Was out with Nikki for a day yesterday to sort of celebrate with her for doing so well for her SPM :) but I think it was more like our normal outing day because we did whatever we usually do! :D

One difference between yesterday's outing with our usual ones is that we went for a movie! Usually whenever we intend to watch a movie, we'll end up shopping because the queue at the cinema is always soooo long! But it wasn't the same yesterday and we finally watched a movie together after such a long time! We watched a cantonese movie titled Men Suddenly In Love. Nothing much about the movie, because the story just revolves around 5 guys who're each in love with another women besides their wives.

Oh and as you can see in the picture above, the cinema was literally empty! okay no i was just joking hahhaha. There were people sitting behind us and about 2 rows below were filled up after the photo was taken =p

We 'smuggled' milk tea into the cinema! :D

Nikki, one fine day i'll drive you out okay :D
Cynthia and KC's birthday :)
Hello people! I haven't been very busy nor very free, and I know that doesn't explain the lack of updates on my blog! I probably just lost touch in blogging...yeah, just probably :)

Anyway, we celebrated Cynthia and Kar Chun's birthday together last weekend, and it was pretty fun! Let me start it off with the preparations done before the celebration..

We met up at one of our usual places - Starbucks at Taipan, to do 2 different (and very special) cards for those 2 very dear friends of ours :)

Nikki and I ! :)

and the rest of them :)

then, at McD to complete and touch-up their cards. This was the fish card we did for Cynthia! So cute righttt :D

the multi-name card for KC. hahaha but I think we shall just take it as a grenade card coz it's so much more proper that way =p

At Old Town Signature for the mini surprise for Cynthia and KC! KC was gonna be late so we surprised Cyn first :)

I told her that the rest weren't there yet, and that I was alone, so I waited for her outside (while the rest of them were actually preparing upstairs) =p And once she reached, they called her name and started singing! And and and, Cynthia actually thought I wasn't aware that they were upstairs and later, she went on telling me that she wanted to ask "eh Kar Yan you blind already is it? all of them are upstairs la!" LOL.

thenn I walked up with her and we sang for her again! That was the official one :D

And then there was a mini surprise for KC too! He came late so we surprised him late, but all thanks to him, the mini surprise wasn't very successful because he went to the washroom when we were ready to surprise him! But it's okay, he's the birthday boy and we shan't blame him for anything :D

there were 1 big and 8 small candles and that's the way we arranged them. It was Sonya's brilliant idea! so cute right? :D

The birthday boy took too long in the washroom and the candles burnt the sides of the cake by the time we finish singing! hahaha

While waiting for KC to put on the new shirts we bought for him :D

[stole this photo from Leanne =p ]

Nikki's birthday celebration :)
Just realised that it has been quite a while since my last update so i'm here to update about dearest Nikki's birthday celebration! :)

A few of us in the gang met up one of those days to make an N-shaped birthday card for Nikki. It took us quite a while and quite a lot of effort to think of how to make the card solid! hahaha that part was hilarious. Eric was just so damn good at demonstrating that funny part LOL.

Anywayyyy, after all the hard work, here's the outcome ! :DD

the girls :)

Went out with Nikki in the morning last 2 weeks before we celebrated her birthday with her in the evening. Went for shopping again and we laughed so hard that day as if there's nothing else to be done except laughing. Everything turned extremely funny after we got our bubble tea.

Everything went wrong (in a funny way) and we heard and said everything wrongly. It was so funny that we laughed all the way from the stall where we bought our cups of bubble tea at the lowest floor, up till the basement parking 5 levels above the highest level of the mall, when we got into the car, until we left the basement in the car. And I don't think we stopped laughing for more than 5 minutes during that period of time HAHAHA. It was just THAT funny x)

we bought a pair of this charm bracelet thingy which was sold for charity :)

Thennn, we left to Taipan. Found a parking, and we continued walking into the boutique shops at taipan as well, while waiting for time to past. Went to Station One soon after that and met up with the rest.

We actually planned a mini surprise for Nikki but I think we somehow didn't manage to really surprise her at the end due to some technical error. hahaha =p

I love this pretty photo of her :)

Most of us who were there that day :) Wilson and Thiyban were missing in the pic though =/