.P365 - #71
i dont quite remember what caught our attention. but i think we look kinda blur LOL.

it's so sad that i missed the leo musical charity concert today. i've been wanting to go since i saw the flyer for the event. i think somebody invited me to the event on fb or something and i chanced upon that flyer and had the urge to attend ever since. but sadly, we got to come back to seremban this week because my uncle and mum planned to bring my grandma to the hospital for check-up and so they brought her there today. or else i think i could have attended the charity concert. it has been quite sometime since i last attended a leo-related event and i really miss those days when i attend leo events as a u8 leo member. in any case, i'm glad to hear from pei wen that the charity concert was great. i wonder when will be the next leo event i can attend hahaa. remember to invite me if there's any! i'll try to make it :D

ok anyway, it's time to rest more and i'm going to have a very tiring day ahead! will blog about it after everything is done. goodnight! :)
.a very happening day

a pure candid shot :D

i'm currently practising to insert a proper title for my blog posts. so, do bear with the not-so-creative titles.

okay just like what i typed for the title, i'd been through a very happening day. did quite a few things and that took me almost 12 hours, which equals to half a day. woke up at 9 something today, washed up and headed to taipan for breakfast with family. then, went to dad's office to get something, and went straight to ikea. reconfirmed details for my (and my sis') wardrobe, walked around, and paid for whatever we bought. we went for lunch at The Curve and walked a while after that.

we then went to pyramid as dad and i wanted to get ourselves an external hard disk each. i didn't get it in the end though, coz the lowest capacity available was too large and i don't think i need a hard disk with such a big capacity. mum bought some things from pyramid too and we left to summit after that. went to get my new phone and dad's new sim card and we headed home.

we packed our clothes and laptops and then went to taipan again to get my grandma's medicine and we finally started our journey back to seremban. we left at slightly after 6 i think. and it was quite jam. we saw more than 15 cars involved in separate accidents but didn't witness any of it when it happened. my uncle witnessed one of the accidents while he was on the way back to seremban. i think for the 17 years i've been to this world, i've only witnessed car accident once. it was a minor collision [from my point of view] but the back of that car was damaged quite a lot. i remember that the collision wasn't too strong but quite impactful.

okay anyway, i reached seremban at around 7.30pm. it was just a slightly longer duration of journey than our usual ones. and i'm quite tired now after going to malls, one after another today. time for a short break! :D
yesterday, nikki just made me realise a problem with the current html template i'm using. she happens to face the same problem too. and that makes me so feel like changing to the new xml template as soon as possible. but on second thought, i tend to not insert a title for my blog posts and most of my posts are titled as . [fullstop]. and so the archives for my blog will look quite weird, unless i make the effort to rename the title for all the untitled blog posts. howww? =(

well, let me think about it and decide later on. haha by the way, if i'm not mistaken, i did post one of our NIE posters up here last time. and here's another one. it's a rather simple one but i think the slogan of this poster means very much. it explains everything we wanted to deliver while doing the poster. oh and we actually got some ideas for the slogan from pn hazrimah i think. she was very supportive of us for the project and we're all grateful for her guidance :)

i love the effect! LOL. i think i was covering my face (or particularly my nose) from the surrounding cigarette smoke hahaha.
.P365 - #68

:D :D!
the continuation of P365 with a new batch of pictures! :)

us in the car! :D

i didn't add any effect to this photo or else our faces couldn't be seen! hahaha

us at the mamak below nikki's parents' office! :D
.Happy Birthday Nikki! ♥
nikki, see that heart shape! hahahaa i can't do another one. all thanks to blogger. LOL.

hahaha anyway, she's finally 17! and now, it's my turn to tell her that she's old HAHA. not exactly old, but older than she was yesterday. haha i can't dedicate a very appreciative post to her because i haven't been really telling her very appreciative stuffs hahaa. it's not that i dont appreciate her for being a very important part of my life, but it's just that it is good enough to know it very well deep in my heart. our very close friendship started after a year of quarrels we've been through. it's so funny thinking about what petty things we used to quarrel about but we're both grateful that the quarrels actually took place. or else, i guess we wouldn't be as close as we're now :)

okay let me start blogging about yesterday night first. about 20 of us (i think?) gathered at nikki's house yesterday to celebrate her birthday! i reached at almost 6.30pm, right after peiwen, eeleen and wilson reached. sat around and chatted while waiting for more people to arrive and started eating not very long after that. we took quite a few pictures and played cards too! :)

the birthday girl with her jelly cake! :)

making her wish. i can't capture a clear picture because she was swaying all the time when she was making wishes.


me and leen. a picture taken by leanne. lol.

the girls and i! :) oh i forgot to mention that the theme of the night was red colour!

the ordinary take.

and the extraordinary take. LOL

the birthday girl was too busy to join us!

most of the girls on that night! :)

leen, cynthia and i! :D

leanne, peiwen and i went to surprise nikki for her birthday today! we went to her house to do some stuffs first, then leanne and i waited for her outside school and fetched her home! that was the first surprise as she didn't expect to see us today! lol. and the second surprise was in her room! hahaha peiwen, eugene and ivy hide in nikki's room with balloons, party poppers and a cake we bought for her. and her tears fell uncontrollably after that hahaa.

leanne, doing something. hahaa something LOL

ivy and the balloon she blew!

peiwen the poser!

leanne and i in the car while waiting for nikki to come out from school :D

nikki and the book of cards we compiled! :)


can you see her super red face?! this was taken after she finally stopped crying hahaha.

she didnt wanna look at our cameras! naughty girlll

the cake we bought for her! i didn't take a picture of it before it was cut coz we were rushing out but i think peiwen might have taken a picture of the perfect cake. so check out her blog/fb :D

she was asked to remove the candles using her mouth. ivy tried to push her head onto the cake for quite a few times but nikki was pushing very hard against the cake. so only her chin ended up with cream hahaa.

nonono, she wasn't really crying when i took this picture. HAHA look at her chin!!

peiwen was really on the phone while taking this picture! hahaa

peiwen and i at the back seat while leanne drove us to taipan's mcd for lunch! and nikki took my front passenger seat! hmphhh

us at mcd! peiwen left earlier coz her boss called her and asked her to go back to work. haha

leanne and nikki! :)

nikki and i! :D

us again, taken by leanne who has a longer hand hahaha

i'll be uploading other pictures taken yesterday on fb! so check out my fb albums for the pictures. :)
.cny open house
i was out of home most of the time for the past 3 days. okay let's start from wednesday and see where have i been to and what have i been doing :D

left seremban after lunch on wednesday and headed home. changed, left home and went to kar chun's house. i reached there at 3 something if i'm not mistaken. we chatted, played ps and gambled there. most of them ate there too but i didnt coz i was very full by then.

shaun trying to style wilson's hair. lol and it turned out to be quite funny. hahaha

them, gambling.

i left karchun's house slightly after 6 and we headed to my grandma's house at Kota Damansara. went for dinner at a chinese restaurant with grandma, parents, sis, aunt, uncle and cousins.

sis and i.

few of the dishes. oh and you can see my two cousins at the other end of the table too :D

left grandma's place at 9 something and reached home at around 10 i think? all of us bathed and rested. then asked my mum to cut a cake that dad bought for her bday :)

it's a new cake from secret recipe but i dont know what the name of it coz i wasn't there when they bought it. oh and this cake doesn't have cream. not at all. but that makes it very not cake-ish. i don't know how to explain, but it's something that i wouldn't wanna buy again =p

and on thursday, i went to veron's house at around 1pm. waited for cynthia at court 6 guardhouse and she drove me in. veron's house was super crowded as there're like about 30 something of us who turned up, including her brothers' friends.

a group of gamblers in the hall.

i played cards with wenjun, emily and cynthia.

and this is cynthia, sitting at a very 'auspicious' place. LOL

them in the same room with us. they were playing poker i think.

then cynthia fetched me, andrew and jun ee to jun ee's house.

us at jun ee's house.

i went to mid valley with sis and nikki yesterday! nikki's parents came over to fetch sis and i at 8.30am and fetched us to their office. had breakfast with them there and nikki's dad fetched us to mid valley at around 9.45. most of the shops weren't open when we reached. so we just walked around and went in the shops that were opened at that time. we walked and bought a few things for ourselves. :)

us in the car! the three of us love this pic! there's a same version of this pic in our cameras!

sis and i treated nikki for lunch for her birthday! we wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens for lunch but it was so packed and there're so many people lining up to wait for seats. so we didnt wanna wait and just walked off. then we walked past a thai restaurant called Flying Chillies and decided to dine in there instead.

i can't remember what's the name of this dish. but it's something chillies i think. HAHA. dont test my memory LOL.

this is the prawn fried rice we ordered. and we couldn't spot/taste prawns in the fried rice hahaha. and i just realised that we forgot to take the picture of another dish we ordered. the other dish was fried kangkung with shrimp paste :D

and we bought a slice of opera cake for her from Starbucks Coffee too! of course, without her realising when we bought it. hahaha we ate the cake in the restaurant after our meal :)

yes yes, the cake tastes gooddddd! :D

in the toilet LOL.

take 1.

take 2! LOL.

something we bought for ourselves! but my sis' beads ball went missing when we were walking aroundd =(

sis and nikki!

nikki went home earlier while sis and i waited for dad to fetch us back after work. dad reached mid valley slightly after 6pm and we headed home to fetch mum. then they fetched me to cynthia's house before going for dinner :D

the few of them.

rachel [aka the mini cynthia] and cynthia!

a group picture of the girls! :)

the monopoly group! i'm one of them too! hahaha

and the banker! LOL


us in the bus! another batch of new pics starting tomorrow! :)

i'll be uploading other pictures taken during the open house at all the houses on fb soon! :)