.the happy day! =).

hahahaha..i was told tht there wont be any electricity in court 9 and 10 yday..from 10a.m till 6p.m. so i went to nikki's hse in the morning and then went out with her and sis to summit in the afternoon. we had great time shopping yday! xD. so much of laughter. haha.

and and we actually realised tht we dont take as much photos when we go out to pyramid. and nikki said it's because there're too many things in pyramid. lol.

[by the wayyyy..hahaha..sunday was a happy day too! why? coz Star Awards 2009 (some s'pore award thingy) was held on tht day..and Jesseca Liu won the top 10 most popular female artiste! xD. ]
.last week's.
hahahha! i suddenly have the urge to blog abt what i've done last week and last 2 weeks perhaps? lol.

last last sunday, i came back from sban slightly earlier than usual..went to sunway coz i knew tht there's a nose garage sales on. went thr and bought 2 pairs of heels. the items i bought were in good conditions of course..haha need to choose la..sis bought 3 pairs i think? lol. just if i knew abt it earlier, and we went thr on the first day, i think i would've bought more..haha nvm, there'll sure be a second time!

the 2 pairs of heels.

and last saturday, about 20+ of girl guides from out sch went for some bazaar at dataran kemerdekaan, shah alam. i dont know how true, but i was told tht Dataran MERDEKA and Dataran KEMERDEKAAN are 2 diff datarans. the former located at KL, while the latter at Shah Alam. i've got no idea. coz i've never been to any of the datarans, until last saturday. lol. quite a number of us followed teacher there. and so coincidentally, all the 3 teachers drove MyVi and one of the parent (i think) tht followed tcher's car to go thr also drove MyVi. and and all the 4 MyVi-s are of different colours! pn suraya drove green, pn deanna drove silver, cik zubaidah drove grey while another car was red! haha..

they had this performance when the Sultan of Selangor arrived..and they continued playing the instruments for quite some time, until the dances started..

cynthia and i! =)

and on sunday...it was our leo ir day..i think i've blogged abt it (last 2 blogposts with photos and videos)..ok i shall probably blog a little abt it since i dun think i wrote anything much abt it..
i rushed back frm sban in the morning..reached home around 9 sth..packed and rushed to sunway club house. reached and met a few of them thr. haha and all of us went thr with big big bags, as if we're going on a vacation or sth. xD. everything got a little messed up..but well, we still managed to get everything ready on time. but we didn't start on time. i dno why. haha. it started off at 2. and surprisingly, it ended early~! the performances were great! just to mention a few - committee's opening performance, veracious, synclonize. we stayed back a while to clear up stuffs..
headed to pyramid after tht with parents n sis. had dinner, bought a few things and went home..slept quite early on tht night coz i was just too tired...
oh well...leo proficiency interview is coming up...am i anticipating for it? yes? no? haha i dno! xD.
hellooo..the videos for committee's performance during ir are up! =D. will upload synclonize's one later. =)

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

.leo ir. =D
oh well, leo ir is finally over~! very lazy to blog abt it now. probably later, or never? i don't know. i shall type abt it when i'm no lazy. haha. it was a great day! it feels good to see such good response after hard work for more than a month (though i didn't help out much). =)

[note : all the photos are jumbled up for..i don't know why. so yeah, they're not arranged chronologically.and btw, there'll be no captions for some photos. again, too lazy. xD.]

nikki and i! =D

do they look funny? haha probably they don't look funny in this pic. i'll upload the videos for this committee performance later, and u shall see if they're funny. xD.

the committees!

sorry, i cant rmbr the name of this band. but i knw their names - Andy, Jamie, Eugene.

Janessa and I. hahahha! told u tht i have fat arms too! xD



the crowd! =D. nah, this is just part of it.

our leo idol 1st runner up.

cyn and i! =D

cyn n nikki

nikki and i. oh it was really hot at tht time. and i was sweating. xD. can see my wet hair? LOL

sonya n cyn.

the people from 5 generations. xD

lol jeremy claims tht he looks funny when he takes pic. what do you think?

the hyper janessa and winshian. xD

videos for the committee's performance and synclonize will be uploaded soon! stay tuned! =)

.leo ir.
hi peopleee..

Leo I.R is TOMORROW! lol.come and support us..for all the hard work we've done..if u have not buy tickets yet, u can go tmrw and buy tickets on the spot! so, no worries tht the tickets are sold out of whatever..=D
.happy birthday leanne ooi! .

Happy Birthday Leanne Ooi!! =D

lol i'm not gna blog abt what we did for leanne yday, coz she's blogged abt it ad. lol. read her blog if u're interested to knw what happened. =). haha but no, i'm not gna blog abt the behind-the-scenes part. coz leanne is not supposed to knw about it! =D


ohh anywayy, yday was indeed a very tiring day..i came home at 4.30pm after photography..then kept myself busy from 7pm till 11pm..i didnt wanna go to sch today, but well, i still went. why? coz it's 16th Apr! ahhaha and it's leanne ooi's bday! =D

this was what happened during photography :

they were required to take macro photos..due to erm..some problems. lol

no, not macro. xD

a random big leaf. lol

first but failed attempt.

this is better i suppose?

another one..not sure if nikki or i took it. xD
haha ok ok! now the celebration time! =D. didnt manage to take photos with tht auto mode. some problems with memory card and i didnt realise tht the memory card in my cam is only an SD card with 16mb memory.

the happy leanne with the..happy cake? xD

part of the bunch of us.

blow blow blow~~!

and CUT!

wahhahaa it's finally your turn! =D

leanne and i! =)

thts all the photos i have with me..all thanks to my cam's memory card.


my days have been really busy..i'm loaded with tonnes of homeworks everyday (almost)..and i'm really trying to finish them up..haha. i dont know how or why, i somehow spend more time in frnt of the comp than my homeworks..

oh well, let me see what have i been up to..

monday - some interview for leo..

tuesday - bowling

wednesday - stayed back with nikki to do some chart for ms then..

thursday - ir meeting n practised for performance

friday - interschool prefect netball game. lol no, i didnt play. haha. i was just there to..erm..supervise? lol i was the one taking the time..and also the scores after leanne left..the matches were like..interesting? coz every minute, we somehow see players slip and fall..the field was literally wet and puddles of water were like..everywhere..and usj 4 won the whole thing. they never lose any matches. instead, they scored really high.

yes, that's my schedule for this week. and i guess last week's one was worse? haha. i cant exactly rmbr what i did last week, or did i actually blog abt it? haha i dno. all i knw is tht i stayed back for a couple of days last week and came home lifelessly. lol.

and not to forget, we hafto go to sch tmrw..i'm just so lazy, but i couldn't bear to miss those subjects in school...it's hard to catch up if i miss some lessons. so yeah, no matter how lazy am i, i still hafto go to sch...

i dont know why, but i tend to get really sleepy in class nowadays. last time, i only feel tired, but not to the extent that i will really sleep in class. but this time round, i slept for at least 2 days in a week in class! lol. just a short nap, but i literally slept. i was somewhat refreshed after taking a short nap..

oh anyway, it's time to continue with my homeworkssss..haha..will update more when i feel like to. =)

try to figure out what were we trying to do! xD

hey peopleee..

our sch's leo club (SMK USJ 8)'s I.R Day has been postponed!

i filled my weekends entirely with outings..haha..i'm literally back home at night.

went to sch yday for pandu puteri and leo..nothing much abt it..just that i was so tired, for i dont know why. just, tired. left school before leo ended..went home, bathed and went to pyramid.

out of my expectations, i bought nothing yday. lol. wasn't really in mood to shop..but i did spend, on food. haha. i ate alot, drank alot. and got alot fatter? xD. dad came and fetched us at 4 sth, went back home fetched mum to go sban. reached sban at 6 sth i guess? and filled the rest of my time yday night in front of the computer. hahaha.

and today, i woke up at 9 something. woken up by my aunt's handphone alarm. or else, i would be sleeping till i dont know what time..then sis came to me and asked me if i wna go to Jusco (its practically the only place for us to hang out). thinking of how boring will it be if i were to stay at home, i told her ok. so i washed up and went out with sis and uncle. had my breakfast over there as well.

we went back before lunch. and not very long after that, dee came over to my grandma's hse and asked me out for a movie. so yeah, i went to jusco, again. i hesitated to watch horror movie at first, but horror movies were the only options. unlike tgv in pyramid, the one jusco sban2 does not offer alot of movies. so we watch 'My Bloody Valentine'. lol. not sure if any of you watched it. but all i can say is, i wouldnt recommend. afterall, horror movies are not my type. lol. i covered my eyes for more than half of the screentime. but still, it was quite scary..the blood..the way he killed..the hackings..the horrifying screams..it's just the way they killed that scared me off..oh and the blood.. it actually spoiled the impressions/feelings of ppl on Valentine's Day. -.-. and another thing is, it didnt have a proper ending! it just ended abruptly. so i've decided, no more horror movies in future!
.ohhh my lifeeee (part 2).
hahahhaa! as i've said, a proper blog entry would come after i hand out all award application forms! so, here i am, trying to post a proper blog entry. and haha!!! i've passed up all the forms! xD. quite obvious isn't it? can feel the joy? i can! xD. ok i feel so stupid now asking a question and answered it by myself. lol..but well, i'm just too happy. the happiness i'm feeling now is indescribeable! =D =D

okayyy..let me see if i can really remember what i've done for the many many days that i neglected my blog..oh nooo..i cant! xD. just feeling too happy to recall what i've done! haha i shld probably blog about different places i've been to on those days..

oh yes! before that..i must type out something big tht i've doneee! i've sent out all award recommendation forms! haha i knw i've said tht..i actually manage to complete my oh-so-interesting task with great help frm Jeremy, Pei Wen and Lion Yong. oh not to forget, Tasha also helped! haha she gave me the name lists for our club. lol. or else i would be the one typing those names out..and that would probably take up so much of time! thanks peopleee! lol especially Jeremy..haha he practically helped me to print things almost every night. just imagine that. and each time, its not only few sheets, its definitely more than 50 sheets! so yeah, thanks alot Jeremy!

i spent the rest of my weekdays last week and this week to settle on the award application forms..but i refrained from touching them during the weekends. or else, i could get crazy! but anyway, i wasn't free during the weekends. filled with other leo activities. lets see..

- 28th of March : RCC Meeting at Taylor's University College
- 29th of March : Joint Charity Concert at SJK (C) Chee Wen

sounds not so busy? haha but its actually quite tiring. just imagine how would you feel if you need to fill up your weekdays with forms and reports, and weekends with events? so hectic. not to forget, the piling homework. homeworks started to pile up this week. and i'm not done with any, except for add maths. it's something that i couldn't let it pile up. hahhaa.

oh ya..i went for bowling at summit too! it has been a long long time since i've last been to summit. that was for last week..and this week, we had photography! haha guess what we did? cleaning up the studio..it was quite disappointing to see some of them lingering outside the studio, doing nothing, except chatting..its like..even if we actually dont need help, but they should've at least open their so movable mouth to offer their help..only few of them helped..and can see la..those are the ones who really came to do work/help, and not just to get marks for cocurriculum..oh well, i cant do anything much abt it..its just human's nature to do something just when people ask them to, and stay passive when they're not asked to do anything. neways, i think i shall mention those who helped whole-heartedly..they're nikki, vignes, adrian, daniel, nadia and one girl frm form 4. i cant rmbr her name..to know more abt what we've done on tht day, go to nikki's blog. she had blogged quite a bit about that day. haha.

and oh before i forget! haha. i went to nikki's hse for some little pot luck at her hse..quite a number of us went..i'm just too lazy to type out the names..read frm nikki's n eugene's blog if you wna knw who went on that day...haha i rmbr i was chatting with kenneth after i went home and bathed and all..then i started telling him a scary scene in the one and only horror (ghost) movie that i've watched..i dont know if he was scared, but i knw i was! xD. i felt so stupid. haha i nearly couldnt sleep coz i kept imagining the image of tht ghost tht i described to kenneth. lol!

hahahha! i'm proud enough to say that i finally passed all my Orientation, L, E and O tests for leo! xD. my Leadership test result just came out few days back and i actually passed! next up, the Proficiency test. lol. i tried quite hard for the tests okay..but those were the written tests. and if i'm not mistaken, Proficiency test is abt interviewing and all..not sure if i could do it, but i guess i'll give it a try..after all, i've passed all already. feel quite not worth it if i stop now..haha..

we got back all our exam results this week..like finallyyy..results weren't very good, but i'm satisfied with it as i know how little have i studied before exams..so yeah, my fault.

oh well, i guess thats all for now..i actually didnt want the things i've typed to jumble up like that..but i'm just too lazy to think of what to type from one day to another..haha..

today is a very happy day!

.just pictures.