Jesseca's speech after getting her Star Awards 2010 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award!
i like her simple and sweet speech :)

a continuation of the last picture in my previous entry :)

I'm finally updating my blog after a couple of days. The internet connection has been pretty bad since saturday, as i've mentioned before that the connection in Seremban is pretty weak.

And I was quite busy on sunday night as well! haha i was getting live updates for Star Awards 2010's second show. Congrats to Jesseca for getting the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award! i'm soooo happy for her!

she looks really nice in the gown! :D

updates for P365 :

us, before i leave pyramid :)

at redbox. haha i've no idea why this picture came after the previous one while it was taken first.

since i dont have enough pictures to post, so i'll start posting our pictures taken before dec 2009! why dec 2009? coz we started this P365 thingy on 18 Dec 2009 so all the pictures taken after that have been posted before. hahaha be prepared to see our funny and kiddy faces again!

this was taken back in year 2007 when we attended the interschool prefects' council dinner! i still remember i helped out in the Leo Car Wash in the morning and ended up going to this event at night with sunburn on my face and arms hahaha.

nikki's bday in 2008! celebrated her bday at HK star cafe :)


her bday last year!
of pictures and my stupidity.
Here're a few pictures taken last week when we went to visit mr suben at his new tuition centre and during hari kecemerlangan. Grabbed the pictures from cynthia's blog and leanne's web album :D

cynthia, sonya, mr suben, myself, leanne and eric! :D

us again. i dont remember why we took another picture. hahaha

sonya and i! :)

eeleen, pw, chiasing, leanne, sonya and i. i look quite short coz i was the only one who didn't wear high heels if i'm not mistaken. hahaha

okay and now, back to P365!

us, somewhere in front of redbox's counter.

hahaha i didnt zoom in on purpose! i dont remember what picture i took right before that that i needed to zoom in. lol.

i love this picture quite a lot! i didn't edit it coz it looks quite nice like that :D

haha anyway, i did one of the dumbest thing a person would ever do (without realising myself doing that) ! for the past few weeks, i always thought something went wrong with my windows live messenger that i couldn't see the emoticons whenever i type. if i'm not mistaken, i asked 2-3 friends if they could see the emoticon whenever i type and they said they can. so i really thought my msn was the problematic one! then i've no idea what struck my mind that made me suddenly thought of checking my msn's settings today morning and i found out that i actually disabled the emoticons! HAHAHA that's so stupid of me but i don't even remember doing that! weird huh? dont ask me why, coz i dont know what happened too! hahaha
.Hari Kecemerlangan + P365s!
i went back to school yesterday to attend Hari Kecemerlangan! i was one of the earliest ex-form 5 who reached lol. but i actually reached just on time, right before the VIPs arrived. i knew that because right after i signed beside my name at the registration counter, the kompang people started playing kompang. and i was like..oh crap. i better run up first. hahaha

and so..the whole thing started shortly. there're were speeches and 2 performances. then prize presentation for the existing form 2-5 students who did well for their exams, as well as for us, the ex-form 5s who did well in SPM.

the opening performance - choral speaking.

then there's a cultural dance by the students from afternoon session.

we were arranged to sit according to the number of As we scored for SPM and i sat next to eeleen.

peiwen and i enjoying under the fan while waiting to be called for a group picture :D. oh and i just realised that there's a nice slogan behind us! "success is a journey"! hahaha

lining up to redeem our cash reward! lol

leanne, myself and leen.

sonya and i! :)

pn leong and i! :D. i met her at the registration counter when i was about to leave the school.

one of the pages in the booklet. there was another page as well but i didnt manage to take a pic of that page.

this was a note left in the envelope given to us when we went up to stage to collect our cert. haha i think this is the first time they're doing that! we had to collect our money from a redemption counter outside the hall. haha

another thing we received besides the certificate and cash reward. a new thing again! haha

that's all about hari kecemerlangan. i wasn't in the mood to take pictures coz the weather was quite bad yesterday so i only took very few pictures.

okay, let's move on to P365! :)

i got these pics from nikki and they're like the other version of the 3 previous pictures i posted! :D


.Happy (belated) 18th Birthday Leanne!
a big bunch of us gave leanne a surprise for her birthday yesterday. we planned a mini amazing race for her. it's quite a long story if i were to explain every single thing we did, but try reading the clues in the first picture. you should understand quite a bit from the clues.

these are few of the clues given to leanne. nikki was the robot mentioned in the clues. and some of the clues were shown to her to lead her to the stations. the location of the 5 stations are - the first block after the guard house, bbq pit area, swimming pool, leanne's block and the opposite end of the same block!

tasha and i at our station! we took the second last station, and our job was to 'feed' her face with a slice of cake! :D

wilson was at our station too

we seperated some parts of the cake (the sponge cake part) to feed her before feeding her face with the cream! :D

we did a brilliant job to make-up for her! her face was so so so CLEAN! hahaha and we blindfolded her before bringing her to the last station.

the heart shape we formed using candles at the last station! :)

nikki, the robot bringing the birthday girl into the heart shape.

removed the cloth used to blindfold her, and surprised her with a whole cake! hahaha no smashing was done after that LOL

timothy(i think) told her to blow all the candles at once! but she failed painfully by being able to blow just one candle at the first attempt.

she went around the heart shape to blow all the candles.

leanne and i! :) i was afraid that she'll 'share' her cream with me so i might as well hold her hands before she can do that! hahaha

the same bunch of us went to pyramid to celebrate with leanne today! leanne fetched sonya, andy and i there. then we gathered with some of them and headed to redbox.

sonya and i! :)

andrew dancing to entertain us! hahah

oh and the girls are really good at playing this! better than the guys at least! =p can you see how high was it stacked up?!

a group picture of the girls before i left! :)

i've uploaded more pictures on facebook. here's the link : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=174478&id=508815635

anywayyy, it's my...13th year knowing leanne! and i think i did wish her every single year for her bday (or at least most of the years) although i didnt celebrate with her every year. but it's really great to know a person for so so long and still being close to that person. she's the only one who went through the most stages of education with me. i knew her since kindergarten and we've been studying in the same class since then until we graduate from secondary school! isn't that so awesome? :D
.new layout!
yes, i finally changed my blog layout! so long after i first mentioned my intention of changing it. this layout isn't the one i've edited previously. i just happen to find this layout today morning and i thought it's quite nice. but i did edit some parts of this layout though.

and just to let you guys know, if you view my blog with IE, you will not be able to view the background of the sidebar's titles. but you can view it using Firefox. i've no idea why is this so, but it's just like that. i'd changed the colour of the sidebar's titles so that it looks alright whether it's seen with or without the background.

anyway, i'm still in the midst of editing the layout. you'll see the changes soon! :)

another picture taken during leo ir! initially, i didn't wanna edit this picture coz it actually looks as if it's edited before being edited. but since there're quite a number of people behind us, then i might as well just edit the picture and put the focus on the both of us! haha :D
.P365 - #116 & #117
here're the 2 pictures that i like the most! :D

us at old town :)

haha this was funny! i remember telling nikki that we should take a picture without opening our eyes because our eyes are naturally small and would look even smaller if we take pictures with flash. so we end up taking this picture and it turned out to be quite nice in my opinion! :D
.Leo I.R (videos)
i only recorded the committee's performance coz my camera was running out of batt. here're the videos :)

part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XWRfQu97Ks
part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiE3gLauGsI
part 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk3ZL5C4kUU
part 4 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt_NiLLDXXM
part 5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHQK9iGtGjc [sorry, i didnt manage to record the last part of the dance (the indian dance) ]

their dances were hilarious! that explains why were some parts of the videos shaky. i couldnt help but to laugh, especially in the first video when the 2 guys danced like..crap. but it was entertaining. hahaha just if some of you dont know, all of them could dance well. just that..their skills weren't really needed for the sketch's 'competition' so yeah. enjoy watching their not-so-skillful dances! LOL
i just realised that i have not posted P365 for the past 4 days! so here're the pictures, including today's! :D

us, still in the fitting room :D

sat and rested while waiting for my mum to fetch us home.

she was...doing something to her bag that time i think!

a new batch of pictures coming up! this was taken in cynthia's car yesterday! :)

ANDDD, i wanna declare my love for carrot cakes! hahaha my sis baked carrot cupcakes yesterday and i'm currently addicted to it. not that the ones she baked were extraordinarily nice, but it's just that i've always loved it but seldom buy it from bakeries. so i tend to eat a lot when my sis bakes. i love the cream cheese! :D :D