.holiday - day 9 & 10.
sunday was fine. haha spent my whole day in front of my laptop screen =). lol i've got no choice actually. ever since my phone spoiled, internet is my only way to contact others. haha.

and todayyy, i spent my whole evening (6 hours to be precise) baking fruit tarts with sis. we started baking once we reached home after leaving seremban at 12 something. this time round, the tarts didnt turn out that successful, due to the quantity of ingredients used. the self-made custard didnt turn out to be that nice. but nonetheless, the tarts still taste great! =D

some of the decorated tarts =)

hahaha i decorated this! =D. lol and my sis said that i used too much of fruits. and so the rest of the tarts have lesser fruits xD

ohh anyway, holidays passed just too fast! really really fast. and in fact, i 'm actually quite amazed that i didnt complain that holidays were boring or stuffs like that. really appreciate this 10 days long holiday to set myself free from books. =D. but now, i'm getting a little worried about sejarah 1 tomorrow. haha have not studied at all during these 10 days of holiday. but well, it's objective paper tomorrow. so yeah, not too dangerous. =p
.Happy Birthday Malaysia!.
oh yeah, it's Malaysia's 52nd birthday in like..15 minutes time! lol.

i don't sound very patriotic. but in fact, i think i'm quite a patriotic Malaysian. haha feelings need not be shown at all times =p.

so yeah, i don't have to really show my partriotism. just a short wish and gratitude.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!
.holiday - day 6, 7 & 8.
i've not been doing anything much during these 3 particular days - thursday, friday, and saturday (today).

hrm, let's see..i was practically at home for the whole thursday and i didn't have tuition as well. haha no i didnt ask for it, my teacher was outstation =p.

and yesterday, my whole family went for steamboat buffet for dinner at Yuen Buffet Steamboat, Mentari Sunway. been there for uncountable times and there's anything special i suppose. but one thing i still don't really understand is that why do the diners get so fascinated over the honey chicken wings served in the restaurant. lol. it's likee..once the worker bring in the chicken wings, the instant response of the diners will be like the silent "omg chicken wings! i must get it before it's gone! ". lol their actions explain everything. they'll just grab a plate and run to the chicken wings, regardless how far are they seated from the chicken wings. and the chicken wings will be gone in less than a minute (i timed them! hahaha) ! i think this happened ever since the restaurant opened. lol i've dined in there occasionally ever since it was opened, till now. amazing yeah? but no doubt, the chicken wings were niceee..

then today, sis and i went to summit again. thanks to those problematic photos that i needed to develop. long story. urgh, annoying -.-

and nowww, i'm back in seremban, AGAIN. will be here till...monday. but i'm smart enough to bring my cds over here and re-watch The Dream-Catchers again. lol i don't know how many times have i watched it already xD. i've been watching and re-watching quite a few shows lately..Yours Always, Kinship II, Romantic Delicacies, CelebriTea Break etc. haha i shall stop re-watching shows in my comp after re-watching The Dream-Catchers. lol we shall see if i can do it =D

ohh anyway, here're a few photos nikki and i took when we went out to sunway pyramid. the rest were quite blur due to the lighting of the places we've been to.

us, in the bus. =)

us and our lovely stars! =D

guess where were we!? we quite like this picture actually. but sadly, it turned out to be blur!

haha my newly-bought handphone strap. but sadly, it's not being utilised yet. i miss my phoneeee =(

i miss my phone T.T
hi people..just wanna inform you all that my phone spoiled..so, expect no replies when you send me sms. or expect your call not to go through coz i'm only having my sim card and not my phone lol. anddd, i dont know how long will the people at sony workshop/factory take to repair my phone. will notify u guys once it's repaired =).

oh noooo. today is friday. yes, F-R-I-D-A-Y. and we got to return to school on tuesdayyy =(. and and trials is gonna go on, again. have not been studying AT ALL ever since holidays started. but then, there's nothing much left to study! no, not that i've studied all, but i just don't know what to study, or where to start. lol. hahaha so books shall come...after school re-opens then! =D. since it's holidays now, i shall let myself really be on holidays and free from books (as if i'm not now xD. lol nvm, just to make myself feel not so guilty hahaha).
.holiday - day 4 & 5.
oh yesterday was such a relaxing day. stayed at home most of the time, but went to Summit in the morning to develop photos for school. and then, chemistry tuition at night. haha other than that, i don't think i did anything much..

so...lets proceed to..today!

went to pyramid with nikki today..we just wanted to spend the holidays with more things to do, rather than staying at home and rotting in front of the computer and television screens. mum fetched us to the bus stop and we took bus to pyramid. once we boarded the bus, it started heading to pyramid. and about...a short while after that, mum called and said tht she met with a car accident. assuming that i was still waiting at the bus stop, she told me to go to the incident area. but i couldn't as the bus had started its journey..so she told me it's okay.

called mum once we reached and she told me tht she'll ring me up later as she was at the police station. so yeah, after we walked in pyramid for about an hour or so, then mum called and told us tht she's okay. just twisted her shoulder or something but the car needed to be placed at the workshop for quite sometime as the damage was quite severe.

finally can heave a sigh of relieve upon receiving mum's call =). she was telling me that luckily i wasn't in the car as i'll probably be sitting at the passenger's seat (the one beside driver's seat) and the part where her car got banged was that area. thank God that did not happen =)

nikki and i walked and shopped after that...tilll...5 something and her parents came and picked us up from pyramid. i was supposed to stay at pyramid for dinner at Shogun with mum, sis and 2 of mum's friends. but of course, that was cancelled..

so yeah, i guess that's all for today..will probably upload a few photos once i get them from nikki =)
.addition =p
ahaha nikki just reminded me something so funny! lol quite funny.

remember my previous blog post about the baking fruit tarts (kiwi tarts) session? while nikki was busy stirring the self-made custard, i went to the computer and read the next steps and i happen to come across a word that the both of us dont know! i think it was the word 'simmer'. so nikki told me to check the dictionary and i ran from somewhere near the stove to table that the dictionaries are put at. when i was busy checking, nikki was like "faster faster!" coz the custard was like thickening. anddddd we end up learning a new word yesterday.

simmer --> boil very gently

-the end- xD
.holiday - day 3.
Today is a fun funn funn funny happy day! xD.

Guess what I did today?! Lol. I baked fruit tarts with diidii! Hahhaa it was our first time, so yeah, we were like quite excited and so, we baked that excitedly. LOL!

Okay, lets start from the very beginning of the day..dad sent me to nikki’s house before heading to office, and that was about 8 something in the morning. And thennnn, we started baking at about 9! Hahaha. Okay, I can’t actually explain the process very well..so lets move on to the photos and see what we’ve done =p

okay, this is nikki, who's battling with the butter and trying her best to make them to something like bread crumbles. lol

a closer shot of what she was doing

and there you see, the end product of that process!

hahaha us, being quite satisfied with what was done =p

haha and camwhored a little while baking xD

okay, this was the filling. we added milk and whipped cream (in liquid form and not like those in the can for us to spray and play lol)

and we added egg after that.

then, it was cooled for i dont know how long. probably an hour or so. haha

this was that ball just now! LOL! we refrigerated it for abt 30-40 mins and started rolling it to make it even..

we moulded the dough into these cups! =D

the custard filling. it may look a little unpleasant, but it tastes gooodddd!

nikki, trying to pre-heat the oven while looking at the instructions written by her mum. no, we didnt explode the kitchen! xD

baking baking! hahahha

and baked! filling in the self-made custard cream =)


and now, applying apricot gel to make the kiwi slices intact. ahh the apricot gel smells so niceeee~

ta daaaa! this was one of those we baked!

all the 8 kiwi tarts that we baked and decorated! haha looks nice? lol it tastes really good! =D. considered quite good for our first trial hahahaa.

okay, haha time to get a little crazier after that 3-hour long baking session

omg this was scary! i captured this unintentionally. i was just testing some modes in nikki's camera and i just happen to capture this scary shot =.=



.holiday - day 2.
the usual 6 of us - nikki, cynthia, peiwen, leanne, eeleen and myself went to sunway pyramid yesterday and had a small birthday celebration for Pei Wen. haha she's finally 17! lol. not gonna blog in very detailed, but reading the captions will give you guys a clearer picture of what we did =)

nikki and i on the way to pyramid. =D


cynthia, me and nikki at Kenny Rogers

nikki and i

cynthia and i! hahaha try taking a glance on her happy shirt and then look at our smiles. don't we look happier that way?! xD

the birthday girl opening the present!

and ta daaa! it's a moo moo cow from cynthia, nikki and i! =D

food food food!

the birthday girl's =)

leanne with her chicken. loll

and eeleen with hers xD

and and and peiwen with her chicken too! omg they 3 ordered the same type of food and the other 3 of us - cynthia, nikki and i ordered the same food too xD


peiwen and cyn

peiwen and i! :D :D

Tiramisu cake that we got for her from Secret Recipe! =D

nikki and i again, at kitschen =p

and againnnn.

plus pei wen!

girl's night out =p

omg leanne which finger were u usinggg?! xD [okay, leanne clarified that she used her forefinger loll. ]

us again =D look at pei wen's sexy back xD

hahaha i guess that' all the photos i have. my camera's battery died half way through. the few last ones were taken using nikki's oh-so-lovely pink camera =D. and 1 of the picture was from cyn's newly bought lumix camera! omg i love her camera's colourrr!

the next post will be an interesting one =p. should be able to update my blog again tonight after getting the pictures hahahaha.