.Joint Leo Installation of Region 5.
[note : long post ahead. =) ]

so much of memories i had in the 5 years of being a Leo. the Leo spirit in us rised gradually and it reached its peak last year and this year, when we officially took over the board. it feels great to be a Leo, going through things that not everyone have a chance to experience. doing more things than some others. knowing more things than others. for my entire year of being a Secretary for the club, i always thought that my secretary job is really burdening and pressuring. but in fact, never did i realise that how helpful was it. yes, i had so many reports to check, to do, and to send. but indirectly, it actually helped me to write better. not to say that i can write very well now, but at least, better than the past. =)

i actually cant really remember what drew my attention to join Leo Club. i remember that when we were back in Form 1, we were supposed to choose a club to join. and i had a few choices in mind - Leo, Photography or Webmaster. end up, i choosed Leo, but i dont know why. and in fact, it was the least established club in our school at that time. Leo Club was founded in our school in year 2005 (yes, it was just founded when i first stepped into the school). but eventually, i joined photography club too and webmaster never come across my mind anymore. haha.

ahh, now i know how much i actually miss being a Leo, organising projects, attending events and meetings, participating as a project's committee and all..so much of joy and hard work.

haha okay let me blog about today. i'm no longer the Leo Secretary of my school's Leo Club..haha..the few of us, the (outgoing) board of directors 2008/09 went for the installation today..it felt like time passed so fast! it's like..as if i'm back to last year, when i was installed as the secretary. and it's great to see the incoming board being installed at a different place and with a different environment. i passed down my post to Wei Sheng.

Sonya and I

Pamela and I

Wen Jun and I

lol the secretary for 2009/10. xD

hahaha sonyaaaa.

the emcees of the day : Jeremy and his partner (lol sorry i forgot her name! xD)

Last year's Leo Idol, Christopher.

Pei Wen and I, in the toilet. xD lol she wanted to stand a step in front of me so that we'll look like we're of the same height! LOL

us again =)

a blurred picture of the newly inducted Leos.

Pei Wen and Pamela with the medal and the plastic hammer that Pei Wen passed down to Jeremy.

the incoming directors.

the outgoing + incoming key officers.

our newly installed President, Jeremy, and the outgoing President, Pei Wen. =D

Andrew and another guy performing Medley. it was one of the greatest performance of the day, with the most support! lol

the newly inducted members and newly installed directors with our always-so-helpful Lion Advisor, Lion Yong.

a candid one.

the 4 outgoing key officers who came and Lion Yong. =)

hahahah the outgoing and incoming secretaries! =D

lol us again, with the file that i passed down to him. the messages that i wrote on the papers inside were rather hilarious. xD.
now, seeing those new chairpersons and key officers that we've groomed, i actually feel a little proud of ourselves. we've done so much for the club and made our club's name well known (at least in the Region). and now, it's their turn to maintain our club's name soaring up high or even make it a better club. =D.

there's no way that i can express my gratitude to the Lions (especially to Lion Yong Kheng Loong and Lion Chan Kee Oi), who actually helped us so much in whatever way they could, Pei Wen who helped me so much in doing the reports (corrections and all), Sonya who always send her treasurer report to me on time and assist me in anything when i needed help, and other directors who helped so much. thanks so so much. i'll always remember you guys, people who helped me so much throughout my 5 years of being a Leo, especially when i was a secretary for the club. =)

today, YB Hannah Yeoh said something quite inspirational and i find it quite true. when we (Pei Wen and I) were thinking of how to fill in the award application forms, we were thinking of ways to impress the Lions so that we can attain awards. indirectly, we're competing. not among ourselves, but with Leos from other Leo Clubs. Hannah Yeoh said that we shouldnt be competing to get awards, but instead, think of alternatives to accomplish whatever we pledge.
this is the Leo Pledge :

I Pledge off my hands,extended and open, to help those in need.
I pledge off my heart, reach for it, and it will be touched.
I pledge of my ears,to hear another's outcry.
My eyes to see, the plight of others.
My knowledge to bring,a man closer to his dreams.
I pledge off myself,for the betterment of my community, and my country.

how many of us actually do whatever we pledge? i doubt many, not even myself. Hannah Yeoh actually made us realise that we're not that good afterall. being able to get awards doesn't mean that we've helped others. it's just the way that we filled in the award application forms impressed the Lions and they probably felt a tinge of sincerity in us. haha but i'm not trying to say that we don't deserve the award. but just that, we should do more than what we get. Pei Wen realised this earlier i suppose? i remember her asking me this : "Do you feel that we (or our club) deserves so many awards?". haha in a way, yes, we do. but in a way, we don't also. lol depending on which prespective we're thinking from, we may or may not deserve the awards. so yeah, up to u guys to think whether we deserve those awards or not.

okay i know that this post is getting lengthy. so in no way that i'll continue typing and make my readers start yawning. so yeah, ending the post here.

Leo Club of SMK USJ 8, ROAR! ROAR! ROAR!
.Romantic Delicacies Roadshow.
hahaha i've uploaded all the 8 short video clips that i've recorded during Romantic Delicacies Roadshow. =)

here're the links :

youtube :

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

.first time. =D

today is a happy day!!!

hahahha what a happy day i had today! LOL! why? hahaha coz i finally get to meet Jesseca Liu in person! okay there may be people who reads my blog and doesnt know who is she. she's a Malaysian actress who's currently working for Mediacorp, SG. so she's based there and she acts mainly in SG dramas. recently, she acted in a M'Sia-SG co-production drama, titled Romantic Delicacies. and so, i went for the road show for the drama today.

the 5 main leads of Romantic Delicacies turned up today. they're Jesseca, Melvin, Nick, Monday, and Ong Ai Leng. haha the roadshow was rather entertaining and interactive! =D.

the crowd.

monday, melvin, ai leng, jesseca, nick

they played 2 games during the roadshow. for each game, every artiste is required to pick a person up on stage to pair up with them. the 2 games were :

1. A basket (with a hole at the bottom) will be tied up on the artiste/contestant's butt with a belt around his/her waist. 3 ping pong balls are put inside the basket and the person being tied up with the basket needs to walk/run (up to him/her) to a box and shake his/her body so that the ping pong balls will fall onto the box through the hole at the bottom. after this person is done, then another member of the pair needs to do the same thing. the pair that manage to aim the most ping pong balls into the box will win.

Jesseca and Melvin had the same score, that is 5, but there was only 1 prize for the winner, and consolation prizes for others. so they had to PK and Melvin won.

Melvin in action.

artistes and the respective ppl they picked.

2. The artiste and his/her pair needs to use only one hand to peel 2 oranges. which means one person will hold and another will peel. after peeling, they need to eat the oranges that they've peeled. it doesnt matter whether the orange is fully peeled or not, as long as they finish the oranges. haha. Jesseca's group won this round. that guy who played ate the oranges like i dno what. lets see if i can post up the videos. haha if cannot, then just imagine. LOL!

hrm, then there was autograph session. everyone is given a poster and we lined up to get the posters signed by all the 5 artistes. lol. i was talking to Jesseca when she signed my poster. haha she's just very friendly but sadly, those guards didnt allow me to take pic with her coz they were rushing for the last roadshow at Malacca. haha but anyway, she stopped signing for a while and let me take a pic of her, eventhough i didnt ask her to do so! haha very happy indeed. =D.

Jesseca being interviewed by the emcee about what food does she loves to eat the most. she said fruit rojak. lol

Jess and Nick

haha Jesseca! =D.

posing for photographs. Monday was at the backstage. lol

oh ya not to forget, i met Lincole today also. haha she's a fan of Jesseca as well. so after the autograph session ended, Lincole and I waited for Jess at the exit of the backstage. many were there too. we waited for quite sometime and they finally came out at arnd 3 something. we shouted to Jesseca "bye Jesseca!" and she waved! lol.

people waiting at the exit of the backstage. xD

Jesseca waving to us! =D

i guess thats about it..haha..i left the place to meet up with parents and sis after that. haha i was so so tired after holding the camera for so long! lol. today is a very happy day! lol thanks to janyssa as well! haha she knws why. xD

.hari kokurikulum.
we had hari kokurikulum yesterday..it lasted until recess time. it was fine, but a little tiring at the same time. the few of us (me, nikki, adrian, wilson, kai yoong, jyen yiee and nicole) were the photographers for this event. i took photographs only when time permits.

haha we had more fun in the class after the ceremony! =D. had fun bullying chia sing and forcing her to take photographs with us.

the 3 active girl guides in my class - eeleen, myself, cynthia. =)

the 23769035th attempt to take a proper photo with chia sing.

and yes, we succeeded! after i dont know how many shots. there're more photos, but those were the failed attempts. so i'm nt gonna post them up..haha we shall see if leanne is gonna those from her camera. =D

the oh-so-beautiful parts of our class! xD. didnt have time to take more photos yday because en. zamri came in while we were having fun taking photographs. lol

can't think of any title for this post. =)

i came across reading something quite deep recently..it was said that "the saddest thing about life is that you can only live it once, but the happiest thing about it is that you don't have to go through it again". agreeable? i find it pretty true though. but well, it will all come back to how does a person define life and how does a person describe life.

i was so free that i went and search for how do people actually define life. and i realised that life can be defined in different categories - Survival and Temporal Success, Wisdom and Knowledge, Ethical, Religious and Spiritual, Philosophical, etc. a word can actually mean so much, can be defined so differently from different perspectives of thinking.

in life, some people tend to just care about something that concern themselves. they care less for others. just to be fair, i myself do that too. it's inevitable. i can't help it. it's something that will make people say "i'll change my habit. " or "i'll not be so selfish anymore. " or "i'll not [something something] " . but it's so rare for it to really happen. the existance of a person who has not even 1% of selfishness in him/her is almost impossible.

oh anyway, the form 3 and form 5 non-Muslim students in our school were given some sort of motivational talk on thursday, as the Muslim students were having something on as well. if i didnt remember wrongly, the speaker's name is Mr. Leong. read more about what he said in pei wen's blog. what i wanted to say was, he actually dug out a few affective incidents where the mother protected her child. and one of the few that he mentioned was something that happened during the Sichuan Earthquake last year on the 12th of May. when i was told about it last year, what i felt was indescribeable. i was thinking, if i were to be that mother, i wouldnt have the courage to do so.

this was what happened to the mother and her child : when the building/house started collapsing, the mother had no where to escape from her place. she was carrying her 5 months old baby with her at that moment. so when she was left with not many choices, she finally decided to protect her child from the collapsing materials. so she placed her child below her body, laid face-down, used her body to protect her child from those things and she eventually died. when they were found, the rescue team found her mobile phone, and this was seen on the screen "baby, if you are still alive, always remember that mummy loves you. " that sentence and her courage to save her baby actually impacted a part of other people's life.

okay i got a little carried away by this story. i dont know what was the purpose of me typing this lengthy blog post, but i just felt like it's something that i can share with people out there. all i can say is appreciate your life while you're capable of doing so. =)
we were so hardworking that all the 6 of us went to school yesterday! lol. yesterday was...fun? hahhaa. classes were quite fun! lol the fun classes we had were moral (it was fine to me. not to say fun. but yes, fine. )..pjpk..physics..lol what were the subjects did i not list down? hahaa bm and est. not fun. lol. anymore? i cant rmbr.

during pjpk, we had some activities at anjung bestari..we were required to draw both the male and female's reproductive organs and do some presentation about it. lol the process of drawing it was rather hilarious. practically that 2 periods of pjpk was...fun? lol not because of what we were required to do, but its was process of doing it that made us laugh.

and physics! lol. we studied a little, from some transformers until the end. and thennn, we started interviewing mr liew. lol we shot hundreds of questions to him and he answered almost all of it. haha.

stayed back after school for photography..nikki and i went and help out a little in the prefects room after taking our lunch.. photography started soon after that..talked, listened to teacher talk..and left 4A to take photos. went round the school to check whether the members are taking photos or not..some were..some weren't. we saw kah sern, chee heng and thiam ming and started telling them how to take photos..haha but we ended up taking photos with them! lol. photography ended very soon after that..and yeah, thats about it..=)

nikki and i =D

the hardworking prefects

blue paint...the prefects' room looks more cosy now. =)

zhi juin and i

genevieve and i

us, in the messy prefects' room.

this was taken by...chee heng? or was it kah sern? lol a more successful attempt. haha

the four of us. taken by kah sern. haha look at thiam ming and nikki's beloved camera case.xD

oh well..i suddenly miss my long tresses. should be able to grow my hair long again by...end of the year? haha we shall see...=D
.tag debts 3.
okay the last tag. tagged by nikki, pei wen, ee leen, grace, and one more person. lol i cant rmbr who's that! xD. sorry.

1. The person who tag you :
nikki, pei wen, ee leen, grace, and another person. lol.

2. Your relationship with him/ her :
best friends? good friends? friends?

3. Your 1st impression of him/ her is :
lol that's just for me to know. =p

4. The most memorable moments with them :
many. =)

5. The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is :
many also. lol

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will :
hahaha shower them with great love and care! =D.

7. If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve at :
i dont know! lol

8. If he/she becomes your enemy what would you do :
i dont think/hope that day will come then. =)

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, what would the reason be :
no idea. can't predict the future.

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her is :
hrmm..what do you all want me to do? lol.

11. Your overall impression of him/her is :
one word - great. =)

12. The characteristics you love most about yourself :
laugh and talk alot! LOL!

13. The characteristics you hate most about yourself :
dont hate any. but dislike myself being...quite self-centred? and...can get angry quite easily? lol i dont know! hahaha

14. The most ideal person you wanna be is :
myself. =)

15. For poeple who care and love you , say something to them:
saying something to them wouldn't help much. i would rather care for them and love them. =)

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people randomly who who you want to know how they feel about you.
okay, RANDOMLY. haha. to those who tagged me, lol be prepared to see your names here again~! =p

1. Sis
2. Nikki
3. Leanne
4. Pei Wen
5. Ee Leen
6. Grace
7. Kenneth
8. Eugene Yeo
9. Denise
10. Chen Shin

17. Who is 6 having a relationship with :
lol i dont know. xD

18. Is 9 a male or female :

19. What is 2 studying at the moment :
form 4?

20. Who was the last person you had a chat with :
errr. nikki, pei wen and chen shin i think? chat online? or verbally? ahaaha. if verbally, then my sis. lol

21. What kind of music does 8 like :
haha ask him. =D or view his blog and see what type of songs he has in his playlist? lol

22. Does 1 have any siblings :
haha yes! a sister, and that's me! =D

23. Is 4 single :
yes, i suppose? are you? xD.

24. What's the surname of 6 :

25. What's the hobby of 5 :
lol i dont live with her! haha..play online games? study? sleep? eat?

26. Do 7 and 9 get along well :
they dont even know each other! lol

27. Where is 10 studying at :
SMK Seksyen 4 Bandar Kinrara

28. Say something casual about your eyes :
small! lol. my sis claims that i have droopy eyes. hahaha

29. Have you tried developing feelings for 2 :
hahaha yes! i love her soooo much! LOL!

30. Where does 9 live :

31. What colours does 4 like :
black? lol this question did not come across my mind before. haha

32. Are 5 and 1 good friends :
i dont think so?

33. Does 2 like 7 :
hahhaa! nikki, do you? lol

34. How did you get to know 8 :
erm, school? lol we were from the same primary and secondary school. haha

35. Does 1 have any pets :
lol no. but she has many toys! xD!

36. Is 7 the sexiest person in the world :
HAHA! are you? lol all i know is he has the smallest head! xD.

37. Are you sexy :
lol no! sexy is a very subjective thing. haha

38. What are you doing right now:
completing this tag. lol
lol i have not settled my tag debts yet. one more to go.

hahahaa but i shall blog about something else first! lol.

tuesday! hahaaha. went to nikki's hse and helped ms then to do some chart..lol i was supposed to go for bowling but mum wasn't free. so yeah, went home, rushed to bathe and eat, then headed to nikki's hse. haha it took us so little time to settle on the colours and the typing. anddddd, we end up using the rest of the time taking photos! xD.

photos below were all taken with nikki's camera. lol. yes, that pink camera that i promoted. xD.

ahhaah nikki. both of us burst into laughter after this shot! xD

and me! lol i wasn't aware when she took this photo! xD

haha okay, she claims that she's the perogol bersiri coz she thinks that she looks like one. xD.

are we....scary? happy? crazy? xD

there you see her beloved bolster! LOL

the one above and those below were taken with timer. lol. quite obvious, isn't it? haha random poses. xD. there're actually a few more but...hahaha too funny to post them up! xD

nonono, i'm not gonna fly out from the room and bang whatever outside! xD haha.