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It's been a while, again, since my last update. I've been pretty busy for the past one month, went in and out, and did whatever I felt like doing :D

I think I did mention previously that I had a two-week long semester break which commenced a week after my exam ended. Here's a short recap of what I'd done during those 2 weeks when I literally treated the break as a holiday :D

limeeleen came back during her semester break (which happens to be in the same period of time as most of ours' ) and a whole bunch of us met up with her the day after she landed :D

hahaha leen I stole this and a few other photos from you =p

Had a mini birthday surprise for Thiyban as well :)

Thiyban and his very special burger without sauce. It was from...Kar Chun if I didn't remember wrongly :)

love this photo! :D

Went to Genting with a few classmates during the first weekend of my sem break. A short trip, but it was fun to just be with them :)

Went up to Genting with my mum and sister, then met up with the others after they reached :D

with Usha! There were supposed to be 8 of us in total for the trip but 3 of them couldn't make it at the last minute so only 5 of us went in the end. And we both were the only girls there :)

all the 5 of us :D

more photos here.

The second week of semester break was pretty disastrous. Fell sick on the night we returned home from Genting and I was bed-ridden for the 4 days thereafter. It was so depressing to spend so many days at home and on the bed all the time, knowing that I only have a very very short break but yet I couldn't do anything other than sleeping to recuperate.

Felt a lot better on Friday and I finally get to step out of home. Went to KL for the long-awaited shopping session with Nikki and sis :D

We took the ktm there and I realised that I hadn't taken the ktm for quite a few years already.

At Fahrenheit 88's Sushi Zanmai. We totally loved the place we sat at :) I was actually expecting it to be quite warm and sunny there because we were seated at the corner of the restaurant, with just a transparent glass as the barrier from outdoor. Instead, not only it wasn't warm there, but the lighting was also good!

Oh and another thing was the mirror right in front of our table! There was a full-length huge mirror in front of us and we liked it quite a lot because it was easy to fit all three of us in photos that way :D

There were a few badminton sessions with the bunch of them too but I actually missed ALL of it, all thanks to the sickness throughout the week. But I went to watch them play on last Sunday though :)

Okay those were more or less what I'd done during the holidays. Now that the break had ended, classes have begun too. Lessons started on Monday itself, even before we enrolled ourselves for the new semester. Yes, our lecturers are that enthusiastic in delivering their knowledge to us, but it would've been so much better if we're just as enthusiastic to absorb what they teach.

I think most, if not all of us still haven't had enough of the extremely short break and to make things worse, we're getting constant reminders from our dear lecturers that our trial is coming in 9 weeks' time, and the real A2 in about 14 weeks' time. No, I didn't bother counting the number of weeks, but i'm just typing out the exact thing my Econs lecturer told us today. That's an ugly truth that we don't have a choice but to believe and realise.

Okay putting everything else aside, I actually chanced upon a blog more than a week ago but I didn't have the time to link it here back then. It's a blog owned by an 18-year-old girl who's now fighting with lymphoma cancer. Those of you who have facebook and/or twitter might have seen this link by now..Despite all she's going through now, she puts on a brave front and is pretty optimistic to lessen the pain in her family and friends. She's now in need of financial assistance for her upcoming treatment which would cost a bomb. Try to spend a while reading her previous blog posts and you'll be able to understand her condition better. Even if you're not able to assist her financially, just help to spread the word around about her condition and her need for financial assistance. It'll be of great help if you could do that :)

Her blog link : http://dancingpapercranes.blogspot.com/
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