The story revolves around a man, a lady, a kid and a puppy. As for what is it really about and whether it's interesting or not, watch it yourself and have your say :) To me, it was a nice film and certain parts of the film were touching enough to make me tear. Those who know me well would know that it isn't easy to make me cry (except when i see something i'm afraid of, and no doubt, farewells).

Watching this film will occupy 1.5 hours of your life with some heartwarming, sweet and sad scenes. haha if any of you prefer to watch this in full screen than the embedded one below, please proceed to this link . And those who could reach me can borrow it from me too as I have a soft copy of the film with a better quality than the website's (because it was filmed in the 16:9 ratio but there's no option for widescreen viewing on the website) =p

Enjoy watching!

<a href="" target="_new" title="Channel U Feature Film: Lost and Found">Video: Channel U Feature Film: Lost and Found</a>

Before I end this post, here're a few photos from this film :

My laptop's current wallpaper!