Finally updating my blog again after 2 long weeks! I've been going out, sleeping, eating and having fun doing everything possible but just not studying (yet) . oh wait I did study, for one of the stupidest subject i'd ever taken in my life - Moral Studies. It makes me feel stupid studying that subject for the sake of passing the final exam. Finally sat for the exam yesterday and i'm so thankful that it's finally over! :)

Here're some photos taken during the past 2 weeks :D

Leen came back for a few days and we met up quite a few times when she was back here :) oh and leanne wasn't invited coz she was not supposed to know that Leen's back, until she appears during her birthday celebration =p

went to Tutti Frutti again with Nikki 2 days after that! and that's before we met up with the rest for Leanne's birthday on the same day :)

yes, just the both of us and we finished almost everything! :)

Met up twice with quite a few of them to make a birthday card for Leanne :D

Anddd Leanne's birthday celebration! We managed to give her a small surprise at her house before heading to USJ 21 for a steamboat dinner :)

More photos taken during Leanne's birthday here :D
The Pre-U students of Inti International College Subang finally made it to the Malaysia Book of Records for creating the largest painted logo on cloth! After so much of hard work, sweat and tears (shed by the committee), we finally made it! Thumbs up for the committee and Mr Subash for their unwavering determination to make it happen :)

So many things happened from the moment the idea of this project came up, to the planning, to the time where the real work started, till the very last moment when the recognition was finally granted. I wasn't a part of the committee but few of my close classmates were. I saw them working so hard for this project against all odds and there were times I saw them so caught up with this project but at the same time, there were so much of pressure on them from our tests and exams too. Nothing was easy on them.

As for the real work, it was divided into 3 parts - drawing the gridlines, painting the white, and painting the red part of the cloth. I only managed to join them to paint the white part of the cloth but I think among all, the drawing of the gridlines was the most difficult task because they needed to draw a scaled exact Inti logo and I think they hired people to come over to guide the students on how to sketch the lines accordingly. I heard that it took them more than 10 hours under the scorching hot sun to get the whole thing done. Good job people! :D

Here're some photos taken when I was there to help to paint the white part of the cloth back in February :)

with Qiao Fang, Kuan Ee and Shin Yee :)

we painted under the hot sun! umbrellas were literally everywhere lol

we were divided into groups to paint particular parts of the cloth. they were my group members :)

we took turns to paint and shield the people who're painting from the hot sun. teamwork :D

by the end of the day, we were all so tired, sweaty, dirty and smelly!

The launch of this project was held at college yesterday. It was a really long day. So much of things to be done and so many problems to overcome. Oh and we had a presentation for Moral Studies yesterday too. That kept us away from the preparation for a while..

Jasmin and i :)
we were there quite early and there were barely 10 people around when we were there..

it rained early in the morning and the floor was wet..

this is Joshua, the organising chairperson of this project. he's damn hardworking! hahahah

few of the guys who're helping to set up the stage and arrange the chairs..

it rained AGAIN after we finished our presentation. It wasn't a very good sight as the cloth was already laid out before that and they had to rush to keep it back because it started raining. It's not even easy to lay it out or to keep it back because the cloth is SO huge! thankfully the rain stopped about an hour after that and the students had to try their best to dry the place all over again...

and finally they could lay it out again :)


there was a colour dress code for the day - RED. practically everyone was in red and it was not easy to look for people that way! hahaha but i think we look awesome as a bunch of red people :D

getting our positions around the painted cloth for press photo. this was only one corner of it :)

Joshua and the certificate given by the MBR official.

this is the certificate! Our initial plan was a painted logo of 28 X 14 metres but in the end, it turned out to exceed the record we aimed to set! It definitely wasn't an easy feat to lay out, sketch and paint a 29.54 X 17.31 metres cloth! Just try to imagine how big it really was!

[ can you see how small are we compared to the cloth?! ]