Sorry for the absence! Currently, I actually have lots of things to update on my blog, but I need time to sort out the pictures. Meanwhile, here're 10 pictures for P365! There're more to be uploaded, but I've only edited 10 so far. Just wait for the rest to come okay :D

at Court 8 for a gathering cum bday surprise for me! :D

I have so much of fats on my face now and my eyes are really getting smaller for idk why! :(

of the many happenings.
Here's finally an update after almost 2 weeks ! I've been really really busy. Busy engaging in some serious stuffs, busy slacking (so contradicting huh?!) , busy eating, busy doing homework, and everything else, except studying, which I was supposed to be doing to utilise my one-week holiday.

But whatever, since I couldn't undo what was already done, I shall try to be more hardworking for the coming week since i'm gonna be sitting for my first Economics test next week! Keeping my fingers crossed for the paper not to be too difficult since it's my first attempt for that.

Anyway, we celebrated Ee Leen's birthday last weekend and we planned a small surprise for her too. It was fine, although she sort of expected it already. haha and it's nice to be able to meet that bunch of crazy people again, cracking some unexpected jokes and we really enjoyed each others' company :)

And lastly, not forgetting about the long overdue pictures for P365. These are the newly-taken photos! :D

Both pictures taken at Leen's house :). Our cheeks were quite pink and I was so sweaty! hahhaa

Oh and I went to Pyramid with Nikki on Friday! I just realised that we didn't take many pictures, but there are still enough for me to post for P365 for the time being :D

I didn't realise that I blurred my own face (for the pic on the left) until I was about to type this caption! But who cares, hahaha as long as my face is still there :P

yayy another horizontal pic of us! :D

Now, with our own clothes. LOL