.graduation day :)
i'm now a high school graduate! hahaha but not an official one yet. lol. we had our Graduation Day today. it was...fun, but very tiring at the same time. we took A LOT of pics but i've selected the nicest version of those pics and they're all up here now. hahaha. do inform me if any of you want the pics from me. i've resized the pics and saved the hassle to upload all these photos up individually :)

me, with some of the girls in my class :D

pictures againnn :)

with teachers. clockwise from top left : pn kannagy and i, cynthia and pn leong, cynthia and i with mr liew, pn leong and i :D

group picssss :D

cynthia, nikki and i having lots of fun in the studio! LOL it was..crazyyy hahaha. i didnt purposely edit the colour of the photo. the reason why the photos came out like that was because some were taken with flash and some without :)

us again with our funny poses and expressions xD


this is our photography club's studio. or to be more precise, it belongs to nikki and i! :D :D. all we have inside are the lightings, backdrop, chairs, a small book shelf and a tripod stand (that was being used for the ceremony downstairs. so it's not in the pic above) :)

our shadows! :D

i love this shot :)
.schooling days :)
haven't been blogging for about 10 days and here's finally an update about what i've done during those 10 days i've been missing in action (here) :)

i've been skipping school quite frequently for the past few weeks, stayed at home, and managed to study quite a bit. i go to school on mondays and fridays and a few selected tuesdays and thursdays. hahaha.

let's see what i've done on the days i'm in school...we stayed back on last friday for performance practice for our upcoming graduation day (this coming friday). picturessss :

cynthia! :)

hahaha leanne admires cynthia's natural beauty LOL. okay, i do too! haha she's really pretty! :D

all 5 Arif guys in action! they're dancing :)

so are the girls!

and while they were busy practicing, we were busy snapping all the way! hahhaa. why? because we pulled out from the performance as we dont really have much time to practice. so yeah, dont wanna embarass myself on stage. lol i'm just..slow in catching up with dance steps. hahaha

leanne and i :D
things have been fine on every other school days..and today, we had the one and only rehearsal for our graduation day...

leanne, doing some revision.

cynthia, also doing some work. hahaa

leanne gone a little crazy after too much of...physics i think! hahaha

veron was studying, while sonya was...avoiding herself from being captured! hahaa but she failed LOL.

pei wen with her bio books. hahaha and i was there..capturing their studious moments! :D

cynthia and i. i look so sweaty hahaha.

the twins in my class! after 4 years plus of studying in the same class with them, i still can't differentiate them hahaha. they're just too indentical!

leanne and i again.

myself, leanne, cynthia, eeleen

us again, while waiting for others to go back to class. we didnt wanna get stucked in the 'jam' at the stairs. so yeah, we waited for others to use the stairs first =p

pei wen and cynthia

eeleen and i, with mine and leanne's camera pouches.

eeleen and i, with leanne's head protruding from the back.

us again hahaha

nikki and i, at the stairs! :D

a little something from sonya.

and this was it. sorry, blogger rotated this pic, not me. hahaha. i captured it horizontally but something is wrong with blogger's detector i think. LOL. turn your head 90 degrees clockwise if you can't see it like that. HAHAHA. not gonna explain why did she give this to me. but you can ask me if you wanna know. hahaha

that's all for now. more updates after the graduation day :)
.Happy Birthday Daddy!
it's my dad's birthday today! hahaha so we came back earlier from seremban and had dinner outside. we left seremban at around 1 something i think.

we had a sumptuous dinner and i feel really really fat NOW. lol. we had crabs, fish, beancurd and vegetable served with white rice! the meal doesn't sound that fattening yet? hahaa. what about eating durians after dinner? LOL does that sound fattening? haha it IS super fattening okay. and my mum made jellies as well. plus, i just ate a slice of the yummy Belgian Chocolate cake.

oh anyway, today also marks the beginning of the 1 month countdown to spm! haha it's so soon!! i just can't wait for it to end. :D

daddy's birthday cake :)
i always can't think of titles for my blog posts. hahaa so this post should just remain as a full-stop as well :D

my 'holiday' finally started yesterday! haha it was a self-declared holiday. i have it today as well. the last day of holiday will be next monday. hahaa we've no school on this coming friday and next monday due to Deepavali celebration.

anyway, guess what did i do yesterday besides coming online, watching tv and studying in between. hahaha. i spent my whole evening making puddings! haha my fav mango pudding. :D it was my first time making something edible all by myself. and i finally know how to switch on the gas stove to heat up stuffs. LOL. yes, i did not know how to use the stove earlier on =p. anyway, the pudding didn't turn out to be very successful but still edible =)

isn't it cute?! hahaa this is the small pudding. there're big ones too but it was harder to capture smiley face on the big puddings. it was also difficult to get the correct angle to capture the smiley face nicely on the small puddings. lol. and pardon me for the dislocation of the pudding on the plate. haha it was stuck there after i removed it from the mould. =D

.outing :)
went to sunway pyramid with sis and nikki today. and it was FUN! hahahaha actually my main purpose to go there is to repair my mp3 player and also to have a haircut after 5 months of not going to the hair saloon. but...we ended up shopping and satisfying ourselves with our buys!

okay, i shall blog a bit about what happened today. hahaa. sis and i went for breakfast with dad at taipan today. and we had our usual breakfast - dim sum =). fetched nikki after having our breakfast and we headed to pyramid! reached there, and went to APT hair saloon. i requested for senior hair cut and the lady over there told me that i'd need to wait for a while. so we waited until like 11 i think. that lady came to us and suggested if we want to walk around first and come back 30 mins later. so we did. but...we were thinking, why didnt she told us to walk around earlier?! hahaha

so we went and walked around and i bought myself a top :) then we went back to the saloon and i was served not long after that. it was so funny when that hair stylist came. lol he stood behind me with that thing to cover my body, smiled, and said hi. lol i dont know why, but it was just..funny! hahaa he asked me so many questions while cutting my hair. one of the questions that i remembered the most is "are you rushing?" .then i said "errr, no. why?" and he said "haha..ok. because i cut hair very slowly". LOL! i told that to sis and nikki after that and they said indeed, he was really slow! hahaa he took more than 30 mins to cut my hair. xD. after he's done cutting my hair, i went to sis and nikki to get my purse to pay. and i was told (i dont knw by nikki or sis) that my sis thinks tht the fella who cut my hair was good looking! jie, his name is marcus HAHHAA.

after that, we went walking around everywhere in pyramid..had lunch at Zanmai Sushi at around 1 something. and something so stupid happened there. xD. thennn, we went walking around again after that. hahaha so many stupid + funny + crazy things happened (because of US) but i dont know how to type them out.

anddd...we had Baskin Robbins ice cream before going home! i had my usual Very Berry Strawberry ice cream, nikki had her chocolate mint and some cotton candy ice cream, while sis had my very berry strawberry and some coffee ice cream! lol it was a sinful treat but yet satisfying at the same time! :D. dad called us when we were almost finishing our ice cream. at was almost 4pm at that time. and we headed home after that, using the super long highway. hahhaa i dont know what highway was that but all i know is that it took us so damn long to reach home xD.

fetched nikki home and we went home after that to pack our things, and then headed back to seremban.

now, pictures' time! :D

sis and i before leaving home. :D

our rings! :) guess which hand is mine and which is nikki's =p

nikki and i :)

sis and a super duper big burger plush.

nikki and i with the casual dresses that we tried on! i'm so keened to get a casual dress for myself! :D

us again. see my short fringe! lol

us at zanmai sushi =)

the top/ tube dress that we tried on.

us againnn..

and again! hahaha are u like bored of looking at our faces?! xD

nikki and her funny face. xD

us + canon cameras! :D

on the way home...

that's all the photos i have with me..i think there're more photos in nikki's camera. lol view her blog for more photos! =)