unintended hiatus.
Hello :)

Didn't realize that I haven't been blogging for so long until I suddenly visited my blog again out of boredom. I seem to have lost my touch with blogging, but my blog will still be here and i'll still be updating from time to time :)

Here's a really brief update on what have been going on during the 2-month hiatus..

Went for manicure for the first time with Nikki on one of the random days :D

Have been pretty busy before August, went out quite often to buy things for the new house before shifting in. Shifted to my new house on the...29th of July if i'm not mistaken, and I had a very good helper on that day!

meet my helper of the day :D She was there with us from morning till evening ;)

These make up a small part of the things shifted there and 90% of what you could see in this photo belongs to my dad. And they're all his BOOKS. He has much more books than me!

It took us about a week to really settle down at the new house and getting used to this area since I've been living at another area for like..the past 15 years of my life and I had no idea how does it feel like to live in another area.

Went out shopping on one of the days againn :)

A small group picture with the girls :) Taken during the first housewarming party and we invited mine and my sis' close friends for a bbq party that night :)

Surprised Peiwen for her birthday the day after the housewarming party :)

Almost everything after that was all about books and exams.. A2 trials started on the 9th this month and ended three days back. I had never sat for an exam in such an unprepared state. I just didn't have the motivation to do it, and I really have no idea why was that so. I'm just very glad that it's finally over now but i'm bracing myself for the worst.

Exams aside, we had another housewarming party last night for the relatives and my mom's friends :) Had it at the bistro downstairs this time round.