.oh my lifeeee.
i was, and i am still loaded with reports - complete and incomplete onesss.. i get frustrated very easily when things doesn't flow as how i want it to. but well, who doesn't?

i'll probably be handing out all the award application forms for leo by this week. no matter what also, i hafto pass them up by this week. or else, i'll get screwed up. by..you know who. =.=

just realised that i've not been blogging for quite some time. 11 days? haha quite long isn't it? will post a proper entry about the happenings in that 11 days i've been absent from my blog. haha..when? i dno. the time will come just after i hand out the forms! i couldn't wait for itttt! =D.

just another reminder about our big upcoming project..our leo i.r day..yeah, read the info frm tht flyer i've posted above..and tell me if you're going..lol..i'm not worried if u all will miss this notice, coz i'll be posting more reminders in my next entries! xD
.my 'holiday'.
haha! today is friday! and its practically the last day of my 1 week holiday! lol am i supposed to sound sad? xD. haha i don't particularly have any feelings towards the end of holidays. lol. life still goes on without holidays. =D.

let me see what have i been doing for these 5 days :

Monday : Kancil Revision Course
Tuesday: Kancil Revision Course
Wednesday : Kancil Revision Course
Thursday : Leo Meeting
Friday : Breakfast with my bunch of beloved friends. =)

am i very hardworking? haha say yes! lol i spent my holidays going for Kancil's Chemistry Revision Course! its like an accomplishment because i was willing to spend my holidays going for courses like tht. xD. but the course was alright..haha at least, an entertaining teacher will never make a class boring. =D.

the thursday Leo meeting was mainly for the award application thingy..lots of things to be done..lots of reports to be typed..lots of documents to be printed..but well, i shall not complain because it's my job. so, =X.

and today! hahaha. we had breakfast at McD. lol the 'we' refers to Cynthia, Nikki, Leanne, Ee Leen, Pei Wen and I. =). it had been quite sometime since we'd breakfast together like that. lol the last time was probably last year? or 2 years back? can't remember. It was purely for Cynthia's bday. We didn't have any celebrations fr her bday as her bday falls on the last day of our exams. so yeah, delayed.

not gna blog in detailed about it. just too lazy and its almost time for me to sleep..hahaha.
cynthia and i. before everyone else reached. lol. she actually laughed non stop when we were taking this photo. we actually took a few more. but well, she wasn't ready. xD

she even laugh while making wishes. lol.

nikki and i! =)

group photo!! there's another one where all of us stood at another side of the table. but i'm just too lazy to upload it up. haha you'll probably be able to see it in nikki's or leanne's blog.

leanne and eeleen with the bday girl..

pei wen and i. =D

leanne and cyn.
-the end-

.Earth Hour.

Here are 10 different ways to spend Earth Hour and reduce your carbon footprint (just choose 1 and do it) :

1. Attend a local Earth Hour event or organise your own by throwing an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours

2. Gather family & friends for a night picnic in your local park and look at the stars

3. Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight

4. Organise a treasure hunt in the dark

5. Take the dog for a night walk

6. Have a candle-lit bath

7. Sit in the dark and share stories

8. Organise a family night playing board games

9. Share a romantic night in with your loved one

10. Upload your ‘on the night’ photos and videos to flickr and YouTube respectively, and then add them to the Earth Hour flickr group and the global YouTube Group.

I was watching tv just now and came across watching an advertisement about this Earth Hour/ Vote Hour. I thought it was something that all of us should know, or even do. So yeah, all you need to do is :

Switch off all lights at home on the 28th of March 2009 frm 8.30 p.m - 9.30 p.m.

haha and i read a statement frm the Earth Hour website and i think i should paste it over here too. xD.

"Make Earth Hour work for you. Families with young children should feel free to turn their lights off earlier than 8:30pm and for those having too much fun in the dark during the hour, don’t feel you have to limit yourself to one hour and switch back on at 9:30pm"

haha will you be able to live in the dark for at least one hour for the sake of the Earth?It's your choice. =). But you'll never know if you will have too much fun in that 1 hour of darkness until you don't feel like switching on the lights. xD
.tagged by Jasmine.
Rules:It's harder than it looks!Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.They have to be real...nothing made up!If the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Hor Kar Yan
2. A four Letter Word: Hand
3. A boy's Name: Henry
4. A girl's Name: Hannah
5. An occupation: Hair stylist
6. A color: Hijau. xD
7. Something you'll wear: Hat!
8. A food: Hamburger
9. Something found in the bathroom: Hooks
10. A place: Home!
11. A reason for being late: House door was locked and i have no keys. xD
12. Something you'd shout: Happy! =D
13. A movie title: High School Musical
14. Something you drink: H20
15. A musical group: Hoobastank (haha thanks nikki! xD)
16. An animal: Horse
17. A street name: Hang Tuah Road? xD
18. A type of car: Honda
19. The title of a song: Heaven Knows
20. Tag 10 people:

- Nikki
- Callie (sis)
- Leanne
- Kenneth
- Kar Weng
- Xian Jin
- Yee Ing
- Amanda (Koh)
- Yu Liang
- Mandy
.[leo] charity concert.
there will be a leo charity concert on the 29th of March 09. do come and support our sch's leo club! i've attached the ticket and details in this post. it's solely for charity. all the profit from this project will be donated to the national cancer society and also to the poor children in China. doing more charitable stuffs would make you a happier person! =D.

do ring me up or message me if you wanna purchase any tickets. =)

by the way, do tell me if you cant read the details. =)
.photos are up!.
some of the photos are up! i'll probably upload the rest in my facebook account..haha..

LOL! i like this photo! xD.

we were trying to capture the sunset..but well, we failed to do so..

cousin bro repairing comp..

the hall! lol i mean half of the hall.


our breakfast! =D

the whole bunch of us..but some went back early, so they're not in this photo.

i captured this outside of our villa. but it didnt turn out that nice. but but the clouds were really nice! xD. just that my skills ain't good enough to capture it.

the villa! we came with 5 cars. but my uncle went back first. so left 4 cars..

another failed attempt.

the whole hall! its not very big actually..even my grandma's hse's hall is bigger. but well, we didnt knw tht it would be tht small, or else we would've upgraded the villa. we went and ask after tht but they didnt allow us to upgrade it. so we just stayed here.

kok leong and i

this photo look nice too! =D. we didnt swim la. lol not like i knw how to swim. xD

haha my both grandmas! xD

dee feels tht she has big butts. LOL

some shop in malacca town selling the merchandises from malacca.

i've never experienced sitting on a beca before! lol but i didnt sit on it yday also. it was just way toooo hot and sunny.

some ship tht the i dno who used to perang with i dno who. xD

eye on Malaysia is in Malacca now! =D
.trip to malacca.
hahaha before i start anything, i'm proud enough to say that Lee Chong Wei won a badminton match against Lin Dan! =D =D. it was indeed an exciting match towards the end..

haha ok. now, about the trip...hahaha that trip was so dramatic that nobody could actually imagine things like tht can happen. i'm not gna blog in details, but i'm gna type about those 'incidents' that happened.

yday night, my uncle brought us to some place quite far away frm our villa to have dinner. we went there with 5 cars in total. so it was quite hard for us to follow his car. so we had to be really alert. i was sitting in my aunt's car with my sis and another aunt. while we were on the way thr, my dad realised that he was following the wrong car! my uncle's car plate number is NBG 3888. and my dad followed another toyota camry car tht has the number plate XXX 3188. xD. he actually realised that until tht wrong car drove into a residential area and parked in his house! we were wondering if that fella was thinking tht we're robbers. 4 cars following his car. haha what will you think if this happens to you?

so we reached the place about 2 hours ltr. we left the villa at 6.30 and reached tht restaurant at 8 plus. ordered those seafood and all..we reached the villa at 11 sth then. it was raining, so we didnt have the chance to visit those safari world or whatever they have over there.

and today. we left the villa at 12 something in the afternoon and headed to the malacca town. the place we stayed was quite far away from the town. it took us abt 1 hours plus or so to reach the town area. we had lunch at some shopping mall. both my grandmas came along with us. the grandma from my mum's side has some difficulty walking for a long time. so she sat on a wheel chair and pushed her around in the mall. we wanted to go to some chinese restaurant to have lunch. so we asked those ppl around and they told us tht there's one chinese restaurant upstairs. so we pushed my grandma up with the wheelchair on the flat escalator (i dno what is it called. walkalator or wtv u call it. i dont know) . when we reached the end of the escalator, we failed to push the wheelchair out. so all of us were stuck there and i was at the back of all of them. they were all stucked. so i pulled my another grandma with me and start moving backwards so that we dont bang those in front. those people at the back started moving backwards too as they saw what happened. dee was stucked in between the wheel and the escalator. my mum and aunt was stuck there also, and tried to push the wheelchair. my another aunt's legs were stucked in between the wheelchair and she fell. the maid and my cousin bro were stucked too. i tried pulling dee but i couldnt. coz she was stucked there. i looked at them trying so hard to push the wheelchair but i couldnt help. if i were to move in front, i would probably bang the wheelchair and fall on my grandma. that would be worse.

it was really a tragedy (yes, i call it a tragedy) that i never thought it will ever happen. its like..so sudden. it was really really scary, looking at our relatives stucked like that but we couldnt do anything much to help. all of them escaped with injuries. and yes, i was the only one who escaped without any injuries. dee was having some backbone pain, mum's side grandma hurt her fingers. dad's side grandma had her thumb's skin peeled, mum's, both aunts', cousin bro's, and the maid's legs were bruised. it was really scary. but i felt really thankful that they did not get very very serious injuries. i couldn't imagine what will happen if things got worse. people behind would be pushing forward. and i really dont know what will happen.

there're a few more incidents but i'm just too lazy to type them out. will post up photos tmrw..
.happy birthday cynthia lee!!.
happy birthday cynthia lee! =D =D.

haha yes, the WINNIE THE POOH cake is for you! [but i didn't bake it! xD.]

haha since i'm just too free now, i've decided to blog abt the weekend that i had. =). as usual, i went to seremban on saturday. but returned home in the late morning on sunday. why? coz my had had some appointment with his ex-colleagues. so my sis and i decided to go to pyramid (yes, again.)

and as usual, we ate alot. and bought quite a number of things.

omg..this strawberry parfait is exceptionally good! the taste of strawberries, strawberry ice cream, fresh cream and corn flakes blend together so well! i've never thought of having ice cream with corn flakes. xD

warm almond brownie with ice cream from Zen. it tasted not bad, but i prefer the one we had at Dome. =)

bags that we bought! i definitely prefer the one on the right. we bought both bags for only RM100+. great deal. =D

some of the other things i've bought! haha spot that pair of heels! i'm currently developing my love for it. hahaha. why? coz i didnt really love it thaaaattt much when i decided to buy it. but now, i'm loving it more than ever! just hope that it wouldnt leave blisters on my feet when i wear it..

a closer view of the pair of heels! =)
okay let me blog abt something not-so-happy on that day..lol..i've been wanting to purchase a pair of heels. so we went in many shoe shops in pyramid to look for a suitable pair. haha i'm quite (or very?) fussy when it comes to buying shoes/heels. i tried many pairs and my eyes landed on one pair of heels from nose. the shop's name is nose. xD. it was really comfy and really caught my attention. why didnt i buy it? haha coz its like...out of my budget! xD. i dun plan spend 100+ bucks on a pair of heels yet because i know that i'll be buying more soon. xD.
thats all about it..we spent about 7 hours at pyramid and satisfied ourselves with food and purchases. =D.