Decided to update a little while trying really hard to think of what to do right now since i'm really bored and i've another 3 hours to rot in the library before class begins.

I've got quite a bit to type, but I don't know how to piece them up together. It's like, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but those things are somewhat related. Have you ever felt like at one moment you actually hope for something to happen, but at that very moment too, you think of the negative externalities when that something happens? It's pretty strange and annoying how our mind actually works that way. I believe it's not something totally beyond our control, but rather, it's something we might not know how to or might not wish to control, and so we don't try controlling. While you have a little bit of hope, you tend to try thinking of things at the opposite end just to lower your hopes.

And regardless how much hopes you have for something, there might be one point where you'll end up telling yourself "it's not going to happen". That moment is likely to come when your confidence fades and when doubts start rolling in. It happens probably because you're afraid of not knowing how to react, not knowing what's going to happen next, and not knowing if it's the right thing that should happen.

Expectation kills. Just go with the flow, and we might be surprised when something better comes along in an unexpected way. People often say that time will tell. I believe it happens that way too, and we shall see what will happen as time passes by.

I still have things to write, but i'll keep it for the next time when I feel like sharing again :)
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