Finally updating my blog again after 2 long weeks! I've been going out, sleeping, eating and having fun doing everything possible but just not studying (yet) . oh wait I did study, for one of the stupidest subject i'd ever taken in my life - Moral Studies. It makes me feel stupid studying that subject for the sake of passing the final exam. Finally sat for the exam yesterday and i'm so thankful that it's finally over! :)

Here're some photos taken during the past 2 weeks :D

Leen came back for a few days and we met up quite a few times when she was back here :) oh and leanne wasn't invited coz she was not supposed to know that Leen's back, until she appears during her birthday celebration =p

went to Tutti Frutti again with Nikki 2 days after that! and that's before we met up with the rest for Leanne's birthday on the same day :)

yes, just the both of us and we finished almost everything! :)

Met up twice with quite a few of them to make a birthday card for Leanne :D

Anddd Leanne's birthday celebration! We managed to give her a small surprise at her house before heading to USJ 21 for a steamboat dinner :)

More photos taken during Leanne's birthday here :D
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