my fingers are feeling an itching impulse to type in my lovely blog so badly. so i can't help it but to oblige my fingers' wanting.

i had another 3 days of exams this week, and this makes up to another 5 papers done for the week. we had modern maths, moral and add maths on mon, tues and wed respectively and the papers were fine. it actually depends on how each individual see it as. but well, if u see a smile lit on a person's face, it'll most likely indicate that the paper didnt 'kill' him/her. HAHA.

putting that aside, i've only another 3 days of exam! haha yes, only. but they're 3 long days with 9 science papers to be answered. and not to forget, that 3 long days are seperated and i've got to wait for like 13 days just for those 3 days to come. sounds quite confusing huh? nevermind, all that you and i need to know is that my exam is gonna end on the 8th of dec. i'm really looking forward to that day and that very moment the clock strikes 3.30pm.

okay, my fingers have felt the satisfaction after typing quite a bit and this indicates that i shall stop typing already haha. there shall not be anymore updates for the next few days, not until the 8th of dec. HAHA. i know i've been saying that for like..twice? oh no, this should be the third time. haha and i'll make sure that it's for real :)

p/s : noticed that my blog is getting more colourful lately? it'll be undergoing a transformation soon, once i'm done creating my own blog skin. meanwhile, bear with my colourful blog posts and feel happy at the same time.
colours do make one feel happier :)
hello peopleee! i'm back! hahaha no, spm hasn't ended yet, but i'm just too free now. so here's just a short update to revive my blog :D

spm has been going on for 3 days and we had sat for 8 papers so far. those papers were..fine. nothing much to complain about as it's already over :D anyway, there're 14 papers left for me and i just can't wait for the very moment i put a full stop on my chemistry paper 3.

oh and i've been editing photos before spm started and they'll be uploaded in my post-spm blog post. haha and i'll also be introducing a new newspaper company founded by cynthia lee, that is the Moon Newspaper. haha! leanne and i are the senior managers, photographers and journalists of the company! so yeah, stay tuned for the limited edition extract of the 1-PAGE newspaper. it's not like any ordinary newspaper out there okay. it's just...special. :D

the happy us! :D

Hello, SPM :)
the days in school have been quite fun lately. it feels like exam is over. so much of fun, so much of laughter, so much of everything :)

anyway, "SPM is just next week! hahaha". LOL. this is what i've been telling to...many many people since sunday. i think i do sound happy and excited while saying that, and also while typing this haha. i'm really glad that SPM is finally starting and of course it's going to end very soon after it starts. everything that starts will end. yes, EVERYTHING. at this point of time in my life, many things have ended already! hahaha kindergarten, primary school, UPSR, PMR, etc. 2 more things will be ending by 2009 - secondary school and SPM. all that will be left behind are unforgettable memories and friendships :)

i guess that's all for now, and this post shall remain as the latest blog entry until SPM ends. so yeah, i'll be missing in action from the 18th of Nov till the 8th of Dec. many many more updates after that! :D

all the best to the SPM candidates of 2009! we will pull through it! :)

cynthia, leanne and myself :)
went to vignes' open house on sunday night. i think there were about 20 of us there, including his sister and mother. we had a great time playing and chatting at his house. and the food that his mom cooked taste good too! :)

pictures :

adrian was shuffling the deck of cards..

and we played 'turtles' LOL. i've got no idea why is it called turtles. but it's a type of game that is played using cards. lol. i just got to knw about the game on sunday. hahaa.
[edit : one of them in the pic lost in the game and he was dared to hug the other]

eating timeee :)

leanne and i :)

cynthia, myself, leanne :D

the guys playing cluedo..

cynthia and i :)

veron and i. hahaha i look so bald without my fringe. LOL.

karchun lost when we played turtles. so he had to do something tht we dared him to do. and the dare was to kiss Kelvin hahaha

wilson, after being kissed by kar chun as well.

another group playing turtles. frm the left, you can see andrew, cynthia, leanne, shaun and his brother, bryan.

another half of the group.

we played in 2 different groups coz there were too many of us. and i played at the table. the losers for each respective groups need to do something together. kelvin was the loser for my group while vignes was the loser for another group. so we dared them to..dance i think? hahaha.

instead of dancing, vignes pulled the curtain and hid behind it with kelvin. hahaha it looked quite wrong actually. lol

and that was the end of their 'show'. hahaha

group picture :)
here're a few more pictures taken by nikki during the graduation day :)

myself. my hair has gone out of shape. what should i do with it? keep it long? :D

leanne and i :). this is the 3rd time we're graduating together! :D

5A class photo with our lovely class teacher, miss ong. kavita and elly were missing in action when we took this photo. but they joined us after that. anyway, it was really really sunny! but that can't stop us from putting up smiles on our faces for the class photo! 5A rocks!