Decided to update a little while trying really hard to think of what to do right now since i'm really bored and i've another 3 hours to rot in the library before class begins.

I've got quite a bit to type, but I don't know how to piece them up together. It's like, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but those things are somewhat related. Have you ever felt like at one moment you actually hope for something to happen, but at that very moment too, you think of the negative externalities when that something happens? It's pretty strange and annoying how our mind actually works that way. I believe it's not something totally beyond our control, but rather, it's something we might not know how to or might not wish to control, and so we don't try controlling. While you have a little bit of hope, you tend to try thinking of things at the opposite end just to lower your hopes.

And regardless how much hopes you have for something, there might be one point where you'll end up telling yourself "it's not going to happen". That moment is likely to come when your confidence fades and when doubts start rolling in. It happens probably because you're afraid of not knowing how to react, not knowing what's going to happen next, and not knowing if it's the right thing that should happen.

Expectation kills. Just go with the flow, and we might be surprised when something better comes along in an unexpected way. People often say that time will tell. I believe it happens that way too, and we shall see what will happen as time passes by.

I still have things to write, but i'll keep it for the next time when I feel like sharing again :)
I'm back! :D
Hello everyone! I'm back (alive!) after an intense war with papers and words :D AS exam just ended two days back and i'm currently enjoying the temporary freedom after exam. Why temporary? Coz classes will still be going on next week, which means our two-week break officially begins only the week after.

Exams kept me occupied for more than a month, and that pretty much explains the condition of my almost-dead blog! In fact there were quite a few other things that kept me occupied during the exam period itself - sis' 21st birthday, eric's birthday, our usual monopoly deal and cluedo sessions at Old Town Signature, grandma's 81st birthday etc. Okay I actually had the time to blog, but just didn't feel like blogging. I was quite active on twitter and facebook though. So those who followed me on twitter wouldn't have felt my absence I suppose :)

Some photos from grandma's birthday celebration :

haha that's just for a picture. I don't like the taste, I can't drink, and so I don't drink.

My family with grandma :D

the few of us practically took turns to take photos with these two candles hahaha. super cute candles!

The people I meet almost every weekend! Of course not all, but most of them!

That celebration was held last weekend. Oh and that was a lunch by the way. Apparently they wanted to book the restaurant for dinner but only the higher floors were available. They opted for a lunch celebration in the end because my grandma couldn't walk much. And that's about it. More photos here :)

And thennnn, AS ended! Exams did not pass by really quickly, but not that slowly either. While it was good that all my 10 papers were spread over 5 weeks coz that simply means I had more time to revise for each paper, it definitely wasn't easy to endure the amount of stress that piled up as time passed by.

Overall, the papers were fine, since I said i'm back alive. Of course there were some that were beyond our expectations - in both good and bad ways. But whatever it is, i'm glad that it's finally over and the results shall determine everything else :)

Went out with the bunch of lovelies for a movie and dinner after the last paper ended. Nikki bought the movie tickets two days before so that we didn't need to line up to buy tickets on that day itself :D

Since eric was the only guy there, we gave him 2 options. One is to be our bodyguard, and the other is to join our girls gang! hahaha

Pei Wen, Cynthia and Kar Chun joined us later on for dinner too :) oh but karchun and eric left before we took the picture so they weren't in =p

I went home in delight and finally crossed the last box of this self-made calendar which I've been facing for the past month! Quite a pretty and colourful calendar, isn't it? :D

Continued my temporary freedom with a mini BBQ party with my dear classmates at Subang Avenue last night :D A big thank you to Nurul, Jonah, Avinash, Eddy, Divyan and the rest for getting everything ready :)

A shot by..Calvin if i'm not mistaken. haha I don't remember taking this photo.

few of the girls who were there :)

with the two of the three people I face the most every single day in college! hahaha the other one is Jasmin who was absent last night :)

My favourite shot of the night! There's a candid version of this photo, but it's not with me! I'll post it here the next time if I remember :D

Most of us who were there last night! Few of them were missing in this photo but you'll be able to see all of them in my fb album later. Anyway, I think something's wrong with fb's photo uploader today coz my album just disappeared after I uploaded it for less than 5 mins. Will try uploading again soon! :)