.my legs are feelingless.
my legs are feelingless now.

LOL! i'm serious. erm, actually no so. haha. my legs are..aching, numb and almost insensible? haha why? lol read on and you'll know why.

saturday was supposed to be the first day of my 16 days holiday, but it didnt turn out so. why? becauseeee..we had kokurikulum on that day. what a start for holidays.

so i went for pandu puteri..and practically all we did was playing games. lol. 3 different games in 1 hours 30 mins. it was fun..? or boring.? i dont know. went home at 10. bathed, changed and went out. went out with mum and sis. met up with mum's friend and we went to pyramid. lol. like..of all places. hahaha.

we reached there around 11 something i think. walked around and guess what! haha. we met nikki there with her parents! so sis and i decided to ditch my mum and friend, and we kidnapped nikki frm her parents! lol. sis, nikki and i went for lunch at kim gary..laughed alot, haha. we know why. ;D

we walked alot, chatted alot, laughed alot and SHOPPED alot! haha. it's like..luckily i had my purse in my sis' bag. or else i had to look for my mum and get money from her. lol.

and yes, that was pyramid. haha. i went to sungei wang today, coz mum had some course at dewan bahasa dan pustaka. so sis and i thought of going to sungei wang to walk around. dad fetched us there and he went somewhere quiet in sungei wang to read his books. sis and i went and walk around of course. before that, we went to jalan gasing for lunch coz it's like..on the way to sungei wang i think? lol roads=aliens. we had lunch at my beloved chicken rice shop at jalan gasing! lol not that chicken rice shop in those shopping malls la. this shop is super famous with it's bean sprouts. but! that's like one of the vege tht i dislike the most! but must go try the food in tht shop! the char siew is super nice! lol i practically ate almost the whole plate (that plate was for 2 persons). xD. the chicken is nice also! haha. why am i advertising for the shop. no they didnt pay me to type this, but their food is really nice la! their restaurant is pretty nice also. eventhough they've many many customers, but the shop is very well ventilated. must try! LOL.

ok back to sungei wang. i was there to shop for..ermm..shirts? i end up buying a new dress! haha. i spent more than an hour in that shop to buy a dress that i really like! lol the number of dresses i've tried today is uncountable! that shopkeeper was really friendly. lol. i bought a dress from her shop last year also. but i spent longer time over there this year. sis wanted to buy her prom dress also, but didnt find something that she loves very very much. the one that she set her eyes on was quite ok to me, but costs quite alot eh? 200 plus? or almost 300? lol i cant rmbr! haha.

fetched mum at 5.30 and we headed home after tht coz dad was tired. and my legs were..numb and pain? lol and my legs are still aching now..ahh..my pair of legs will endure more pain and tiredness soon. will be out again tmrw. and tuesday. be right back for pictures and more updates. =).

*p/s : pictures will be up tmrw, i think? blogger doesn't allow me to upload photos now. lol.
.85% of happiness!.
yes, my happiness level is up to 85% now! lol. or instead of happiness, should i say relieveness? lol. relieveness from exam la.

the papers were...fine. fine = moderate + tough. lol. there bound to be some papers that we love them to bits when we're doing them, but there're also some that makes us feel so agitated that we felt like tearing them off! haha probably i shall not use the term 'us', but me. lol.

ahhh..just 2 more days! and i'm like..really 100% relieved..but to think of it, more important exams are coming really soon after this exam ends. so yeah, i better enjoy the holidays first before anything else. lol. i'm actually partially holidaying i guess? and really, my daily life during exams doesn't change much compared to my normal days, other than studying at night. haha. i still online and watch tv as much as i usually do. but will feel quite guilty during exams. lol. it's just me. do it, then feel it. xD. but if i don't do it, i'll feel uneasy..

alright i shall stop typing. will be back to blogging soon! haha it's REALLY SOON! xD. just 39 hours and 3 minutes more! =D
lol i just remembered that i was supposed to post up photos over here. xD.

didnt take many photos..were just too addicted with badminton. xD. here are the photos :

wahahhaha! i've transformed! xD. lol wait let me blog abt sth else first..

exams have started and its gna last for 2 more weeks..just cant wait for holidays to come!

and today, i went to sch early to do pp board..then stayed a while for hari kecemerlangan..and went home..then, i went to somewhr and transformed! xD. lol not really transformed la..but..changed?

wahhaha i cut my hair!! xD. still not very used to it..anyway, i'll blog in more details tmrw..and also abt sis' bday celebration. more photos will be up tmrw! haha

and not to forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIE! =D
.prefects installation.
i've retired! lol. just from the prefectorial board anyway..

and i skipped school today! haha. not exactly actually. but our class had some trip to Sunway College but we can choose not to go. so yeah, i didnt go. stayed at home and started doing my soon-to-due peka reports.

anywayy, we had our prefects installation yesterday..and i finally get one of my secretary posts out of my way! but to be frank, it doesn't bring much impact also. coz i've not been doing anything much as a secretary for the prefectorial board. yes, i admit that ok.

the event yday went on really smoothly, without any performances or lengthy speeches. thanks kai yoong for helping me to capture our last moments in the school as AJKs of the prefectorial board. but oh well, my camera was out of battery..due to some problems. so not much pictures taken.

here're some of the photos taken by kai yoong. i just took the first few and the last few. haha. there're more, but i'm too lazy to upload them. and for more pictures, do check out leanne's blog.

busy people..seeing them busy like tht reminds me of what we had done last year. this was what happened to us too..getting too nervous and at the same time hoping that everything will go on well.

and now i see mroe blazers in the prefects' room! =D

ties. ties. ties.

nikki and audrey

the so happy people. lol.
the red 'carpet'

the form 1s and form 2s were quite excited and nervous i suppose? hahaha.

some of us who're passing down our posts.

our ex-kp.

pn sharifah giving a speech on behalf of our absent headmistress.


our emcee for the day! =)

students. try spotting yourself if you're in the photo. =D

the newly installed form 1s and form 2 AJKs.

my fat back. yes, time to stop craving for fattening foods!

prefects pledge led by audrey, our kp for girls.

some of them. and there you spot yew thien, the one and only person holding 2 posts.

new kp giving speech.

jeremy, aud and nikki. plus en. sull? xD

ms then and dr. minder.

the very happy newly installed prefects!

the gays. lol. they did something more than this. xD

tasha and i! =D

lee xuan and i.

mandy and i.
manda and i.


today is the 12th of May. a year anniversary for the Sichuan Earthquake victims. hopefully things are getting better for those who managed to save their lives. and for the deceased, R.I.P.
.the -days.
hi everyone! i'm back for another update on my blog! =D
days in school were normal..i think? lol. but exams are coming really soonnn..i mean, SOON. just hope that exams will pass faster but holidays will last longer! xD


yesterday was Wesak Day and i went to the temple! lol i actually dont rmbr when was the last time i went to a temple. xD. we went there, pray, put joss sticks on some thingy (i dno what is it called) and became a vegetarian for half a day! hahaha.

look at her face! xD. afraid of me..? LOL

we celebrated dee's bday yesterdayy also. her actual birthday is today. but it has been a tradition for us to celebrate our bdays on saturdays instead of sundays. we also some sort of celebrated mothers' day at the same time..so yeah, one party, two celebrations, two cakes. here're some photos of us being so hyperactive and high yesterday. lol i dont know what stimulated our high-ness, but somehow, we were that high. we ate alot, jumped alot, played alot, and laughed alot! xD

lol we wouldnt get to jump that high without the help
from the jumping thingy in dee's hse

haha do i look scary? xD

smile smile smile~!

lol! there're more photos in dee's cam.waiting for her to upload them up for me. will post up more photos in my facebook profile. =)
.tagged by Michelle (Too).
hrmm..25 facts about myself? lol. i shall try. at times, i really wonder if i know myself that well..we shall see..=D

1. My full name is Hor Kar Yan.
2. I was born on 29th of Sept 1992.
3. I was born 17 days late. xD
4. I have a sister.
5. I have about 50 toys (or more? i'm too lazy to count now. xD) on my bed (plus my sis' bed. our beds are some sort of..erm..attached? )
6. I have small eyes.
7. I love shopping~! lol which girl doesnt? xD
8. I don't like reading books. but well, academic-related books are unavoidable. =.=
9. I love music.
10. But I can't sing.
11. I love strawberries! be it as a type of fruit or an ice cream flavour. =D
12. I sleep with several bottles of lotions on my bed.
13. I wear spectacles. (something that not everyone knows. ;) )
14. I don't like carrying bags.
15. I adore Jesseca Liu (biggest craze now), Flora Chan, and Gan Wan Chean.
16. I'm a soon-to-be SPM candidate.
17. I'm a Leo.
18. I can feel happy easily but could be angered easily also.
19. At times, i do say things without realising how wrong can i be. [note : i assert, AT TIMES ]
20. I'm not a study freak. you'll only see me reading books when exams are approaching.
21. I get frustrated easily, even for petty things. cant think of any examples now.
22. I come online everyday, unless i'm out for vacation or i'm unwell.
23. I love my family and friends. =)
24. I love blogging, but at times i'm just toooooo lazy.
25. I'm doing this tag now. xD.

i'm supposed to tag 25 people..but oh well, i dont think i have that many ppl to tag. so i'll tag a few, and whoever who reads my blog and feel like doing this tag, please do. =)

- Nikki
- Sis (Kar Lai)
- Kenneth
- Eugene Yeo
- Leanne
- Denise
- Yu Liang
- Janyssa


let me tell u guys something that made me quite happy! haha. i passed my Leo Proficiency Interview! =D. haha nothing to be really proud of, but to me, it's some sort of achievement for all the times i got so nervous because of the interview..

btw, i've decided not to blog abt the interschool prefects' dinner. or maybe sometime in future? haha. but if u guys wanna knw roughly what happened on tht day, go read nikki's blog. =)
[note : there're tonnes of photos below but no captions for the photos...and you'll be seeing mine and nikki's faces in many many photos below. xD. a proper blog entry will be coming soon, after i'm done with my monthly leo report and minutes. =) ]