a not-so-friday Friday
It feels like a Saturday today. It isn't the usual Friday whereby I stay at home to repeat my weekday routine, but rather, a very Saturday-ish Friday. haha. It's holidays for everyone today but it wasn't impactful to me at all since I'm on holidays every single day. hahaha.

We woke up pretty late, just like any other Saturdays. Dad brought sis and I out for dim sum breakfast in the morning and it's quite surreal to think that it's Friday today and we're out for breakfast. Mom had some parents-teachers day at her workplace today so she didn't join us for breakfast.

Sis wanted to go to pyramid for shopping to de-stress herself after breakfast and I went with her. Yes, she had fun de-stressing by splurging and I joined her to 'de-stress' too. Don't ask me what am I stressed about coz i've no idea as well. It's just an excuse for me to spend hehehe. We bought many many things and everything we bought were solely for ourselves. It was so...satisfying. My sis could even tell me something like this "I want to spend until there's no money left in my purse". I couldn't recall what I replied to her desire but I think I told her to go ahead. lol.

And we really spent until we had almost no money left in our purses. hahaha it was just so fun to pamper ourselves but not so fun if we were to count how much we actually spent. So i'm not gonna calculate hahahah.

I think we spent about 5 hours there and headed home at around 3pm since sis wanted to get home to study (but in the end, she spent the time sleeping instead). Dad, sis and I slept while waiting for mom to get home and by the time we woke up, it's dinner time already and we went out for dinner. Back home by 9 something just now and i'm literally tired despite taking a nap before dinner.

I just gotta say again that it doesn't feel like a Friday today hahaha. that's about everything I did today..it's time to rest my hands now :D

ending the post with pictures for P365 :)

I used the same effect for this picture, just like the one for #158. It looks the best with this effect though.

while waiting for my sis to try out some clothes...

I think I accidentally blurred our faces! hahaha but i'm too lazy to re-edit and reupload the photo again so it'll remain as it is now =p

work + fun
As i've mentioned in the previous blog entry, I met up with Cynthia, Leanne and Andrew for breakfast and a mission last thursday. and now...the mission is unveiled! hahaha we went there to make a card for Eric for his birthday.

Here're a few pictures taken by Leanne and I :)

okay this was funny. We came up with a very random idea to put a 'mutated' balloon on the card and so I was drawing lines on the mutated balloon to make it look nicer.

I was occupying the spaces on that paper with the 'happy birthday' greetings. I think Leanne and Andrew wrote most of it as Cynthia and I were busy with the balloons. lol

Cynthia, also filling up the spaces on the paper.

and cutting the balloons LOL.

Andrew and Leanne, also writing on that part of the paper.

and ta daaaa! This was the outcome of the front page of the card. Spot the 'mutated' balloon! hahaha

That's about it. And i missed the birthday celebration last Saturday :(. It has been quite some time since I met that big bunch of people! I think the last time was..about a month ago? We shall hang out again soon :)

My current fb profile picture! hehe I love this picture! oh and it's not edited by the way. I think it looks better like that :D

I love this picture too!

nikki yeooo u look so fair and 'real cute' in this picture! hahaha
I've been rotting at home almost everyday since my last update. So there's nothing much about what i've done besides watching tv, online, sleeping and eating. Went out for a short while yesterday to meet up with Cynthia, Leanne and Andrew for breakfast and we (almost) completed a mission together lol. Pictures will be up soon :)

meanwhile, here're the pictures for P365!

we were really taking pictures of ourselves but i've no idea why aren't our faces shown on the camera screen. hahaha

once again, we were really taking pictures of ourselves but it just wasn't shown on my camera screen! i'm serious about it. no joke. haha

The past few days have been pretty fine and I somewhat managed to keep myself occupied everyday. Of course not all the time, but at least, part of it. I've been watching the Thomas and Uber Cup for the whole week and there were quite a number of teeth-gritting matches. Anyway, fellow Malaysian shuttlers shall practice harder and play better in the next one :). Andddd, I was so happy that Korea won the Uber cup!! hahaha i was too excited to see the Chinese players' and coaches' expressions when they lost! =p

Anyway, we celebrated my sis' birthday in Seremban on Saturday. It was just a normal celebration with lots of food, and they're all very fattening!! haha and my sis refused to take pictures for I don't know why so there're no pictures. oh but she did take a picture with Fraveen and I in the computer room after that. hahaha

The three of us. Lacking dee in this pic!! haha she'll be back in Juneee :D

My parents, sis and I went out for a meal yesterday, which was sis' exact birthday. We met up with sis at Pyramid as she was there to celebrate with her friends since late morning. And I was officially the only teenager at home from yesterday onwards! haha i just couldn't stop teasing my sister that she's finally 20, and no longer a teen. I think i've been teasing her about it since..the beginning of this year. I'm just thaaaatttt evil!

Then today, Cynthia, Leanne, Pei Wen and I went back to school to visit the teachers and passed them some little gifts for teacher's day. We went to Old Taste for breakfast before we headed to school and we wrote our messages on the small cards there too. We left Old Taste at about 10.10am, and that was 30 minutes later than scheduled! haha initially, we planned to reach school before recess starts but we ended up reaching school when recess ends. hahaha how inefficient could we be. But nevermind, nobody is gonna punish us when we're late! We're now going back to school as 'guests' and we even need to write our names on the book in the guardhouse! hahaha

a candid shot taken by leanne while we were walking towards the school.

us with Pn Kan! she mistaken Leanne and I for each other again. hahaha it's something she never fails to do since she started teaching us last year. anyway, we didn't manage to take pictures with other teachers as we were busy talking to a few and the rest needed to rush to their classes.

there's a new mural on the wall opposite the canteen! the mouse is sooo cute! hahaha it was the thing that attracted my attention!

That's all about today. The visit to school made me feel that time really flies! It has been about half a year since we left school and the current Form 5s are going to sit for their mid-term examinations tomorrow. That reminds me of us last year, studying for exams, stuffing whatever needed into our brains and pour them out during exams. So much of fun and stress at the same time. hahaha but i wont wanna turn back the time. There's no point of doing that anyway. I'm glad that everything is over and i'm moving on to a new phase in my life :D

Anyway, all the best to the form 4s and 5s who're sitting for their exams tomorrow! haha have fun while battling in the 3-weeks long war! :)

still at forever 21.

at Mr Teppanyaki!

haha our small heads and my sis' big fingers! LOL
the days and the routines
firstly, here're the pictures for P365!

Initially, I was actually texting. And then, I realised that she was taking pictures so actually i posed to let her take a picture of us. In fact, i'd already sent the message when she took the picture LOL.

We took this picture because nikki said "I realised that we seldom take horizontal pictures of ourselves" ! hahaha there's another version of this picture taken using her camera too :)


I started feeling really bored (of my extraordinarily long holidays) recently and that actually made me spare some time thinking how I went through the past 5 months, doing almost the same thing everyday without feeling sick of the routine. I did ask myself why didn't I choose to enter college in March (for the March intake) instead of the one in July. Then I remember telling others the reason why I didn't want to start studying so soon when they asked about it. I said I won't want to start doing something (in this case, it's studying) when i'm not fully prepared for it. So yeah, after that, I started telling myself that I can slack for another month or so and I got to be mentally-prepared for college very soon after that. haha sounds quite serious, doesn't it? I'm not looking forward to it, but i'm not dreading it to come by at the same time.

Anyway, I think my English has been deproving quite a bit since I left school as I didn't need to write/type in proper English for the past 5 months. But to think about it, I wouldn't need to take english language as a subject when I go to college so I actually have no idea what can I do to improve it. On second thought, it's a good thing that i'm not going to learn english anymore because I never liked writing essays and never liked my english to be tested coz i'm not good at it.

Haha everything I typed above were just some random thoughts that came across my mind when I started typing..and just to fill up some of my free time by typing. hahaha. Now that New Beginnings (a Singapore chinese drama) has ended, i've no other dramas to catch online everyday and i'll be even more unoccupied. Yet, I haven't really thought of anything else to do. I still got to wait for about 1-2 weeks for my L license to be issued and so there'll be no driving lessons yet. How am I going to go through the upcoming boring days? Any dramas to recommend or any other ideas about other things to be done to fill up my time?
days of joy!
I'd been quite busy for the past 2 days and that was why there weren't any updates on my blog.

[note : a long post ahead! :D ]

Let me start it off with saturday..it was a day with..mixed feelings i shall say! I wanted so badly to be in Singapore on that day to attend Jesseca's farewell gathering but obviously i wasn't allowed to. So i ended up spending the day with nikki and sis at pyramid! It was no doubt another happy day out although i wanted to be at another place at the same time!

here're the pictures we took! :)



and nikki!

the three of us! :)

hahaha i loveee this pic! but ignore the date above coz we held the camera upside down to get a better grip on it.

Okay, let me elaborate a little more about our outing. Nikki's parents fetched nikki and i there at around..10am and they went walking around the mall too. Nikki and i went straight to the cinema's ticketing counter and checked out the movies available. But we ended up spending all the time shopping and not watching a movie (which was our initial plan). hahaha it's too long a story if i were to type why, but it was rather hilarious how we actually find excuses to tell ourselves why shouldn't we catch a movie at that time.

Sis joined us at around 12 after her presentation at uni ended. Then we headed for lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki! hahaha it was been quite sometime since we last ate there together. it was funn :D

Dad and mom came to fetch us back at around 4.30pm and we stopped by at summit for a while before heading home. It was quite a tiring but very fun day out!

Later at night, I was really happy coz I had the chance to speak to Jesseca on the phone. haha it was pretty funny coz i was nervous but at the same time it was quite comfortable speaking to her coz she's really nice but i felt so intimidated coz her cantonese is so much better than mine! Lots of thanks to the people who made it happen. You all know who you are :)

And i remembered so clearly that mommy boiled bird's nest that night and she was asking me (she was in the living room) to drink it for i dont know how many times, but i was waiting for the phone call in her room so i didnt reply her and she thought i was bathing coz i locked her room door! hahaha after the phone call ended, i went out of the room and i couldn't finish drinking coz i was just too happy LOL. It may not sound funny here but it was just so funnyyyy.

okay and all that made my whole saturday a very happy one!

Moving on to sunday now..happy belated mother's day to all the mothers out there! haha i did not spend most of the time with my mom yesterday, but instead, i spent 8 long hours at the driving centre yesterday. I attended the 6 hours amali class plus 2 hours of wait coz i was there very very early, and that made up the 8 hours i spent over there.

Reached home at around 4pm and came online for a short while, then left home for dinner for mother's day. It's a different thing this year because we didn't celebrate it in Seremban. If i'm not mistaken, we've been celebrating mother's day in seremban for the past few years consecutively.

Parents, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousins, sis and i went for steamboat for dinner and we had steamboat + fried meehoon with crabs + steamed clams! We headed to a mall nearby after dinner. It's a very small mall called Giza at Dataran Sunway. It's somewhere near where my aunt and uncle stay so we went there and walked for a while since we haven't been there before.

We took a few pics there too! :)

an unintended macro shot.

sis and i! :)

sis, mommy, daddy and i! i've no idea why i appear to be the shortest! i remember i'm as tall as my mom hahaha

us with grandma (dad's side) ! :D

that's all about whatever i've done for the past 2 days that made me so happy :).

here's a new batch of pictures for P365!

at forever21 trying out some funny outfits. hahaha

i like this picture! :D sorry nikki, i just had to stamp the wordings on you hahaha.

P365 - #138 & #139

taken during the blood donation campaign I organised last year (Feb 21)! she came over to help out and we had dinner together after that to celebrate her bday! :D

hello everyone! it has been almost a week since my last update! the picture below would be able to explain why.

i've no idea what went wrong, but my left wrist was in pain last friday and i wasn't able to move my thumb and forefinger painlessly. it just happened miraculously without any reason. i still came online but minimised the need to type. or even if i did type, it was done single-handedly. hahaha quite torturous, isn't it?

Let me recap about what i did last week. I gathered with my usual bunch of friends for a steamboat dinner and we had a great time chatting and eating. cynthia, leanne, peiwen and i had lunch together and watched a movie in the day time too. we watched When In Rome. That movie was quite nice, entertaining enough to keep us awake for slightly more than an hour :D.

Went out with sis on saturday to walk around at pyramid. We were supposed to catch a movie but sis changed her mind. So we went shopping instead. And yes, enduring the pain on my wrist at the same time. Went back to hometown after that. My parents fetched me to a chinese traditional clinic, intending to cure the pain on my wrist, but unfortunately, the shop wasn't open coz it was labour day. So i went through another day in pain. Finally got my hand massaged and bandaged on sunday and it stunk very badly!

okay i guess that's all about what happened last week. moving on to P365 now! :)

prefects' annual dinner 2008 :)

at nikki's house before i went for leo forum! i went there for fun and also to get some things i needed to use when i attend the leo forum. hahaha

taken during one of the days when i went to her house early in the morning and we went out together later on. i still remember it was the first time we walked to the bus stop together (i think eugene was our bodyguard that time) and took bus to pyramid!

at school! :D

WAHHAHA. do we look scary?!?!

okay anyway, i went out again today! went out with cynthia leeeee :D. had a great time talking to her after so long of not gossiping! hahaha and we bought quite a number of things too! she bought everything for herself and everything i bought wasn't for myself, not even one! LOL