.shopping madness
okay i finally met her today and we shall see how many days can the pictures last us for. ahhahaa :D

sis, nikki and i went for cny shopping today! haha it wasn't actually pre-planned for cny. we just wanted to shop. so we planned this few weeks ahead and finally made up our mind to go to KL for shopping. dad fetched us there and dropped us at sungei wang. it was kinda clear but became more and more crowded as time passes by.

and no doubt, we bought damn a lot of things there. even from the first shop itself. sis met up with her friends at 11 something so nikki and i went walking around but end up buying nothing after sis left us. met up with sis at Kim Gary at around 1.30 for lunch and sis end up eating alone. nikki and i were toooo full after drinking bubble milk tea. too filling for i dont know why.

then then we walked around, bought more things and headed to Pavilion. the weather was quite good at that time. i think we end up buying nothing from Pavilion because there wasn't stock for something i wanted very badly. so we went to Berjaya Time Square after that and we had a long long journey under the hot sun. but it wasn't the burning kind of sun so it was still bearable :). thenn, we bought a few things from Timesquare and headed home.

took monorail to kl central and then rapidkl back to subang. it took us 2 long hours to reach home and i didn't even get home eventually. went out for porridge steamboat for dinner and mum wanted to buy things from Giant hypermarket. so i end up walking again and again and finally reached home at 10pm. and now, i can barely feel my legs coz we hardly sat during that many hours, even when we were in the bus. we only managed to get a seat each when we're almost reaching subang. how sad can it be. haha not very sad actually. our fruitful buys saved the day! we bought damn a lot of things. i bought dresses, shirts, a pair of flats and a waist belt. just so many things. hahaha.

okay, enough of typing about what happened today coz i practically summed up everything. so it's pictures' time! :D

sis and i in the car while waiting for dad to get his handphone from home.

now with nikki! after fetching her from her house

nikki and i! hahaha other pictures of both of us will be posted in P365 :D


at Kim Gary. i dont know what was she looking at hahahaa

sis, playing with her spaghetti.

a small part of the cny deco at Kim Gary. it's damn damn cute!

us at Forever 21. hahahaa. we just needed a fitting room =p


them at Pavilion's longest flight of stairs.

with me too! :D

take 1.

take 2! omg look at our happy-looking retarded faces. hahaha i love this pic! :D

nikki and i walking to Berjaya Timesquare under the hot sun. yes, with sis as well and she was the photographer. LOL

a small part of the super crowded Time Square.

us again!

i look damn funny in this pic but nevermind because i just had to post it up hahaha. why? because this was taken when we were waiting for the monorail to arrive. our expressions show how unwillingly were we to wait for the super packed monorail. it didnt take very long but we were just too tired at that time. and also not knowing that we're not going to be sitting for the next 1 hour plus as well LOL.

okay that's all for now. and i'm up for another shopping session with mum, dad and sis tomorrow. it's time for sis and i to help mum and dad to shop! HAHA. goodnight peopleee :)

.P365 - #43
pure candid. haha. i can't remember who took this picture but it's either leanne, eeleen or peiwen. hahaa definitely not cynthia because i can spot half of her right hand in the picture LOL.

tomorrow :)
.P365 - #42

this picture was taken on the same day as #41. i think we do look quite innocent last time! hahaha we're less innocent-looking now =p
.P365 - #40 & #41
HAHAA we looked like this when i was in Form 2 and nikki in Form 1. this picture was taken back in November 2006 :D. nikki said tht we look cute, real cute LOL

and us again, a year later. november 2007. i remember we met up with cynthia after that :D

#39! this is how i'm gonna continue P365. i managed to find a few of our pics taken few years back and i'm going to it start off with our all-time favourite picture. we loved this picture ever since the moment we saw it until now. this was taken during our Prefects Annual Dinner back in 2007 :)

.P365 - #37 & #38
hahaha i think nikki wasn't very ready for this shot LOL


okay, i'm currently out of pictures to continue P365. but i've already thought of a way to continue it until the next time i meet Nikki. haha view my blog tonight to see how am i going to continue P365 for today and the next few days :D

.Dinner @ Sunway Hotel
my whole family went to Sunway Hotel's Sun & Surf Cafe for dad's company dinner yesterday night. we were so engrossed in badminton matches that dad told us we're only leaving to Sunway after the matches end. so we left home at around 7pm and reached Sunway Hotel slightly after 8pm due to the traffic jam.

we tried looking for parking once we entered the hotel's basement parking area but to no avail. there's practically no available parking space so dad parked at one side of the basement that's not a proper parking lot but neither the clamping zone as well. we headed to the lobby and after about 10 minutes, we realised that we parked at the wrong place, wrong hotel. i think we parked at Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel or something but the cafe was at Sunway Resort Hotel. so we walked all the way there and finally found the place. anyway, we're not the last to arrive. haha one of dad's colleague even went home because he couldn't find for parking. so yeah, we're still not the last =p

sis and i at the cafe's washroom :D

us again at the same place

it was a buffet dinner so we walked around all types of food before deciding what to take. we went out of the cafe to get some bbq food and took pictures after taking more food for a few rounds. the lens of our camera isn't wide enough to take the whole view.

sis and i :)

while we were taking pictures of each other, a european guy approached us and friendly offered to help us to take a picture. it was so nice of him to ask us so :D

back to the cafe. this is a small part of our booked area. and it was the view in front of me. hahaa

sis and i! i love this picture! :)

oh and i forgot to mention something. haha. there was a lucky draw for everyone from the company. so for dad's, mum told me to pick the number in the glass bowl and so i did. it was no.14. so i passed the paper to mum and told her to get the gift from the uncle in charge of lucky draw. the uncle was just somewhere behind mum, at the table on which the prizes are located.
mum waited for quite some time as they couldn't look for the prize. and then, when i suddenly looked at them again, mum came back to the table with a super big box. and we guessed it correctly that it was an oven. haha. it's super big and i heard that it's the second most expensive prize for the lucky draw. haha i'm a lucky girl :)

and initially, we were supposed to go back to Seremban right after leaving the hotel. but because of getting that oven, we headed home first to leave the oven, then only went back to seremban. and we reached seremban at almost 12 midnight. hahaa

[p/s : i'll be uploading more pictures on facebook. so do check out my facebook profile if you wanna see the pictures :) ]
.Full House
i totally forgot to post the pictures we took at pyramid yesterday in the previous blog post. hahaha we went for lunch at Full House. i wanted to try the food over there as i haven't been there before but sis had.

as much as i love that place, i might not step in there anymore. why? thanks to the particular waiter and waitress who kept us waiting for our bill. at first, we asked a waiter for our bill, and he said okay. but he didnt come back to us. so we asked another waitress for the bill but that waitress end up coming back to us, telling us that our orders weren't recorded in their system so we had repeat our orders.

okay, that was still fine. but it took that waitress more than 15 minutes to bring us our bill. and what more, she recorded the wrong orders and the prices were of course different as well but she didnt realise that the prices were different and smilingly told us "oh sorry. but the prices are the same". then she took another glance at the bill and realised that it's different. so she went to the counter again, and took another 10 minutes to bring our bill. the bill came up to thirty something bucks so we gave her an RM50 note. anddd, it took her like 10 minutes to return our change!

after that i jokingly told my sis that maybe they wanted to treat us for the meal but we stupidly asked for the bill and got to know that they didnt record our orders in their system. and so, we spent a long long time waiting for the bill and stupidly paid for the meal. anyway, those 2 people wasted our time so much that we decided not to watch a movie (that's one of the reasons why we went to pyramid actually) but instead went for shopping right after lunch.

the ham and mushroom spaghetti we had. it was quite nice :)

Caesar Salad with Salmon. this tasted quite good too. i think it goes well with the spaghetti.



ice lemon teaaa :D

the small plant on our table.

the view of the restaurant from my table. can't see much of it from here. but go there yourself to experience that atmosphere (but it's super noisy inside) and at the same time, risk yourself being stuck in the restaurant while waiting for your bill to come =p

desserts served :)

.shopping spreeee!
i had a long day out today. went to pyramid for shopping. mum came home to fetch me at around 1pm and headed to sis' college to fetch her along, and then we went to pyramid. mum just dropped us there and went home.

sis wasn't really in the shopping mood due to..some reasons. a few reasons i shall say, in which one is because she's worried about her A-Levels results which will be released on this coming Monday. hahaha and due to her mixed feelings today, i was practically the only one shopping happily with that shopping mood and bought quite a few things. and spending too much of money. i bought a new bag, a dress, a tshirt, 3 pairs of shorts and a necklace. i actually bought the dress in a hurry coz it was about 9pm or something when i started trying it out but i needed something to wear for dad's company dinner tomorrow night. and mum thinks that it looked fine on me so she just paid for it and we rushed to giant hypermarket downstairs after that as sis needed to buy eggs to bake cake tomorrow.

we left pyramid at around 10pm and it was super jam. i think it took us almost an hour to reach home. and here i am now, blogging an hour after i reached home, bathed and rested :)


.P365 - #35
us and our signature pose! :)

.P365 - #34

i've not been doing anything much for the past few days. what i did at home was just rot, rot and rot. haha but i'll be off for shopping spree on friday! mum wants us to buy clothes to wear on dad's company dinner this coming saturday and at the same time, start shopping for cny as well. she complains that i'm too choosy in buying clothes that's why i always don't get clothes that i really like during cny and she has to spend so much time walking without me getting anything so last minute before cny. so yeah, since we've to go out to buy clothes for the dinner this saturday, then i can start looking around for clothes to wear during cny as well :D
.P365 - #33
for now, i'm only left with pics taken during the gathering at Wilson's house last sunday. hahaha we shall see how am i going to continue P365 after i post all the pictures i took with nikki during the gathering :D


i guess by now, most of us already read today's newspaper about a teacher and a few students went missing after their boat capsized in strong waves and a few of their bodies have been found already. and i've also read updates on fellow Lions and Leos' facebook that 3 of them(who're found dead) are Leos, in which one is the Chung Ling High School's Leo Club President. not quite sure about the other two, but they were just found today morning so it's not reported in the newspaper yet.

just in case anyone is still clueless about what happened, read - http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/1/17/nation/20100117120941&sec=nation

anyhow, in some ways, i still feel that we're related as in Leos. although i don't know them personally, but oh well, we're all Leos and i think we'd in some ways met during Leo Forum last year too (i read that they went. not sure if all 3, but at least 1 went). their death is a loss to everyone. there goes away 3 great Leo members who pledged to help those in need.

may they rest in peace.

.P365 - #32
us and our sweaty faces =p

.P365 - #31
hahahaa she wasn't harming me with that pair of tongs LOL.

.gathering :D
we had another gathering just now and it's at Wilson's house this time round! haha i stay just a few blocks away from him in Court 9 so i just walked there and met the driver (cynthia lee) and her passenger (nikki yeo) while i was on the way there. i thought i'd reach slightly earlier than them. hahhaa

anyway, i think they're still downstairs playing at the swimming pool when i'm typing this right now. i didnt join them for dinner and went home earlier to rest :)

i didnt take many pictures today. and i'm posting most of it here except those i took with nikki coz those will be posted in P365. hahaha i met you so that P365 won't be tergendala like what you said =p

myself and cynthia! :D


the three of us :). i love this pic!

we played police and murderer for a few rounds and i was only the police for 2 of the rounds. i was neither the murderer nor the healer for even once. hahaa this is one part of the group.

and this is the other.i think wilson is missing. hahaha. transition problems. LOL

taken by leanneeee


the three of us went down to buy ice cream! haha and we met eric downstairs too. so this explains why do we have this picture of us with the ice cream boards. LOL

leanne and i! haha the sun was glaringgg. or i shall just say we sat at the wrong place. lol

the girls and daniel. his bday is next week he was presented with a small cake. hahaa

a big group pic! lol. the guys just can't give a more proper improper pose. hahaa

the first picture thiyban took without alerting us when he's snapping. there're like 3 cameras with the guys and we told them to count when they want to snap. and thiyban didnt but he insisted that this picture looked alright. this is the prove it isn't alright. hahaha look at cynthia and eeleen.

ok a nicer one! :D

but i think i prefer this! i dont know why but i think we look somewhat more natural here. :D

thiybannnn. look at the his veins(at his foot) . scaryyy.

limeeleen and i!

peiwen and i! :D