I finally edited all the pictures needed for P365! haha but these pics are not the recent ones though. Just scroll down and see how our looks changed through the years! I think the biggest difference should be the length of our hair (like what Nikki mentioned on her blog) ! hahhaa

these were taken back in 2008 when we went for our first outing by bus! :D

the picture on the right was taken during Nikki's birthday last year :))

I love the picture on the left! It's still one of my fav pictures now :D

more updates!
Here're another 10 pictures for P365. There're 7 more that are not posted yet. Will do that in the next post :)

Taken when we went to pyramid for a movie with Cynthia and Leanne :D

at U8's carnival!

Went to Old Town after the carnival. And Nikki fetched a few of us there!!

Quite a number of us turned up at SMK USJ 8's carnival last saturday! Most of the ex-students who turned up were from my batch though. It was great to meet so many of them again :D. I spent most of the time there with Leanne and Nikki. Then a super big bunch of us went to Taipan's Old Town for lunch! I think there were about more than 15 of us there and we occupied 3 tables. hahaha

Leanne, Nikki and I! :D

Leanne and I with Jue Wern. She's a cute little bunny :))

Other than that, i've been pretty busy with college. I spend averagely about 9 hours in college daily, but of course not attending class all the time. I've quite long breaks in between for certain days :).

Okay let me introduce my classmates to all of you! hahhaa not the individual introduction kind of thing, but just an overview of most of us in the class :D. Our physics lecturer is currently on leave so we had our lab class today without him around. While waiting for the lab attendant to prepare the apparatus needed for us to do the experiment, we went in to another classroom opposite the lab for fun. Or rather, for the air-cond, coz the corridors are not air-conditioned.

All the guys in the class. There's a stark contrast between the number of guys and girls in my class!

Only 6 girls in my class take Physics (including myself) ! There're another 4 girls who didn't take Physics and that makes up to 10 girls in my class, in contrast with 20 guys in the class. Okay anyway, none of us were looking into the camera in this picture because Calvin captured the
photo before he reached the third count. haha so it's all thanks to him! It's not our fault =p
today !
Hello peopleee! Sorry for the lack of updates. I was pretty busy lately, not with college, but busy falling sick instead. I've been unwell for the whole week last week. I was down with headache, body aches, fever and cough. I guess that's what it takes to adapt to a new routine. I've been to the clinic 4 times in a month and that's so not fun! Just imagine having need to eat medicine as your after-meal dessert for every single meal for a whole week. That's so gross. I had it for about 2 weeks in a month's time. And each time, I had to take about 10 tablets and that makes up to 300+ tablets in total !

Okay, but whatever, i'm fine now and thankfully I did not miss out too much (in studies) after skipping college for 2 and a half days. The half day was because I went to college in the morning but couldn't bear with my condition half way through the day so I went home earlier.

Anyway, today is the 13th day since I last updated my blog and apparently, i'm supposed to post 13 new pictures for P365. Unfortunately, I don't have as many pictures to post as of now, so here're just a few pictures I can post right now. I'm yet to post up the photos taken using my camera as my laptop's memory card reader died on me (as mentioned previously) and I haven't bought an external card reader yet.


Okay back to my blog entry's title! hahaha I didn't specifically do anything today that made it the headline on my blog (for the day) , but it's a special day to me for some reasons. And happy things just tend to happen today too! That made my day even happier and made me a little more hyped up today. hahhaa don't ask why, I'm just sharing my joy in an indirect way :D. Just feel happy for me and i'll be happy for that !

a big hello!
Hi everyone! I finally don't feel lazy to update my blog. hahaha. I actually wanted to update it 2 days ago, but not after realising that my laptop's card reader isn't working anymore. It was so frustrating as I wanted to upload the pictures I took with my friends. Okay so whatever, I still don't have the pictures in my computer now :(. I desperately need an external card reader!

Anyway, college officially started yesterday. Nothing much about it coz we haven't started studying, except for those who took Biology. I'll be having a long long day at college tomorrow with a dreadfully long break - 4 hours long. I've no books right now and I guess i'll most likely spend most of the time during the break in front of the computer hahaha. That's about it. More updates when the time comes :)

look at her super dirty hand!!!

It's already 201 days since we started this P365 thingy! But I think the both of us look quite dead in this picture hahahh. People with small eyes have the greater tendency to look more dead/tired compared to those with big eyes! LOL
the start of a new beginning.
The title says it all. I'm currently going through the last day of my long holidays (to me, weekends are not considered as holidays). Orientation for college starts tomorrow and that marks the beginning of something new for me - the college life. I'm feeling neutral about it, neither too excited nor anxious.

I remember when I was way younger, I used to think about things like.."Can I go to work without studying BUT have all the knowledge needed to do my job?" or "Can I don't study or work but do anything else I want to (like..playing throughout my whole life?) ". hahaha yes, those are the naive and stupid thinking of a small little girl. But I do believe that i'm not the only one who thought of that! hahaha be honest to yourself okay :P

So yeah, coming back to college. I told myself and my sis that i'm going to slack for the whole day today since it's my very last day lazing at home for the whole day during a weekday before college starts. And yes, I really did that. It felt so surreal that I'd actually been through 7 months of holidays. I really didn't feel that it was THAT long afterall, although it sounds pretty long. But i'm satisfied with the long rest I had and i'm trying quite hard to get myself prepared for college, though I don't really think that i'm succeeding in doing that (HAHAHA!). I just remembered that I haven't even bought the textbooks needed. That reflects how 'prepared' am I for the new...phase of my education.

Anyway, orientation starts tomorrow and i'm still going to meet quite a few friends (from U8) there I suppose? More updates after that :)

A new batch of pictures for P365! The pictures were taken when I went over to Nikki's house for a baking session and a movie date :D