I stole most of the photos for P365 in this blog post from Nikki's blog! haha the both of us are running out of photos and we'd probably not be meeting each other anytime soon as well. So....we've no choice but to steal each other's photos! hahaha

The rest of the photos are posted at the end of this blog entry :)

I've not been up to anything much lately, besides the tests in college and attending classes. Faced the same people and did the same thing every weekday. But I did something different last Friday though! Went to Inti Nilai for the Address By President Bill Clinton. The security was pretty tight I would say. And there were quite a lot of people there too.

The invitation card..

With our respective names and bar codes printed on it.

President Bill Clinton. The security there was so tight that we were not even allowed to leave the hall until he leaves the building !

JUS1 ! But it's incomplete though, coz Eugene and Jasmin weren't in the photo. Everyone in my class attended this event and all of us went under the Student Service Department. So in a way, we left more spaces for the rest of the A-levels students to attend the event under A-levels. Lots of thanks to Nurul and Jasmin :)

P365s again! :D

on the way to pyramid :)


I this photo!

and this too! :))

Something we indulged in right before lunch. Fats, fats and more fats. hahaha that's the way we are :P