holiday :)
Hello everyone! I'm back :D in fact, I was back 2 days ago but took some time to filter and sort out the photos captured. Here's a short recap of my whole trip to HK, Shenzhen and Macau :)

We went there by tour and we took Air Asia for the first time. It wasn't a very bad experience but I actually expected better seats lol. The departure time was 6am if I didn't remember wrongly so we woke up at 2am (yes, I was forced to sleep!) and left home at about 3am.

At the Hong Kong International Airport. The journey to HK took around 3 and a half hours and I was quite tired by then coz the seat on the plane wasn't very comfortable and I couldn't find for the seat incline so I kind of slept quite uncomfortably in the plane.

What was your first thought when you saw that green thing in the picture on the left? Enlarge the picture for the correct answer. One unique thing in HK is that they serve this corn soup with egg (the one on the right) for almost every meal we had there except the dim sum meal for breakfast. I've no idea why either. hahah

We took a cab to visit my grand aunt at her place. The last time my dad and mum met her was more than 20 years back, and it's obvious that sis and I haven't met her before then. haha I really love the environment over there. They have clean and big gardens over there and the houses are nice!

With my grand aunt :)

At the Avenue of Stars.

The wind was sooo strong over there! You can see it from how my hair was blown hahaha.

The view of Victoria Harbour from The Peak! Pardon my bad photography skills used to take the shot. Forgot to change the mode. hahaha. The journey to the place was pretty scary coz the road was quite narrow and I was sitting by the window. I don't know how to describe, but it was just scary to me.

Strawberry sorbet during cold weather !

Went to HK Disneyland the following day :)

There were uncountable Disney merchandises sold over there !

Disneyland at night :) We took a cab to a shopping mall after we explored the whole Disneyland since the whole tour will be there for the whole day till Disneyland closes. Went out for a few hours and took a cab back to Disneyland to catch the fireworks.

The castle at night! It's beautiful :))

Fireworks :D

Toured around the popular spots at HK the next day.

People are actually hired to clean the public seats in HK! How awesome is that? I haven't seen this in Malaysia before :P

Took the sampan over there for a short tour and saw the Jumbo floating restaurant. We were told that the word 'sampan' wasn't originally a Malay word! hahaha it was first mentioned by those in HK as 'sam pan' in cantonese. Then later on it was adapted to be used in Malay lol. That's something new to me. haha

Took a train from HK to Shenzhen. Had a terrible experience after we arrived at Shenzhen! After passing the custom over there, we had to go down a pedestrian bridge to get into the bus. People who're close enough to me will know that i'm afraid to walk on pedestrian bridge, and it's even worse when I needed to carry my approx. 12kg luggage bag along with me. I asked myself before going down whether if I can really make it. Thankfully I did (safely!).

Walked around Tung Mun, a very famous shopping spot at Shenzhen at night and we bought drinks! We didn't really know what to order because the menu was in chinese and nothing in english at all! So we just randomly ordered some drinks for ourselves hahaha

Bubble tea :D

Dad's cousins came over to visit us when we were at Shenzhen too. We went back to the hotel pretty late so they actually waited for us at the hotel lobby for about an hour. One of them came all the way from Guangzhou and the rest are from Shenzhen :)

Smoking is like one of the main hobbies of the people over there. They just wouldn't get enough of smoking and my nose felt really really horrible.

Visited the Windows Of The World. This was one of the places we stopped by to take photographs :)

One of the segments of the 'Dancing With The Dragon and Phoenix' show at the cultural village or something. That show was awesome! It's a must-watch show when you go to Shenzhen :D

Took a ferry to Macau the following afternoon. We took a shuttle bus from the hotel we dined in to the harbour, and then another shuttle bus to Wynn Macau. It's a hotel-complex I think. We went there to watch a few small shows. The picture on the right was taken during the water fountain show which lasted for about 5 minutes.

A picture with our young tour guide :) she's our main tour guide who were with us throughout the whole trip, but we had 3 additional tour guides when were at 3 different places too.

At the ruins of St. Paul's

4D show at City of Dreams.

The Venetian. This was our last stop before heading to the airport. The place is beautiful! And the casino over there is huge - the second nicest casino in the world, placed behind Las Vegas'.

Macau's famous portugese egg tarts! We ordered a dozen from our Macau tour guide and brought it back here :)

My boarding pass :)

That's all about the trip! Visit here and here for more photos :D
The closing chapter : P365 #365

The picture says it all! #365

Exactly one year ago, we started this Project 365 after we came back from Genting Highlands together. This cute project (as claimed by Nikki =p) was started really randomly and we kept this going on until now, the very last day before it ends. We've achieved our goal and we'll seal this project together as a memory. This project is actually one thing that kept us meeting up quite often although we don't see each other in school anymore. But of course, it doesn't mean that we'll not meet each other as often anymore just because this project had come to an end ;)

You'll still be seeing our faces on each other's blog or facebook because we'll never have enough of shopping, talking, baking, laughing, laming and everything together. Oh and we have this strange but awesome telepathy and up till now, we still don't know how did that happen. Probably this is what happens when you've someone who could be your BFF, darling, sister and valentine at the same time

P365s :)))
This will be the last batch of photos before the whole project ends! Finally met Nikki today after such a long time and it was great to spend time with her again :DD

I really love all the photos we took today! :D

We're the brand ambassadors-to-be for DKNY. hahaha

My current display picture on msn! One of my fav photos :)

Starbucks for tea break :)

Photos in the washroom! I personally love the one on the left very much :D

No, the project doesn't end at #364! The final one will be up tomorrow, exactly one year after we started P365 :)