Happy Birthday Diidii! ♥
Happy blessed 18th birthday Nikki!

Everything will be fine, and you'll do fine too! *slaps*

with lots of love from doodoo!
chinese new year.
While Chinese New Year is usually one of the most happening festivals for the Chinese, it's not the same for me. There're a few reasons for that.

a) I go back to my hometown every weekend so it doesn't make a difference whether it's cny or not.

b) I meet the same people every single week when I go there so there's nothing extraordinary to be done with them during cny as well.

c) We don't visit many places because my uncles and aunts stay in the same house, and the others are just staying nearby and we meet each other every other weekend too.

So to us, Chinese New Year is practically another ordinary day, but of course, with the exception of extra food and money ;)

Day 1, at my eldest aunt's house. That was the only place we visited lol.

with sis :)

plus fraveen and my cousin bro's girlfriend.

Day 2 at Sunway Pyramid coz my aunt wanted to do some shopping over there.

Had western food at Tony Roma's on the second day of cny. haha i remember we had japanese food during cny on 2 consecutive years previously. We wanted to have Japanese food that day too but the restaurant we wanted to dine in was not open for business :(

with aunt :)

We came home on the 3rd day of CNY coz my sis had to sit for an exam on the following Monday so she wanted to come back earlier to study. I went for CNY visiting with my dear friends on the following day :D

Monopoly Deal at Nikki's house :)
We went to Cynthia's house first but I didn't take any photos when we were there lol.

my money! that was the only time I was that rich LOL.

The girls who were there on that day

Visit here for more photos :)

Other than eating, shopping, sleeping and visiting, I spent my CNY watching a Taiwan drama titled
Autumn's Concerto. It's a really really really nice drama! It was so addictive that I spent only 3 days to finish watching all the 21 episodes of the drama. 9 episodes on the first day, 7 on the second day, and the last 5 episodes on the third day.

Do watch it if time permits! Oh and do prepare tissue papers beforehand because this drama is such a tearjerker that I couldn't stop crying while watching the first few episodes. It was really touching, at least to me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama and i'm still experiencing the withdrawal symptom now even after I finished watching a couple of days ago.

You can watch the drama (with english subtitles) from this link : Autumn's Concerto
limeeleen's farewell.
The day came after a long long time. After a long time preparing and rehearsing. We had a small-scaled surprise farewell for Ee Leen last Sunday before she leaves to Australia after this coming CNY. I think the thing we worked on the most was the card we made for her! hahah we started doing that really long ago. So long that I couldn't remember the exact period of time the card has existed until now.

I don't remember if we actually planned to do something so complicated, but it just turned out to be pretty complicated. You really got to have had the card in your hands before in order to understand what am I saying. hahaha

bits and parts of the multi-sided and multi-pages card we made for her. It's all our hard work :D
(I stole almost all the photos of the card from sonya because I just realised that I don't have any photos of it except the cover LOL )

rehearsing at Andrew's house some time back...

At leen's house to prepare things after she left to Giant with her mum.

our autographs for her :D

More preparations..

limeeleen :D pointing at peiwen. eh no no..she was touching peiwen AHHAHA

The whole bunch of us who were there on that day

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