Yet another hiatus | The end of 2011
Happy 2012!

Haha such a cliche way to start my post, but that was what I really had in mind :)

It's been so long since my last update that I didn't even know Blogger's interface changed. It looks a little too simple and empty to me right now, probably just because i'm not used to it yet.

It's finally 2012 now, the most-anticipated year for those who are eager to find out if the world's really going to end this year. Whether or not I believe in the 2012 thing, I'd have to say that i'm one of those people who are curious about it. I don't believe it, but i'm not against the saying of it. It's not like any of us can really predict the future accurately anyway.

Putting that aside, 2011 has been a great great year, from the beginning till the end. No doubt there were unhappy things that took place, but those definitely don't matter as much as all the other significant things that happened last year. 2011 was a year filled with stress (yes, that just had to come first), happiness, gratefulness, a tinge of sadness here and there, and a whole lot of experience (that doesn't only include experience in trying new things, but also experiencing how differently can people treat you at 2 different times in life - when they need you, and when they don't need you).

Spent New Year's eve and the day before New Year's eve with people very dear to me and that's just a very good way to end the year :) I remember being asked about what my New Year resolutions are.. Honestly, I don't have any (yet). Right now, I feel extremely contented with all I have and I haven't actually thought of what I want to urge myself to do/get this year. Or probably just the usual hopes to 'get good grades for exams', 'have a happy and great year ahead', etc. Those are like the very common things nobody at this age wouldn't hope for anyway.

For now, let's just travel back in time for a little while..Here's a very brief recap on the past few months when there were no updates at all :)

Firstly my birthday celebrations with the loved ones!

All my 4 birthday cakes from very thoughtful people (l-r : INTI classmates, the lovelies, family's close friend and insurance agent, my family)

Birthday celebrations with different people :)

The final A-level exam (A2) came very very soon after that, about a month right after my birthday. And all we had during the whole month of exam were pure stress and a bit of fun from time to time in the midst of revising. It wasn't easy at all having to sit for exams for one whole month again after the previous one 4 months before that, and even worse when we have a very unfavourable exam timetable. 

This was my extremely beautiful timetable. I remember how proud and happy I felt after surviving the 6 days I circled on the timetable. It felt like a mini accomplishment because it looked so impossible to me before those 6 particular days began.

The stacks of books cleared away after exam ended. I wanted to give it out to the students from the new intakes but I realized how lazy I was to meet up with them to pass them the heavy books. So I gave up on that idea and end up asking my parents to bring them to the recycling centre instead. And yes, each stack was approximately 50cm tall.

Attended INTI's Pre-U Prom Night a few days after exam ended. While it wasn't like how I expected it to be, the organizing committees' effort was definitely commendable.

Our tickets!

My partner

With my dearest classmates and lecturer :)
Oh and that's our prom king at the bottom left ;)

 More and more of them!

 Those of us who sat at the same table :)

Nothing much happened after prom up till now... I've been doing almost the same thing every single day. Averagely, I spend about one-third of my time everyday to sleep, and the rest of the time doing everything else I feel like doing. It feels a bit like the holiday I had after SPM ended, and the more significant differences are probably the duration of the holiday and the people I'm spending it with.

 Spent a lot of time with my sisters! :D

 And also a bunch of lovelies who are very dear to me :)

That's practically almost everything that happened in the last few months of 2011. I'm definitely looking forward to a better year, and hopefully everyone will have a great year ahead! :D
unintended hiatus.
Hello :)

Didn't realize that I haven't been blogging for so long until I suddenly visited my blog again out of boredom. I seem to have lost my touch with blogging, but my blog will still be here and i'll still be updating from time to time :)

Here's a really brief update on what have been going on during the 2-month hiatus..

Went for manicure for the first time with Nikki on one of the random days :D

Have been pretty busy before August, went out quite often to buy things for the new house before shifting in. Shifted to my new house on the...29th of July if i'm not mistaken, and I had a very good helper on that day!

meet my helper of the day :D She was there with us from morning till evening ;)

These make up a small part of the things shifted there and 90% of what you could see in this photo belongs to my dad. And they're all his BOOKS. He has much more books than me!

It took us about a week to really settle down at the new house and getting used to this area since I've been living at another area for like..the past 15 years of my life and I had no idea how does it feel like to live in another area.

Went out shopping on one of the days againn :)

A small group picture with the girls :) Taken during the first housewarming party and we invited mine and my sis' close friends for a bbq party that night :)

Surprised Peiwen for her birthday the day after the housewarming party :)

Almost everything after that was all about books and exams.. A2 trials started on the 9th this month and ended three days back. I had never sat for an exam in such an unprepared state. I just didn't have the motivation to do it, and I really have no idea why was that so. I'm just very glad that it's finally over now but i'm bracing myself for the worst.

Exams aside, we had another housewarming party last night for the relatives and my mom's friends :) Had it at the bistro downstairs this time round.

updates | college | plight
It's been a while, again, since my last update. I've been pretty busy for the past one month, went in and out, and did whatever I felt like doing :D

I think I did mention previously that I had a two-week long semester break which commenced a week after my exam ended. Here's a short recap of what I'd done during those 2 weeks when I literally treated the break as a holiday :D

limeeleen came back during her semester break (which happens to be in the same period of time as most of ours' ) and a whole bunch of us met up with her the day after she landed :D

hahaha leen I stole this and a few other photos from you =p

Had a mini birthday surprise for Thiyban as well :)

Thiyban and his very special burger without sauce. It was from...Kar Chun if I didn't remember wrongly :)

love this photo! :D

Went to Genting with a few classmates during the first weekend of my sem break. A short trip, but it was fun to just be with them :)

Went up to Genting with my mum and sister, then met up with the others after they reached :D

with Usha! There were supposed to be 8 of us in total for the trip but 3 of them couldn't make it at the last minute so only 5 of us went in the end. And we both were the only girls there :)

all the 5 of us :D

more photos here.

The second week of semester break was pretty disastrous. Fell sick on the night we returned home from Genting and I was bed-ridden for the 4 days thereafter. It was so depressing to spend so many days at home and on the bed all the time, knowing that I only have a very very short break but yet I couldn't do anything other than sleeping to recuperate.

Felt a lot better on Friday and I finally get to step out of home. Went to KL for the long-awaited shopping session with Nikki and sis :D

We took the ktm there and I realised that I hadn't taken the ktm for quite a few years already.

At Fahrenheit 88's Sushi Zanmai. We totally loved the place we sat at :) I was actually expecting it to be quite warm and sunny there because we were seated at the corner of the restaurant, with just a transparent glass as the barrier from outdoor. Instead, not only it wasn't warm there, but the lighting was also good!

Oh and another thing was the mirror right in front of our table! There was a full-length huge mirror in front of us and we liked it quite a lot because it was easy to fit all three of us in photos that way :D

There were a few badminton sessions with the bunch of them too but I actually missed ALL of it, all thanks to the sickness throughout the week. But I went to watch them play on last Sunday though :)

Okay those were more or less what I'd done during the holidays. Now that the break had ended, classes have begun too. Lessons started on Monday itself, even before we enrolled ourselves for the new semester. Yes, our lecturers are that enthusiastic in delivering their knowledge to us, but it would've been so much better if we're just as enthusiastic to absorb what they teach.

I think most, if not all of us still haven't had enough of the extremely short break and to make things worse, we're getting constant reminders from our dear lecturers that our trial is coming in 9 weeks' time, and the real A2 in about 14 weeks' time. No, I didn't bother counting the number of weeks, but i'm just typing out the exact thing my Econs lecturer told us today. That's an ugly truth that we don't have a choice but to believe and realise.

Okay putting everything else aside, I actually chanced upon a blog more than a week ago but I didn't have the time to link it here back then. It's a blog owned by an 18-year-old girl who's now fighting with lymphoma cancer. Those of you who have facebook and/or twitter might have seen this link by now..Despite all she's going through now, she puts on a brave front and is pretty optimistic to lessen the pain in her family and friends. She's now in need of financial assistance for her upcoming treatment which would cost a bomb. Try to spend a while reading her previous blog posts and you'll be able to understand her condition better. Even if you're not able to assist her financially, just help to spread the word around about her condition and her need for financial assistance. It'll be of great help if you could do that :)

Her blog link :
Decided to update a little while trying really hard to think of what to do right now since i'm really bored and i've another 3 hours to rot in the library before class begins.

I've got quite a bit to type, but I don't know how to piece them up together. It's like, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but those things are somewhat related. Have you ever felt like at one moment you actually hope for something to happen, but at that very moment too, you think of the negative externalities when that something happens? It's pretty strange and annoying how our mind actually works that way. I believe it's not something totally beyond our control, but rather, it's something we might not know how to or might not wish to control, and so we don't try controlling. While you have a little bit of hope, you tend to try thinking of things at the opposite end just to lower your hopes.

And regardless how much hopes you have for something, there might be one point where you'll end up telling yourself "it's not going to happen". That moment is likely to come when your confidence fades and when doubts start rolling in. It happens probably because you're afraid of not knowing how to react, not knowing what's going to happen next, and not knowing if it's the right thing that should happen.

Expectation kills. Just go with the flow, and we might be surprised when something better comes along in an unexpected way. People often say that time will tell. I believe it happens that way too, and we shall see what will happen as time passes by.

I still have things to write, but i'll keep it for the next time when I feel like sharing again :)
I'm back! :D
Hello everyone! I'm back (alive!) after an intense war with papers and words :D AS exam just ended two days back and i'm currently enjoying the temporary freedom after exam. Why temporary? Coz classes will still be going on next week, which means our two-week break officially begins only the week after.

Exams kept me occupied for more than a month, and that pretty much explains the condition of my almost-dead blog! In fact there were quite a few other things that kept me occupied during the exam period itself - sis' 21st birthday, eric's birthday, our usual monopoly deal and cluedo sessions at Old Town Signature, grandma's 81st birthday etc. Okay I actually had the time to blog, but just didn't feel like blogging. I was quite active on twitter and facebook though. So those who followed me on twitter wouldn't have felt my absence I suppose :)

Some photos from grandma's birthday celebration :

haha that's just for a picture. I don't like the taste, I can't drink, and so I don't drink.

My family with grandma :D

the few of us practically took turns to take photos with these two candles hahaha. super cute candles!

The people I meet almost every weekend! Of course not all, but most of them!

That celebration was held last weekend. Oh and that was a lunch by the way. Apparently they wanted to book the restaurant for dinner but only the higher floors were available. They opted for a lunch celebration in the end because my grandma couldn't walk much. And that's about it. More photos here :)

And thennnn, AS ended! Exams did not pass by really quickly, but not that slowly either. While it was good that all my 10 papers were spread over 5 weeks coz that simply means I had more time to revise for each paper, it definitely wasn't easy to endure the amount of stress that piled up as time passed by.

Overall, the papers were fine, since I said i'm back alive. Of course there were some that were beyond our expectations - in both good and bad ways. But whatever it is, i'm glad that it's finally over and the results shall determine everything else :)

Went out with the bunch of lovelies for a movie and dinner after the last paper ended. Nikki bought the movie tickets two days before so that we didn't need to line up to buy tickets on that day itself :D

Since eric was the only guy there, we gave him 2 options. One is to be our bodyguard, and the other is to join our girls gang! hahaha

Pei Wen, Cynthia and Kar Chun joined us later on for dinner too :) oh but karchun and eric left before we took the picture so they weren't in =p

I went home in delight and finally crossed the last box of this self-made calendar which I've been facing for the past month! Quite a pretty and colourful calendar, isn't it? :D

Continued my temporary freedom with a mini BBQ party with my dear classmates at Subang Avenue last night :D A big thank you to Nurul, Jonah, Avinash, Eddy, Divyan and the rest for getting everything ready :)

A shot by..Calvin if i'm not mistaken. haha I don't remember taking this photo.

few of the girls who were there :)

with the two of the three people I face the most every single day in college! hahaha the other one is Jasmin who was absent last night :)

My favourite shot of the night! There's a candid version of this photo, but it's not with me! I'll post it here the next time if I remember :D

Most of us who were there last night! Few of them were missing in this photo but you'll be able to see all of them in my fb album later. Anyway, I think something's wrong with fb's photo uploader today coz my album just disappeared after I uploaded it for less than 5 mins. Will try uploading again soon! :)
Finally updating my blog again after 2 long weeks! I've been going out, sleeping, eating and having fun doing everything possible but just not studying (yet) . oh wait I did study, for one of the stupidest subject i'd ever taken in my life - Moral Studies. It makes me feel stupid studying that subject for the sake of passing the final exam. Finally sat for the exam yesterday and i'm so thankful that it's finally over! :)

Here're some photos taken during the past 2 weeks :D

Leen came back for a few days and we met up quite a few times when she was back here :) oh and leanne wasn't invited coz she was not supposed to know that Leen's back, until she appears during her birthday celebration =p

went to Tutti Frutti again with Nikki 2 days after that! and that's before we met up with the rest for Leanne's birthday on the same day :)

yes, just the both of us and we finished almost everything! :)

Met up twice with quite a few of them to make a birthday card for Leanne :D

Anddd Leanne's birthday celebration! We managed to give her a small surprise at her house before heading to USJ 21 for a steamboat dinner :)

More photos taken during Leanne's birthday here :D