unlike pic #101, now, u can really see that we're in the washroom! LOL.

i loveee this picture! :)

i'm one of the happiest girl on earth today! haha can't express how happy am i, but i'm just happy. the feeling is... indescribable. thanks to the 2 lovely people who really made my day! haha i shall not reveal who are they coz i dont know if they wanna be mentioned! i'm just happy and i'm sharing the joy with every single one of you (my blog readers) by expressing how happy am i! :D
.the brightened darkness
yes, i cropped the picture. haha. i think it looks better like that :P. oh, we were in the washroom by the way. HAHA

anyway, what's with my blog entry's title? haha. i've been doing things in darkness almost every night for the past few days. my room light got a little crazy over i dont know what, but it's just not easy for it to light up. and we bore with it for a couple of nights before my mum called a person to repair it. it's finally repaired today (minutes before i started typing this blog entry) and i'm currently typing this in my bright room! i no longer need to do things using a study lamp and my eyes will thank me for that. it was pretty tiring for my eyes to do things in dark, only with the assistance from a study lamp.

oh and nikki just reminded me that i havent changed my blog template! haha i totally forgot about it. it should be done in a week or so coz i've some quite important stuffs to be done first. so yeah, those will come first and my blog skin will come after that :)

it's the 100th day anniversary for P365 today! to me, it's actually quite fast that we're already at #100 today. almost one-third of our whole project! oh and talking about it reminds me of our trip to genting. and, the sweet corn plus extra butter..and and..the dilemma we faced at genting's MNG. and and and, the coffee bean that cheated us! oh and everything la ok. i couldn't finish typing if i were to list everything we did in genting.pictures' time!

the other version of the picture i posted in one of my previous entries about the outing.


since it's the 100th day anniversary for P365, i picked my fav picture among all we took at pyramid just to be the 100th one. and, there's no extra effect added to the picture! i only added the text :). i love this picture so much that i think my friends in msn and fb might feel bored looking at it coz it's my msn and fb's current display picture! hahaha

anyway, i'll update a little about what i've been doing lately. i finally went to listen to undang yesterday. it was pretty tiring, although not as boring as i expected it to be. yes, i yawned for a couple of times during the second session of the talk but couldnt even sleep coz the speaker keep asking me to answer questions. lol. the talk ended quite on time but i needed to wait for the rest of the learners (who came with the same aunty) as their amali ends half an hour later.

and today, we left seremban in the morning at around 10 something, came home, changed and headed to aunt's house to fetch my grandma. then we went to pay respect to my grandfather and eldest aunt (dad's side) at i dont know where. we were there for almost 3 hours i think. we didnt use 3 hours to pray la. lol. but the adults were looking for a new place to put my grandfather and aunt's ashes coz there's a newly built building beside the existing one. it took us quite sometime to see the 'feng shui' of the place we're gonna book so we end up having a very late lunch at almost 4pm i think. and i'm really tired after returning home coz the weather was really unpredictable today. it rained for quite a while and then turns sunny again. and then it rained again not long after. that repeated for quite a few times and so we all got under the rain and the sun at the same time.

oh mann, this will be the book i'm gonna face for the next few...days? i'm not very certain of how many days will i need to get ready for the test, but i shall do it as fast as possible. not because i'm very keened to land my hands on the car steering, but i just want the whole driving thing to end and get my license.
.P365 - #96 & #97

here comes my attempt to enlarge my small pair of eyes. loll not very successful.

loves :)
.P365 - #95

enlarge the picture if u can't see our faces :)
the internet connection was quite weak at seremban on saturday so i didnt manage to post up the pic for P365. i guess i wont be able to post pics on every saturday as well.

us in the bus. we took 3 diff pics in the bus and they're all in this post.

take 2.

and the last one. i did edit this picture fyi. figure out what effect i used for it. =p

anyway, i was pretty upset over a news i heard of yesterday. it may not be anything great to most of my blog readers i guess, but it was so sudden that i felt a slap in my face upon knowing it. those who know about it will know what am i referring to. so..i'm not gonna say much about it here. the importance will just be kept deep inside my heart :)
i was kinda busy for the past few days so didn't manage to post up pictures for P365.

mum brought sis and i to pyramid for shopping after sis' class ended on wednesday. ate, walked and shopped till evening and went home. i finally bought 2 pairs of jeans after so long of not buying any. i wasn't ever very into jeans but i think i'll start to wear it more frequently soon, especially when college starts. haha.

i don't quite remember what kept me occupied on thursday but i was just not that free. lol. and today, i didnt nothing much other than eating, eating and eating. there're a few bars of chocolates at home and i couldn't stop eating them. plus, my sis made cookies and cream ice cream few days back and i've been indulging in it since then. can you feel how fat i feel now? haha. oh wait. not to forget, mum made jellies on tuesday and i'd been the biggest jelly-eater at home! i think i ate more than half of everything she made. hahaha and today when my sis came home, she opened the fridge and realised that the jellies are all gone. all thanks to ME! :D

this is another version of the picture i posted in the blog entry abt cynthia's bday! but i think i prefer the other version :P


i actually like this picture very much even before editing it! i intended to post without editing it but it ends up turning out quite good after editing :)

nikki and i at mcd on her bday! :D

okay i mentioned in yesterday's blog entry that i'm gonna update about what i did yesterday. i went out shopping with nikki at pyramid! haha. my mum fetched the both of us to the bus stop at around 10.30am. we waited for a while, left with rapid kl's U67 and reached pyramid at 11 something. we started walking around for about an hour and went for lunch at zanmai! haha too much of funny things happened there that i don't know where to start from. so i might as well not start hahaha.

we bought many many many things and were very happy with everything we bought! oh and i placed my order for a new bag too coz it was out of stock when i wanted to buy it yesterday. i first spotted the bag when i went to the shop with cynthia 2 days ago on her birthday but didn't intend to buy it at that time coz i knew we're gonna have a long day ahead and so i planned to get it yesterday but sadly, it wasn't there to wait for me =(. nevermind, i'll just need to wait for another 2 weeks!

we left pyramid slightly after 5pm. mum came to fetch us after fetching sis back from uni. okay whatever i typed above practically wraps up my whole yesterday. lol. and remember i said i'll blog with very limited pictures? haha i'm only gonna post 1 picture taken yesterday and you guys will need to wait for my P365 updates for the rest of the pictures! :D

us with our 'uniforms'! LOL. it was pure coincidence that we tried on the same top and skirt at the same time. we weren't even in the same fitting room yesterday but we usually go out of the room after trying on the clothes just to let each other see it but we happen to try the same one that time! HAHA the moment nikki opened the door of her fitting room was super funny. it was very quiet at that time coz it was still quite early and our laughters filled the whole row of fitting rooms LOL.

also taken at cynthia's house! :D

at nikki's house during her birthday celebration :D. i quite like this picture!

:D :D!

missed out P365 in my blog posts for the past 2 days. haha was busy posting other pics that i didn't really have time to edit these pics. i had a very long but fruitful day today! will blog about it tomorrow with very limited pictures. haha you'll know why tomorrow =p
.cynthia's birthday!
let me start it off with the very first day we started doing something [that we planned beforehand] for cynthia! and that was...the recording of her birthday video! :D

we did this on...XXX day. HAHA we're not supposed to let cynthia know when/where/how we did everything we'd done for her so yeah, i shall not reveal it then. but from the 2 pictures below, she should have a clue about where was the recording done at. =p

the very spontaneous guys recording their video. lol theirs was superrr random!

HAHA guess what was eeleen doing behind shaun! LOL. look at the picture and slowly guess.

okay let's move on to yesterday! the girls - nikki, peiwen, leanne and i 'booked' cynthia for the day and celebrated her bday at pyramid! cynthia came over my house and fetched me at around 10 in the morning, and we headed to pyramid. reached, took a short time to look for a parking and headed to a bakery! haha cynthia wanted to have a peach bun for her breakfast so we went to get it :D

cynthia and i! :D

lalala..when we went walking around and went in quite a number of shops till like..12 something i think? and met up with nikki and peiwen. walked around with them while waiting for leanne to reach and we later decided to wait for leanne at the restaurant instead. we had our lunch at gasoline coz cynthia wanted to try the butter chicken chop there [but she end up having butter fish and chips instead]. we ate, chatted and took a few pictures and left the restaurant soon after.

the bday girlll! OH and she finished her food! *big applause [the portion was quite big! ]

myself, cynthia and nikki!

cynthia and nikki! :)

the few of us planned a game for her to play at pyramid so that she wouldn't feel bored. it was like a phrase hunt. i'm too lazy to explain the whole thing, but at the end of it, she'll need to know what is the phrase we want her to look for.

cynthia at one corner beside a shop, trying to figure out the phrase.

wahahaha that was the phrase! it took her just a short while to figure that out. not bad not bad!

oh and we told her tht there's a present for the winner of the game! she was the only player and of course the winner then. hahaha

cynthia and i before i headed 'home'. LOL

no, i didnt go back home after leaving pyramid. i left with leanne and we headed to leanne's house to settle something. then we went to cynthia's house! we were super stressed at her house due to some problems and so were nikki and peiwen who're trying their very best to delay some time at pyramid after leanne and i left coz we can't let cynthia go home yet.

we got some help from cynthia's mum to drag her time too. and then not long after tht, cynthia called her mum and told that her car's exhaust pipe fell! haha that was super funny. so cynthia's dad went to taipan to check it out and brought the car to the workshop while michelle drove all of them back to cynthia's house. and that helped A LOT to delay cynthia's time.

anddd, everything started after that! rachel helped to play the birthday video we recorded for cynthia and she was quite focused while watching, but realising some extra things on her house tv rack at the same time. haha!

the view from the room we hide in!

once the video ended, we [leanne, shaun, eric, karchun, andrew and i] went out of the room and started singing a birthday song for cynthia! haha i can't remember cynthia's instant reaction but peiwen recorded a video from the moment rachel played the video for cynthia to watch until we finished singing i think. i shall get her to upload it when she's free or i'll upload it once i get the video from her :D

cynthia tearing in the kitchen! LOL. she was even more surprised when she saw the food on the table! hahaa

we told her to let us take a picture of her. no she wasnt using her hands to give us a cute pose or something but it was me who took that picture right after she wiped her tears and that explains the position of her hands HAHA.

cynthia opened her birthday present shared by a few of them just as we requested! haha she was a goooddd girl yesterday! :D

and tadaaa! it was a small puppy toy with a bracelet [for cynthia] on his neck and a tshirt! :)

a part of all who came. my camera lens wasn't wide enough to capture till the last person at the side. haha

peiwen posing for me to take a picture of her! LOL

peiwen and i!

nikki and i!

we took a group picture [okay a few actually but only 1 turned out nice i think] with cynthia's camera too! check out her facebook for that picture. or maybe..i will post it up here once i get it from her :D.

oh and cynthia came all the way to mine and nikki's house just to pass each of us a slice of her birthday cake because we went home before she cut the cake. it was so sweet of her to be the delivery girl on her birthday! thank you so much cynthia lee!

that's all about it! she was really happy and i'm happy for her too! :)
.Happy Birthday Cynthia! :)
cynthia, nikki, leanne, peiwen and i spent almost half a day together today! haha i'll explain what we did in the upcoming post coz i'm super tired now and too lazy to get my camera from my handbag. so..pictures and a proper blog post will be up tomorrow! i just wanted to post a new entry to wish the lovely cynthia lee for her 18th birthday! :D
.pictures :)
the 2 pics for P365 for today and yesterday! :D

us sitting on a bench coz we were quite tired after walking all around. haha.

at cynthia's house behind her huge wooden door. LOL

anyway, here're a few more pictures taken yesterday using peiwen's camera. i didn't use mine at that time coz i wasn't very in the mood to take out my camera and start taking pictures. hahaha.

peiwen, chiasing and i! this was taken before leanne reached school. haha

and this was after :D

peiwen and i!! :). i don't like the 'curtain' for my forehead LOL. i actually didnt want my fringe to be layered, but well, it's already done. so i'm waiting for it to grow longer so that i can trim it again :D

pn tan lan lan and us!

almost half of 5A (2009) with our lovely english teacher pn bachan! :)

us and the best class teacher we could ever ask for! :D

let me post a recap about how i felt before and after i get my result slip. of course i was nervous right before the very moment miss ong took her seat on the plastic chair [like what u see in the picture above] and started calling names. and my mum went right beside miss ong, and mentioned my name! so miss ong actually searched for my name and took out my result slip. i was the third person to get the result slip, after eric and another person. i dont remember what was my instant reaction, but i know the very first thing i did was to see if there's anything other than A's on the result slip. and after that was the sign beside the grades. i did not particularly look at the grade for a specific subject but instead looked at all the 10 subjects at the same time. it may sound quite impossible, but that happened. haha.

what can i say about my results? overall, i'm grateful enough to obtain such grades for all the subjects i took. but i've got to admit that there's a tinge of disappointment and surprise for a few of the subjects. i shall not mention which, but i did express my disappointment to a few people. anyhow, i'm contented because i'm not that type of student who works super hard like..attend many tuition classes [tuition classes were one of my most disliked thing though i enjoyed at the same time], willing to stay up till midnight to study or sacrifice my time in front of my computer just to study. i remember vividly that i was online everyday without fail during the exam period. haha anyway, i'm not referring to anyone in particular but generally from how i describe a very very studious/hardworking student.

in any case, congratulations to everyone, whether you obtained very good grades or average grades etc, because we all went through the same period of difficulties together and are still striving for the better! :D
.the day
today. yes, the day spm results being released to the students [who took spm in 2009] and the day the students go back to school with anxiety and excitement to land their hands on their respective result slips.

we all got our results at around 10.30 i think? that's what my mum told me coz she was more aware of the time than i was. okay, let me not type so much and share the 'excitement' with u all. haha.

look at the picture above. look at the crowd and the bunch of people in groups, letting their friends know of each others' results. it was fun. i believe people don't go around asking for their friends' results to compare, but to actually share the joy [or maybe the sorrow]. it was really nice getting warm hugs from lovely friends, whether to comfort or to congratulate us and vice versa. it's nice having people to approach you just to share with you how well you/they did. it was greatt :)

we all went around, greeting the teachers who taught us, or whom we know. here're a few pictures we took with the teachers.

us with miss then! :)

pn mariyamah and i! she's quite friendly actually. haha but i still miss pn rubiah [no, i'm not referring to her long speeches on mondays! haha]

pn sharifatul and i :)

we met nikki when we were talking to the teachers at the lobby and i thought of posting this pic here rather than in p365! HAHA

about 15 of us went to pyramid after that to celebrate karchun's birthday. cynthia fetched me there, leanne fetched a few of them and the rest took bus there :D

us in the carrr! :D

this particular star in her car doesn't like me! it's too long of a story for me to explain why is it so, but it just dislikes me!

them at redbox! i was the one taking the pic so i wasn't in it. i'm in the pic taken with peiwen's camera :)

the birthday boy-to-be. yeah the usual thing, removing the candles using his mouth. lol

cynthia and i left redbox after lunch coz we didnt wanna sing but went in just to celebrate karchun's birthday. we went walking around and buying some things, then left pyramid. dropped by at nikki's hse to pass her something and headed back to school! we went back to visit pn leong! it was very nice of her to text me in the noon, asking me how was my results. so i called her and told her about it and told her about our intention of looking for her this morning but had forgotten that she's transferred to afternoon session. so i said we'll go visit her in the evening and asked her what time will she be free. so we went to school at 5 and gave her a little something we bought as an appreciation gift to her :).

we spoke to her for more than half an hour and she treated us with her homemade sushi roll! she told us "it was supposed to be for my breakfast but i purposely kept it for you both coz i know you both are coming". she's a really sweet teacher! oh and her sushi roll tastes gooddd! leanne joined us not too long after we reached too. it's so nice to be able to talk to pn leong for so long, about everything we can think of at that very moment. it was random, but yet interactive :D

pn leong and i! i told her tht she looks like an office lady now rather than a teacher! haha she looks very office lady-ish when u see her in real person now.

okay that's all i have for now. will post more pictures in the next post after i get them from others :). goodnight peoplee!