merdeka ;)
It's Malaysia's 53rd birthday today! Oh how fast time had passed. I still remember the times we got so crazy during the Merdeka celebrations in school and sang the Merdeka songs together. It was just so fun, whether it was with my classmates or the group of prefects from different classes :D

This year's Merdeka has been pretty quiet (at least for me). In fact, I don't think i've heard of any fireworks yesterday and today. hahah and I personally don't have a habit of watching the National Parade thing on tv so I practically spent the day sleeping and slacking at home. I actually haven't stepped out of home since I returned from college yesterday but it feels good to be at home, doing literally nothing but resting all I want :)

during last year's Prefects' Annual Dinner! :D

updates :)
It's a day off for the Selangor's students and workers today! I didn't spend the day resting at home, and I went out for a movie with Cynthia, Ee Leen, Wilson and Andrew instead. We met up with Kar Chun after that too. We watched Step Up 3. I haven't watched Step Up 1 & 2 before so I couldn't compare them, but overall, the movie was fine. To me, the ending was probably the nicest part of the movie. It made the time spent there worthwhile :)

It's great to meet my dear friends again after some time! And it feels so good to be released from the college stress. Life in college isn't exactly stressful, but I still need some time to adapt to it. We're loaded with tonnes of tests, assignments, presentations and homework. Those few things could just keep us occupied all the time and they never seem to be done completely :( . Other than that, college is great with awesome classmates who'll never fail to make each other laugh.

On a sidenote, I really have no idea why the girls in my class (including myself) tend to get a bit 'high' in the Physics Lab! It always happen, but we're not sure of the cause! There's sure something for us to laugh about every time when we're in the Physics Lab and our laughter just overpower everything else in the lab! But of course, that's after we're done with out experiments ;)

Anyway, here's a photo I stole from my sis and I thought it's really nice! :D

:D !

And back to P365! :)))

My previous fb profile picture :)

While waiting for seats at Zanmai.

Genting Highlands!
Hello people! My blog's layout is finally back to normal after I tried hosting the photos(used for the layout) myself.

Anyway, I went to Genting Highlands yesterday and came back today. It was just a very short trip for us to get out of the higher temperature on the low land over here, but in the end, the temperature is almost the same at Genting as well. The coldest it went to was..22 degrees I think. Just imagine, we didn't even need to put on our jackets/cardigans throughout the 2 days there. It's just not cold up there!

There's nothing much for us at Genting coz it's more like a place for adults who're there for the casino. Plus, we don't usually go for the outdoor rides coz i'm afraid of height ( i'm still trying hard to overcome the fear!) and Fraveen didn't come along with us coz he went for a school trip so we didn't have anyone to bully :P. In the end, we did stupid things to entertain ourselves instead :D

I'll post the rest of the pictures on facebook :D.

p/s : Nikki Yeoooo, I miss our genting trip!!!

And now, here're the pictures for P365 for the whole week I didn't update my blog :)

The 'yin and yang' rings we bought at different times! Our rings represent us :D

.again !

while waiting for sis in the washroom :P

my current msn display picture :D


I'm currently on medication again, after less than a month since my previous course ended. This is so annoying. Am I having so much fate with medicines and doctors that I need to see them every month (up till now) ? I don't hope so. This 'trend' better stop or i'll end up having a stomach filled with tablets.

Anyway, college's been fine. But there're tonnes of quizzes, tests and presentations lined up for us. So yeah, i'll be pretty busy for this whole month, until holiday (for Hari Raya) begins on the 6th of September. But there will still be updates over here occasionally whenever i've something to update :)
I had a mini shopping spree with Nikki and sis last Saturday! hahaha and Nikki finally bought her bottle of perfume!! We were happy girls shopping for things we wanted :D

I'm gonna start posting the pictures taken on Saturday! :D


in the toilet :P

Anyway, other than that, I finally watched Inception with my classmates last week! Whether or not I find the movie interesting, I dozed off in the cinema. HAHA. The movie was alright, it wasn't boring, but it doesn't de-stress. And it made me think more than I usually would when I watch a movie. So, in other words, it's not a type of movie I would love to watch again.

Okay talking about movies, I realised that I'd missed so many movies! I've no idea why, probably it was because nobody wanted to accompany me to watch, or I was simply unaware of the movies' releases! hahaha

that's when our hair's lengths are almost the same!! :D

during my bday last year :))

Here're a few more pictures taken by Leanne during U8's Carnival! :D

The ex-5A's peoplee :D. A few more who were present on that day are missing in the picture!

Leanne and I!

The both of us with Mr Liew! He's one funny and blur teacher! It's fun to bully him at times :P

Spot him on the shirt! :D
It's August now !
It's the beginning of a new month again!

While I was browsing through the folders in my computer to look for pictures for P365 just now, I chanced upon those pictures taken back in school and I suddenly miss school again. It has been about 8 months since I left school but looking at those pictures just remind me so much of our fun times during the schooling days. I miss the lamest people in my class who will just make everyone of us laugh till we cry, the fan (yes, the one right above Leanne's seat!), the courage in us to make fun of a few teachers who taught us, and practically everything we did in and out of the classroom.

College has been alright so far, and i'm blessed with very friendly classmates. A few of us were in fact the odd ones when we first entered the class. What I meant by 'odd ones' was that we were the newbies in the class while most of them already knew each other back in May when they enrolled earlier for Malaysian Studies. But it was really nice of them to take the initiative to get to know us first, rather than us making the first move.

I have pretty interesting and noisy classmates and being in the same class as them just reminds me of my secondary schoolmates! Even our lecturers told us that we're dynamic and that made the class interesting. HAHA. But apparently, the other science classes are more of the studious kind so the lecturers kinda afraid that we might be lacking in that sense.

I miss the times when we needed to stay back in school for Photography Club meeting! It was funnn :))