Yet another hiatus | The end of 2011
Happy 2012!

Haha such a cliche way to start my post, but that was what I really had in mind :)

It's been so long since my last update that I didn't even know Blogger's interface changed. It looks a little too simple and empty to me right now, probably just because i'm not used to it yet.

It's finally 2012 now, the most-anticipated year for those who are eager to find out if the world's really going to end this year. Whether or not I believe in the 2012 thing, I'd have to say that i'm one of those people who are curious about it. I don't believe it, but i'm not against the saying of it. It's not like any of us can really predict the future accurately anyway.

Putting that aside, 2011 has been a great great year, from the beginning till the end. No doubt there were unhappy things that took place, but those definitely don't matter as much as all the other significant things that happened last year. 2011 was a year filled with stress (yes, that just had to come first), happiness, gratefulness, a tinge of sadness here and there, and a whole lot of experience (that doesn't only include experience in trying new things, but also experiencing how differently can people treat you at 2 different times in life - when they need you, and when they don't need you).

Spent New Year's eve and the day before New Year's eve with people very dear to me and that's just a very good way to end the year :) I remember being asked about what my New Year resolutions are.. Honestly, I don't have any (yet). Right now, I feel extremely contented with all I have and I haven't actually thought of what I want to urge myself to do/get this year. Or probably just the usual hopes to 'get good grades for exams', 'have a happy and great year ahead', etc. Those are like the very common things nobody at this age wouldn't hope for anyway.

For now, let's just travel back in time for a little while..Here's a very brief recap on the past few months when there were no updates at all :)

Firstly my birthday celebrations with the loved ones!

All my 4 birthday cakes from very thoughtful people (l-r : INTI classmates, the lovelies, family's close friend and insurance agent, my family)

Birthday celebrations with different people :)

The final A-level exam (A2) came very very soon after that, about a month right after my birthday. And all we had during the whole month of exam were pure stress and a bit of fun from time to time in the midst of revising. It wasn't easy at all having to sit for exams for one whole month again after the previous one 4 months before that, and even worse when we have a very unfavourable exam timetable. 

This was my extremely beautiful timetable. I remember how proud and happy I felt after surviving the 6 days I circled on the timetable. It felt like a mini accomplishment because it looked so impossible to me before those 6 particular days began.

The stacks of books cleared away after exam ended. I wanted to give it out to the students from the new intakes but I realized how lazy I was to meet up with them to pass them the heavy books. So I gave up on that idea and end up asking my parents to bring them to the recycling centre instead. And yes, each stack was approximately 50cm tall.

Attended INTI's Pre-U Prom Night a few days after exam ended. While it wasn't like how I expected it to be, the organizing committees' effort was definitely commendable.

Our tickets!

My partner

With my dearest classmates and lecturer :)
Oh and that's our prom king at the bottom left ;)

 More and more of them!

 Those of us who sat at the same table :)

Nothing much happened after prom up till now... I've been doing almost the same thing every single day. Averagely, I spend about one-third of my time everyday to sleep, and the rest of the time doing everything else I feel like doing. It feels a bit like the holiday I had after SPM ended, and the more significant differences are probably the duration of the holiday and the people I'm spending it with.

 Spent a lot of time with my sisters! :D

 And also a bunch of lovelies who are very dear to me :)

That's practically almost everything that happened in the last few months of 2011. I'm definitely looking forward to a better year, and hopefully everyone will have a great year ahead! :D
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