.tag debts 2.
okay, the second tag! tagged by Danny. haha he claims tht he's my twin bro. lol.

1. Which is your favorite color out of: red , black , blue , green , or yellow ?

2. Your first initial?
H? lol

3. Your month of birth?

4. Which color do you like more, black or white?

5. Name of person of the same sex as yours.
Yeo Diidii! =D

6. Your favorite number?

7. Do you like Flying or Driving more?
FLYING! lol!

8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
i love both! =)

9. Write down 15 wishes.
- Live happily everyday!
- People around me are living happily too. =D
- Score well for whatever exams i'm sitting for. =)
- The temperature of Malaysia will decrease a little. LOL
- Cut off excessive layers of fats from my body! hahahha
- Become fairer? lol is it possible?
- Shift to a bigger house! lol coz i want a bigger room and of course, a bigger bed for myself and my toys! xD
- Love figures/digits/numbers more and more each day. hahaha
- Won't feel sleepy while studying? lol
- omg i cant think of anymore at the moment! hahaha ok the 10th one will be wishing that all my wishes above and the wishes i'm gonna make in future to come true! lol simple enough. haha.

Answers [ those highlighted in purple are my answers. =) ]

1. If you choose:
Red - You are alert and your life is full of love.

Black - You are conservative and aggressive

Green - Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.

Blue- You u are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones you love.

Yellow - You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are down.

2. If your initial is:

A-K- You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.

L-R- You try to enjoy your life to the maximum & your love life is soon to blossom.

S-Z- You like to help others and your future love life looks very good..

3. If you were born in:

Jan-Mar: The year will go very well for you and you will discover that you fall in love with someone totally unexpected.

April-June: You will have a strong love relationship that will not last long but the memories will last forever.

July-Sep: You will have a great year and will experience a major life-changing experience for the good.

Oct-Dec: Your love life will not be great, but eventually you will find your soul mate.

4. If you chose:

Black: Your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard at the time but will be the best thing for you, and you will be glad for the change.

White: You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

5. This person is your best friend. :)

6 This is how many close friends you have in your lifetime.

7. If you chose:

Flying: You like adventure.

Driving: You are a laid back person.

8. If you chose:

Lake : You are loyal to your friends and your lover and are very reserved.

Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.

9. This wishes will come true only if you tag this to five people in one hour.

Tag it to ten people, and it will come true before your next birthday.
1. Nikki
2. Sis
3. Pei Wen
4. Leanne
5. Ee Leen
6. Denise
7. Kenneth
8. Chen Shin
9. Siew Ho
10. Jasmine
.tag debts.
haha here i am now, doing all the tags..haha i'll do one by one, starting from the first tag that i was tagged with. xD

first tag : by Chen Shin

1. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
great? sleepy? happy? lol i cant rmbr! hahaha

2.Would you consider yourself as a well-being person?

3.Have you ever visited an orphanage or an old folk's?
yeah. orphanage. =)

4.Have you ever had a best friend who is truthworthy?
yup. =)

5.Do you want someone to be dead?
of course not!

6.Do you love to go to school?
that have to depend on which day is it. but i actually dont mind going to school. afterall, it's already my last year in high school.

7.who was the last person who texted you?
Chen Shin

8.What's your dream?
things will be just like how them to be?

9.What are you doing right now?
lol doing this tag.

10.What are you thinking right now?
nothing. =p

List 15 lucky people whom you tag:
whoever who wants to do this tag X 15. =D
okay, so to whoever who will be doing this tag after reading my blog post, you're lucky. ;)
.a day filled with physics, biology and photography.

most of us (those in my class/around me) went to school but weren't in class when lessons were on. lol nor do we know if the lessons were on! xD. okay we were actually in class during moral lesson. so yeah, we sort of studied moral? lol but i cant recall a single thing i've learnt today. =p

okay lets move on...to..the eggie competition! lol that particular teacher (i dont know her name) who was in charge of the competition called egg as eggie. so yeah, eggie. xD

what were we supposed to do? very simple. eh no, sounds very simple. but it wasn't that simple afterall. we were asked to participate in pairs (i was with chia sing). then, we were given 30 mins to wrap an egg with recycle materials so that it will not break when we throw it down later. we used newspapers, cotton pads, tissues and cello tapes. haha thats all for our group. we didnt go there with high hopes to win or whatever, but the competition just sounded interesting. =D. and after 30 mins, we need to throw the egg as near to the target (the 'X' sign marked by tcher on the ground floor) as possible. the pair's wrapped egg tht landed nearest to the target and not broken will win.

sounds pretty easy, doesnt it? hahahaa need lots of hard work to wrap the egg actually. the egg tht cs and i wrapped landed quite far away frm the target but it didnt break. haha and cs claims that her hands were just too long, and that's why the egg landed far from the target. LOL!

oh and we had some blood test thingy today also. initially, i was in the same group with cynthia n cs. but due to some complications, i did with cynthia and leanne later on instead. and after school, i did with nikki and christopher. lol so many funny incidents during both the sessions. oh and in anyway, it was a great experience. =)

okay now, pictures time. these pics were taken from the moment nikki and i finished our lunch and returned to sch, till photography ends. =D

haha our signature pose! xD

nikki and her brand new pink camera. wahahha i'm loving it too~!


oh i love both the camera and the case! white + pink = beautiful! lol what an equation. xD. eh i actually sound like i'm promoting the camera?

serums to test the blood type. =D

spot the difference! lol quite obvious, isn't it?

overview of the bio lab.

oh photography! lol i told the members to capture movement of people. nikki and i walked arnd the sch to take photos as well, but those before the above photos were failed attempts. haha even the one above isn't the right thing. xD. okay, thiam ming was..erm, i dont know why, trying to bully vignes, but his action definitely look very wrong in the photo. xD

okay, some funny thing happened. xD. we told vignes to jump so that we can capture the moment when he jumps. and then, he jumped, and the photos that we captured look so unnatural (like the one above). so we told him to do something else...haha he threw ball while jumping, ran and did whatever he could so that we can capture his movement. lol

kah sern in action, and wilson..ermm..dancing? lol no he wasn't but he looked like he was. xD

snap snap snap! =D

those 2 were just come random shots when i had nothing better to do. xD. sat on the stage and started snapping~! lol

nikki and i! =)
haha that's all about today. nikki has more photos i think? lol check out her blog for more. =D

.oh so long!.
it has been almost a week since i last blogged..i had so many things to blog about for the past few days but after not being able to blog for that few days, i dont really have the passion to blog about whatever i wanted to blog already..

lets see what happened during the few days when i was absent from my blogging routine..we started our normal lessons in the class from monday to thursday..and on friday, we celebrated the super belated teacher's day. lol. just imagine how does it feel to celebrate teacher's day more than a month after the exact date..and wishing our dear teachers "Happy Teacher's Day! " feels a little awkward too. lol the feel isnt there. but well, putting that aside, the celebration was great! the event went on quite smoothly. the performances and games were rather entertaining as well. hahaha. it's good to see teachers performing and taking part in games. not to forget, the form 4 prefects thought of a very good idea to reward the teachers for all their hard work..they thought of a few titles to be given to teachers - Most Inspiring, Most Likable, Most Stylish Teacher etc. all were based on votings by students of smk usj 8. =) oh and i recorded a video of the best performance of the day! hahaha i'm trying my best to upload it on youtube with the best quality but it's very time consuming..so if i still fail to upload it, then i'll just convert it to mpeg and upload it since the file size is about 10 times smaller. lol.

oh well, school is seriously getting back to normal..and homeworks are piling up everyday...=(. so much of things to do..and so little time to complete them..and now, we're still not done with our photography club tshirt..so much of things to consider about...ahhh...just hope that the tshirt thing will be done soon then i can heave a sigh of relief. =)

oh and i just realised that i've been tagged for 5 times! lol. but it's 3 different tags..i've done one of it before so i wont do it again..haha i shall do the tags later. =D
.another day.
hello people..oh yes, school has started and i feel incredibly normal and relaxed. why? because for the 3 days i'm present to school, we had no homework! haha what i got to say is these 3 days were pretty relaxing..what we do is just attend assembly every morning, get our backs and climb up the stairs to go to our class, land our butts on the plastic chairs and start chatting! lol. yes, practically these were like the only things we (i mean for my class. but i think it applies for most of the students as well? ) do.

oh not to forget, another thing that we did was sending impulses to our heart to start pumping when teachers are returning our exam papers. yes, with marks on top. and that 2 digits written with red pen are the main reason that made our heart pumped. of course, there bound smiles lit on some faces and sadness seen on some other faces.

i'm pretty satisfied with my results. it's not that i scored very well, but it's just that i felt i've done whatever i could. haha i do say things like "haih..left 1 more mark then i can score a better grade already.." etc. , but who doesnt? it's a natural response towards our not-so-good exam results. so yeah, can't blame anyone who said that. it's not something that we can control.

but oh well, now that we've gotten all our exam papers back, lessons in school will start really soon. well, whether it is something that we like or not, we still have to attend classes in school. so we might as well attend class with happy faces, feelings and brains(right, nikki? xD) rather than reminding ourselves that we don't like that lesson or whatsoever. =)

oh and i remember another thing now. haha i thought i said i'll blog abt what i've done during the 16 days school holidays. lol since now i couldn't remember most of it, i think i will not blog about it. or maybe, i shall wait for deevia send me the photos that we took during one of the outings, then i'll decide whether to blog abt it or not. =D

and by the way, i'm a good girl today (okay, not only today, but everyday! xD.)! haha why? because i exercised today! xD. had pjpk today and it was quite fun bullying cynthia, but no longer fun when she revenged. lol. and in the evening, i went for jogging with sis! lol. she told me that she wanna lose some weight, and so, i told her that i wanna shed off some fats too. so she suggested to go for routine jogging, and i agreed. so i shall be jogging either once or twice a day. and yes, that's if we're not lazy. plus, it took me more than 30 mins to wake my sis up frm her oh-so-nice afternoon nap today! haha was determined to go for jogging today. or else, i would've just let her continue her nap.

my fingers are getting tired. so yeah, this indicates that i shall stop typing now. lol. my fingers need some rest. ;)
hahahahaha school.
SMK USJ 8, here i comeeee~!

lol. i sound soooo excited..dont i? haha. how i wish i'm really feeling so excited. though not feeling super excited, but i do feel a tinge of excitement..i do miss doing petty things in school like..ringing the school bell every morning? halau-ing people from the ruang legar after i ring the bell? the chit-chatting sessions in class?

the best thing is, i dont miss the academic-related lessons in school! how nice will it be, going to school without studying! not that i dislike studying, but putting it with whatever i've typed above just spoils everything..but to think of it, lessons can be quite interesting sometimes..okay, nvm. just few months to go (just for sec school), so i shall make sure that i enjoy the very last months/days/hours/minutes/seconds/moments in school. =)

a recap on what i've done throughout the whole holiday will come sometime later! haha probably tomorrow? now, all i know is i should get to bed soon. =)

happy back-to-school day people! =D
guess what? i've found something that i wanted to post up some time ago. haha. some photos taken during the last holidays i think? shld be the one week march school holidays.

i used to spend my time with sis things like tht during holidays! lol.

okay all we used were just whatever you see above. a roller, ice-cream scoop, vanilla ice cream,
oreo, container, spoons and cutting board (may not be needed).


vanilla ice cream (i would recommend nestle's) + oreo


= cookies & cream ice cream!

serve it with thickly sliced banana! it blends well with the texture of the ice cream! =)

ahh i'm craving for ice cream nowwww! i want Baskin Robbin's Very Berry Strawberry! xD
.more photos!.
hi peopleee! more photos during Leo Forum 2009 up here now! hahaha.

[note : the photos were arranged in reverse order. i dont know whats wrong with blogger. lol. ]

Lion Levin and I

me and tasha

Lion Yong and I

the Japanese air-stewardess, Melissa and I. haha

Zorro and I! xD

Wei Lee the Goku and I

an 8tv host (sorry i cant rmbr his name.) and Miss Universe Malaysia 2008, Ms. Soo Wincci

oh besides possessing beauty that everyone envies, she has great voice too! she's releasing an album soon! =D

by the way, i've uploaded 100+ photos on facebook. =D.
.36th Multiple District 308 Leo Forum 2009.
hello everyone! i'm back! our great time in Penang passed really fast! i shall blog about it in according to the days. or else it'll be a little messed up. i'll blog abt it briefly, and captions for the photos will do the talking better. =)

(DAY 1) Friday , 5th of June 09

reached smk su at 5.30am SHARP and see NOBODY there! lol. i was punctual! but others weren't! hahahha. but as time passed, more and more people arrived. the bus departed at 7am. watched Mr. Bean's Holiday and some veteran show in the bus. haha the bus driver was nice enough to play some shows so tht we wont get so bored. but of course, we slept for quite some time also. reached B-suite (the place that we stayed) at almost 1pm i think. waited for our turn and register. and we had our lunch in the bus! haha why? coz we arrived late and missed 2 tours. so we started off with the 3rd tour - trishaw ride. it was fun, but at the same time, it was rather sunny and hot as well. our hands and legs were like..burning. our tour guide was Tommy Ooi! haha he's funny. really. our bus was G3, and he kept telling us that it's G3 and not G-string. xD. but end up, when he has to gather us, he was shouting "G-string! G-string!". xD. funny guy. then we went back to the hotel, bathed and dressed up. not to forget, there was no electricity when we were getting ready! lol luckily i've bathed before the electricity was cut off.

trishaws! =D

sonya and i!

pw and i

and at night! haha it was the superheroes night, and we were asked to dress up as superheroes. most of the Leos did, but the Lions didnt! haha not fairrr..coz they were supposed to dress up as superheroes too..anyway, most of us didnt exactly dress up as superheroes, but our attires were related to superheroes. =D. we got quite high on that night. and not to forget, there were 1078 of us in the hall! lol. we reached hotel at 12 plus i think? i bathed first, and then, right after i came out from the bathroom, sonya went in. and at the moment sonya locked the door, the electricity was cut off again. LOL and jun yi got so freaked out that she yelled. xD. so we went to the lobby, assuming that there'll be air cond over there. in contrast, it was even warmer than our rooms! many people were there for the same purpose. so it was quite stuffy over there. since it was like that, then we decided to get back to our rooms after a while. haha fortunately, there's electricity once we entered the room! lol. we went to bed at almost 2 i think. lol not my usual timing, but well, i felt good! hahahaha.

(DAY 2) Saturday, 6th of June 09

i was the first who woke up! LOL. i woke up at..ermm..5 something. washed up, get ready and woke others up. haha. had breakfast at 2nd floor and we ate our breakfast at the hotel's garden. lol. then we headed straight to the Sunshine Hall (the one we had our fellowship night at). listened to talks, seminars, speeches etc. we also attended the sub district forum for district 308 B2 - award ceremony. our club applied 15 awards, and we've got 12! hahaha. i shall list out the awards that our club attained. =)

- 100% Club Administrative (Leo Club of SMK USJ 8)
- Outstanding Club (Leo Club of SMK USJ 8)
- Outstanding Faculty Advisor (Pn. Vasantha)
- Outstanding President (Pei Wen)
- Outstanding Secretary (Kar Yan)
- Outstanding Treasurer (Sonya)
- Outstanding Leo (Kar Yern)
- Merit Health Service Project (Blood Donation)
- Outstanding Community Service Project (Joint Charity Concert)

oh well, i cant remember all! xD. but i knw we got 12 la. haha.

we also got our Proficiency Certificate and vest! haha.

u8 leos!
we had banquet night on the same day. all of us dressed up quite formally and headed to Sunshine Hall. haha it was then that i realised that most of the things in the forum this time is related to sun/orange/yellow. lol. everything was BRIGHT. hahaha. we reached the hall and the forum committee told us that we have to sit according to the number on our tags. Sonya and i were placed to sit at table no.19. but then, we found out that all others on the same table were guys, from i dont know what school. and the worst was they speak mandrin! lol. not that i discriminate people who speaks mandrin, but it's not a language that i can understand very well. haha. so we asked Kar Chun and Kar Yern to switch table with us, and they agreed. lol. we were equally high on that night also eventhough we were sitting at the back. we headed to the hotel slightly earlier i think. haha sonya and i were worried that there will not be electricity again, and so we bathed pretty fast so that others can bathe also. we chatted for quite long with jun yi and jo yi yesterday night and slept at 2 something. lol.

jue and i

the few of us who reached the earliest! =D

hahaha. mothers and their daughters! xD

yammmmm- seeeennnngggg! =D

first dish for dinner!

whats the difference? or what makes the 2 drinks different? lol

shark's fin soup.

the always oh-so-high sohjuewern and her beloved balloon.

sonya! and her outstanding treasurer cert!

me and my cert too! haha

the other 2 girls in our room

sonya and i

jo yi.

money! lol this reminds me of Lion Levin. xD. ok i shall blog abit about what happened. we went around to sell badges..then we went to Lions' table to sell as well. so Lion Levin was one of our targets and he chosed 2 badges. the price was 1 for rm6 and 2 for rm10. when he passed the money to me, somebody went and kept his badges inside our plastic bag. lol then when he turned around, he was searching for his badges. then one of them gave it back to him after realising that he actually bought the badges. lol. and Lion Nelson and Lion Levin said that they'll remember our club because of this! xD.

(DAY 3) Sunday, 7th of June 09

just like yesterday, i woke up first and woke others up after i got myself ready. packed and waited for Sonya to finish bathing. then we went next door to look for leanne, and the 3 of us went down for breakfast together. at first, we put our luggages at the 2nd floor coz we didnt knw where to put at. then somebody came to us and told us tht we hafto put our luggages at the basement. we waited so long for the lift but it was always occupied. so we decided to take the stairs down form the 2nd floor to the basement. our luggages were quite heavy. but what to do..the lifts were all occupied. reached basement and tied our bags together. then went to the lobby and headed to Sunshine Hall again. there were speeches, talks, and reports on the activities held throughout the forum. had lunch, and headed home. the bus driver told us that the highway was very jam, but thennn..it only took us almost 6 hours to reach smk su. so i think it was still ok, just that the bus seats weren't very comfortable for long journey with only 1 stop. haha the bus driver only stopped us at the rest stop for once coz he claimed that it was very jam. we reached smk su at almost 8pm.

leanne and i after taking breakfast at the garden.

sonya and i

leanne and i again

andrew (ng) and i

me and the leo idols.

LOL! jue and her funny faces.


sleepy peoplee..

part of the crowd.

pw and her beanie star.


leen and i

our lunch!

pw and her mangoesteen!

leanne and her grapes!

u8, u4, assunta, etc etc. rojak! haha

chen shin and i

** For more photos, visit my facebook album! will be uploading most photos up soon! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=508815635 **